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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 13: Romantic outdoor dinner pre-WOC

Screencap recap SPAM – TK2H ep 13. Hangah had swooped into save Jaeha’s life, Jaeha wins Hangah back, and our newly engaged couple return to South Korea.  And crazy Bongku John Meyer finally cracks the password code on Jaeha’s little present…

Another blinged out USB flashdrive.  Video plays.  Jaeha messes with Bongku’s head again, counts down, suggests tv be turned off or else Bongku may seriously regret it.

The flashdrive reveals grainy secretly videoed footage of Jaeha, in complete player mode!, flirting it up with Tara, Bongku’s girlfriend.  But what really sets off Bongku is when Tara scoffs about Bongku’s obsession of wanting to be king, thinking he is king.  She makes fun of his crazy magic tricks and says she’s only with him because of money, and that the dude has no integrity, stuff money cannot buy.  Woah.

OMG, I love the way Seunggi (Jaeha) speaks English.  His English pronunciation is SO much better than a lot of the other K-celebs.  And it sounds so cute, and hot at the same time!!!!  I loved the way he asked Tara~ ‘Don’t you have a boyfriend?’  And the expressions and his smiles while doing it!

When Tara walks into the room, Bongku shoots her straight on.  In the video, Jaeha taunts Bongku further.  He says if Bongku ends up doing away with Tara, then he’ll really have no one by his side.  Unlike Jaeha, who had the love of his brother and now Hangah.  Bongku shoots the tv and kills off the video message.

Jaeha makes a public announcement that to honor the late king, his brother Jaekang, he will participate in the WOC even though he is S. Korean king.  Jaeha says his brother had two wishes:  North-South Korea WOC team participation, and for Jaeha to marry Hangah.  Jaeha formally introduces Hangah as his fiance and queen to be.  He says he has complete faith in the North-South WOC team and so, the couple will not get engaged if the team does not pass the first round of the WOC competition.

Jaeshin is asked to serve as royal leader while Jaeha is away at the WOC.  She’s still scared and in trauma from her accident and doesn’t want to.  Jaeha pleads with Queen Mom to be strong, that they need to help Jaeshin be strong again by not enabling her.  Jaeha says the public needs to see Jaeshin out and about as there are rumorsshe’s gone mad and has been locked away since her accident.

Queen Mom knows there’s danger involved, with Jaeha participating in the WOC and Jaeshin taking on this public role, and weeps thinking about her 3 children.  But Jaeha is stern and comforting, and reminds her to be strong, that they have to do this so they can catch the bastards who killed Jaekang and hurt Jaeshin.

All of Jaeha’s crying scenes, especially with mom, continue to break my heart…

Jaeha and Hangah discuss Jaeshin’s memory loss.  Hangah asks if anyone else knew where Jaekang and his wife were vacationing on that fateful night.  Jaeha says only a few people knew and Hangah carefully asks whether Secretary Eun can be trusted.  Jaeha’s like of course, the guy’s been with the family for 30 years.

Hangah says Sec. Eun lied to her that Jaeha did not block her public trial.  It’s the first time hearing this so Jaeha’s shocked, especially that Hangah didn’t know he was against it.  She says Sec Eun admitted he lied, but this gives Jaeha pause now…

Jaeha tests Sec. Eun.  He says~ ‘You don’t lie to me, right?’  He brings up his brother’s death, and says Sec. Eun failing to execute a detailed check of the vacation spot prior to Jaekang’s death was probably just a slip-up, a mistake?  Sec. Eun nervously agrees.  I like how Jaeha keeps a straight face when talking to Sec Eun, indicating that he’s on to something, but not being forthright about it.

Shikyung says he won’t be participating in the WOC as he will have to protect Princess Jaeshin during her time as royal leader.  Jaeha’s amazed by Shikyung’s ‘skills’ and asks how he was able to seduce both Jaeshin and Hangah!  Shikyung is dumbfounded.  Jaeha jokes about how being brothers in law will be so frustrating, and Shikyung cuts him off.  He says he’s not interested in Jaeshin that way.  Yeah, right.  Jaeha then gets serious and asks Shikyung to investigate everyone, minus the royal family, who knew where Jaekang was vacationing, including Sec. Eun.

It’s 2 days before the WOC competition in Japan, and Jaeha prepares a romantic outdoor dinner, picnic-camping style, for Hangah on the grounds of the palace.  Hangah reminds him they should be prepping for the WOC, and Jaeha insists that this dinner event is for ‘team building’ purposes…  Jaeha SO smooth!  Ha.

Why do I love every time they drink together and clink their wine glasses??!!  Maybe it’s because the fridge kiss scene, the crying/first night scene have now engrained in our heads that drinking wine = kissing!  puahahaha.

Hangah downs her wine glass in one shot, which makes Jaeha chuckle like a proud fiancee!  He jokes that while Hangah’s great she’s so different from his first love.  Playfully offended, Hangah says maybe they should start dinner with Jaeha getting a beat-down from her, which makes Jaeha smile and laugh.  Ha, he seems to sorta welcome the idea?!  Scene is so hot and yet so cute.

Jaeha brings his chair over next to Hangah and starts to tell the story of his first love.  That’s pretty uncool to be talking about your first love, but we find out it was some girl from elementary school!  And explains why he is the way he is.  The girl only showed interest after finding out his royal status.  And that’s how it was with a lot of people, and so he never was able to trust people fully beyond a certain point.  Aw.

Hangah reaches out and squeezes Jaeha’s hand, and I fainted when he brought her hand up to caress his cheek.  Ackk.  Just so sweet and fitting for the moment.  He kisses her (in the shortest 1-second kiss ever, leaving me wanting to throw things at my laptop screen!)  Jaeha tells her that he’s glad to have her by his side and that they must win the WOC.

Would the writer please let the sweet romance of momentous scenes be without sticking in unnecessary unromantic script lines, like WOC stuff??!!!  As shown in the BTS photos/gifs of outdoor dinner kiss, these are way better!  Even despite the blatant in-your-face Kolon Sport PPL, this scene was soooo sweet.  But I’m still upset we didn’t even get to see Jaeha-Hangah at least sitting in the tent together!!!

The WOC team has assembled together again (minus Shikyung).  And the N. Korean WOC guys give Jaeha the cold shoulder at first, but are just kidding.  They playfully tickle and embrace him, happy for his and Hangah’s engagement.

The North-South Korean team arrive for the WOC draw to see which country they’ll face in the first round, and Jaeha again showcases his multi-lingual skills.

Jaeha and Hangah go up on stage for the draw and they end up with the toughest team… USA.  Not a good choice when your engagement rides on getting past the first round.  But looks like the USA ball had a magnet in it.  But it doesn’t matter at this point as they’ll face USA in the first round.

In the meantime, Princess Jaeshin preps to make her first public appearance…

Side note about the writing and script…

Unlike a lot of the TK2H international fans, I haven’t been a big fan of the writer and have tried my best not to think about it.  Because I love the drama overall, and all the actors have been so good.  But like with this ep, I can’t believe the writer had Jaeha be responsible for the killing off of Tara.  It didn’t match where his character has come to at this point.  We’re supposed to be in the phase of admiring his actions as king.

Writer Hong’s lack of attention to details in fully developing the characters and scenes in a logical and consistent fashion have been problematic.  While she does a great job with the overall story and themes, she hasn’t executed in maximizing the character development of the two main leads, individually and as a couple (a criticism many say are saved only by the strong acting and chemistry of Seunggi and Jiwon).

While I (and everyone!) love Shikyung’s character and Jo Jung Seok’s portrayal, I have a problem when a drama is called ‘The King 2 Hearts,’ a story of a king’s unexpected rise as a great leader with the amazing power and love of his queen-to-be, and the secondary character is written so nobly and is the one who plays the hero in solving everything with only 6 eps to go.

So, how is the writer trying to convince us that Lee Jaeha is deserving to be king?  PD Lee said Seunggi’s ability to play the jerkish king role in a way without being hated made him a great fit for the character.  That’s great, but we have 6 eps to go.  Seunggi’s been getting great reviews for improved and good acting, to the point where many people see only Lee Jaeha.  So the writer needs give us more assurance in trusting King Lee Jaeha since we’re not really thinking Lee Seunggi when watching.

Will Shikyung be the one that figures out Sec. Eun is evil?  Will he also be the one who helps Jaeshin get her memory back about that fated night?  And if the unconfirmed rumors of Shikyung later dying end up being true, the writer is really super clueless (please don’t do that to us!)  Recovering from the killing off of noble characters are always hard to take, which made accepting Jaeha as king when Jaekang died all the more difficult.

But if the writer has the perfectly noble and earnest Shikyung killed off to save Jaeha or Hangah, or any of them killed off, and this late into the drama, imagine how much harder it will be to fully embrace Lee Jaeha, the main hero, as rightful and deserving king.  And how will the couple’s love thrive under such a shadow?  That is, unless the writer does some great character writing in the upcoming eps.  His love for one woman, Hangah, no matter how awesome and deep, does not correlate with him as being admired as a great king.

Please Writer Hong, prove me wrong, and properly write the characters, especially Jaeha and Hangah, as they are so deserving.  Several K-fans have raised a stink at how the female writer has painted and developed Hangah’s character at this point.  Same goes with Jaeha to some degree.  Again, thankfully, due to the strong acting of Jiwon and Seunggi and their chemistry, those writing issues could be overlooked, but we’re now into the last 6 eps…  Supposedly most of the script has been recently penned…  I have faith that Writer Hong and Director Lee will give this beloved drama, top-notch actors, and the many devoted fans a slate of awesome remaining 6 eps to bring this awesome drama full circle and a proper sendoff…

VIDEO – Jaeha and Queen Mom

VIDEO – Outdoor picnic kiss

More video cuts at Tryp96 – 12.05.02 TK2H Ep 13 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs

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One Response

  1. Dear Ann,
    Thanks so much for this great post with very tempting pictures and gif and your view on the script.

    Call me cynical or jaded or unromantic, but with the drama we’ve seen so far, I will take Jae Ha as my rightful king any day. Yes, even with his involvement in Tara’s demise and his ‘weasel’ like brainstorming at the WOC (I disagree with that description but let’s not go there).

    In my view, Jae Ha should not become another Jae Kang, certainly not an Eun Shi Kyung (I may be the minority here but I find him less and less likable). That’s just not logical and believable character development.

    I agree with you that they need to pen more interactions between our lovely couple, and especially Hang Ah’s part. However, I wonder if the current political situation (which I think has a lot to do with the drama’s general reception with ordinary folks) has stayed their hands.

    If you buy the premises that Jae Ha is South and Hang Ah is North, then I think the writers set out to show that the South is not totally without faults and the North is not totally without virtues. In fact, they wanted to elevate the North to the role of a mirror, to enable the South to reflect, and to eventually embrace the North and combine their strengths. To do that but with the North part diminished somehow (if that’s indeed what’s happened) is really difficult and unfortunate.

    The challenge in the future episodes is to make Jae Ha’s growth plausible, and, if the writers want to promote their original agenda, with Hang Ah’s part emphasized. How? I have no idea.

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