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Glamorous camping The King Seunggi style for Kolon Sport

This is how a king does camping!!  Kolon Sport is currently a sponsor for MBC ‘The King 2 Hearts’ and here’s the luxurious camping scene with Kolon Sport model Lee Seung Gi.  Look for Kolon Sport within The King!!  Fans, look for us~  twitter@kolonsport (English: LSGfan)

Seunggi’s The King 2 Hearts ‘glamping’ BTS Making Film.  I want to go glamping~~!!

(video: kolonsport)

Wahhhh~~~ I want to go ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping!) with Seunggi.  Although I wasn’t into the blatant PPL during Jaeha-Hangah’s sweet scene, romantic outdoor dinners in the backyard or deck on spring, summer evenings are always the best!!!  BTS video and TK2H scene totally make you want to go out and splurge on luxurious glamping gear!  Seunggi is seriously convincingly selling us on this!!~~  (And the ‘tent scene’ we never got is making TK2H fans’ imagination run wild… puahahaha~~!!)

Oooh, love the fire set!  And the bright Kolon Sport hooded jacket with blue trim zipper.

Ha, looking like a king and getting kingly treatment in between takes.

PPL for matching Asics sneakers, TK2H sponsor brand.  Jiwon’s the CF model.

MAJOR LOL~~~~!!!! Awesome photoshop fanart!

Writer and PD, get a clue…  What TK2H fans were hoping to see…

AND OMG~~~~!!!!!  More awesome fan photoshop…

LOL LOL!!!!  puahahahahaha!  Spazz Spazz Spazz~~!!!

The ‘tent scene’ that NEVER happened, but we IMAGINE or ASSUME happened??!!!

Images: leeseunggiworld, tryp96, DCTK2H/As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. the 3 pic are funny. . .

  2. I got fooled, hahaha! Not the tent pictures, but the ones with Ji Won lap sitting on Seung Gi. I was like shoot, where did I miss that in the BTS?

    It’s crazy – it’s like we need BTS of BTS!

    More skinship please!

    And the two are so cute. So you wear mine and I wear yours. Let’s make money together!

  3. lols! the last three pics are soo funny! :D agree with you AnnMichelle, more skinship pls!!! we only have 6 eps to go.. ^^

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