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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 13: Outdoor dinner kiss [Stills + Gifs]

Shouldn’t Jaeha’s “teamwork building” reason for this romantic dinner, before they leave for the WOC, involve something more than the 1-second kiss aired on tv?!  Agh, so disappointing!  And why the ornately set up tent if they’re not going to use it?  Or is this like the “first night” thing where we had to “assume” what happened?!  I know Jaeha-Hangah’s deep love doesn’t always have to be expressed through typical passionate means(!), but I’m feeling cheated as a viewer!  Come on PD and Writer, we only have 6 eps left.  Please give us many wonderfully passionate latter memories of our lovely couple in love!!!  Thankfully…  YAY for photo stills and image gifs!~~~

Really… these image gifs do more justice than the scene that was aired~~!!!  Good thing!  I still don’t get why we got a 1-second kiss!  It better be because of something BIG that will happen toward the end!  Haha.  Ah~~ STRESS~~!!!  I just think our couple’s hard-fought love deserves more action!  LOL.  Omg, I’m having deja-vu of how we were all super disappointed that Daewoong and Miho never got to jakjiki in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!  LOL.

Jaeha-Hangah’s outdoor dinner kiss is so much better seen this way!!…

I would’ve enjoyed this scene even more without the Kolon Sport sign hanging from the table in the background.  Can we try subtle?  (earlier Dunkin Donuts PPL criticism ring a bell with production team?!)  Let’s enjoy our lovely Jaeha-Hangah moments without any overt distractions.  Huhuhu.  Can’t believe there are only 6 eps to go…

Images: MBC, DCTK2H/As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. I love our King Lee Jae Ha and his Queen Kim Hang Ah!! Only 6 more epis left :(

  2. i love them so much such a cute couple

  3. huhuhu same thoughts Ann.. only 6 eps to go..

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