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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 12: Danger, love, romantic proposal

Screencap recap SPAM (omg, loved this ep!) – TK2H ep 12. Jaeha goes to N. Korea to win Hangah back, and he comes face to face with some serious real danger…

Jaeha and his guards bypass the evil North Korean army guy and head toward the amusement park, one of the stops on his public relations part of his visit.

Escorted by North Korean leaders, including Hangah’s dad, Jaeha and his guys ride the Viking ride.  Jaeha and Shiyung are too cute (their acting is good because in real life, Seunggi probably felt more like Shikyung, and vice-versa)!  CNN cameras follow his every move while the royal administration back in S. Korea watch real-time and keep safety tabs on his whereabouts.

Back at home, Hangah’s dad set up 2 female guards to watch over Hangah so she doesn’t escape and get involved with Jaeha’s trip.  She already knows that Jaeha’s in danger.  But she tries to deny her feelings and says that’s not her problem.

The female guards find the handmade gift from Jaeha at the bottom of the gift box and give it to Hangah… The 3-step skincare project specially made by Jaeha for Hangah.  Loved this sequence of Hangah opening each of the products with flashbacks to cute Jaeha and his chemistry set of concoctions…

One of the most romantic gifts ever!~~~

Sorry.  Thank you.  I love you.

Omg, inner nerd in me fainting again with Jaeha going all science chemistry on us!

Aw, and when things got hard, he looked at Hangah’s traditional gown photo (his screen saver!!!!) and on cue~ I love you.  As she opens the last product.

Hangah realizes she can’t chance Jaeha getting hurt.  She goes all bad-ass on the female guards, gathers her WOC guys and sets out to the park.

Jaeha’s on the last leg of his trip – the carousel ride.  He’s tired but agrees to go on.

But things go really bad.  Lights go out.  Tom the cat ends up being evil N. Korean dude in disguise, and the other guys are in the plan and pull out guns.  Jaeha’s  guards can only watch from afar.  Major intense scene.

Crazy Bongku shows up via Galaxy tab with a message for Jaeha.  But the King is calm, cool, collected.  He notices the evil N. Korean dude’s talking into a mic and that Bongku’s watching via video camera.  Jaeha starts playing with Bongku’s head again, and goes off on him in a hilarious and very cool speech.  He basically tells Bongku to get a life, that Jaeha’s not in love with him, and that Bongku should find productive things to do with his time like exercising and bettering himself!

This type of stuff drives Bongku even more crazy.  He’s pissed and orders that Jaeha be killed, but the evil guys are stalling since they weren’t actually expecting to kill Jaeha.  But just in time, Hangah and the N. Korean WOC team show up and save the day.  (I sorta hate that the writers had Jaeha just stand there and watch.  They should’ve had him at least step on one of the guys and punch him out!  Come on!).

But without even looking at Jaeha, Hangah walks off.  Her job is done.  Jaeha waits for her on the street and blocks her way.  And we get a truly awesome, humorous, sweet, romantic proposal.

I love how he started with do you like me or Eun Shikyung?!  And how he was going to get revenge by kissing her every morning, sticking to her like a stalker, and not having eyes for anyone but her.  I love the way he looks at her as he says these things.  How could any girl say no??!!  Bottom line, they love each other to death, and they know it.

Love the proposal, but sTILL upset there was NO KISS for our Jaeha-Hangah!

But nevertheless, it was still SUPER ROMANTIC and one of the best proposals, and realistic!!  I just really believe that Jaeha and Hangah are really in love and would give up everything for one another, especially with all the hardships they went through together, sealing their love for each other even more.  This was so beautifully filmed.  Can’t get enough of these images!  Now, only if we had a kiss to include here!!!

Jaeha and Hangah head back to South Korea.  And they already seem like a married couple.  Jaeha talking to Hangah’s dad, addressing him as father-in-law.  I love how he holds Hangah’s hand while he talks to her dad.  So sweet.  (Omg, Seunggi would really be the best husband AND son-in-law as well!  Some girl and some mom are going to be very very lucky!)

Hangah’s nervous and Jaeha tells her to brighten up or else his mom will feel disappointed.  He gives her an assuring look and squeezes her hand.  Ack!!  Every time, he reaches for her hand and squeezes it, I just want to die!  And, why no kiss here??!!  I’ve decided, now I just want a Jaeha-Hangah kiss every time they look at each other!  LOL.

Queen Mom welcomes Hangaha with open arms.  And Jaeha’s so happy!

Jaeha, like his brother, is starting to feel shaken by the power of Bongku.  He expresses some doubt over whether they can take him on, participate in the WOC, and eventually get married.  But Hangah is purposely hard on him, and says that if he can’t take all this on, then he’s not worthy as a husband.  The reverse psychology works, and Jaeha says he’ll do everything he can to make things work.  She then goes to call her dad, demanding information, saying no one’s going to hurt her man!  Ah, love you Hangah!

Jaeha talks with Shikyung about next steps in their plan to get Bongku.  This brings them to a posh lounge  (But omg, what is up with the suit, it’s a little too much.  But nevertheless, Jaeha looks great!)  Jaeha really has a conscience now!  He’s nervous Hangah will get mad if she finds out about this, and makes a smiling Shikyung promise to tell Hangah the truth behind this meeting with Bongku’s girlfriend.

OMG, how can a simple “Me too~” in English sound so hot!!!!

The royal couple make their first public appearance and Hangah gets another Jaeha assuring hand squeeze.  We could’ve used another brief kiss here, no??!!!  LOL.

A frustrated Bongku is left to figure out the password on the giftbox sent by Jaeha, while the King shines surrounded by the loyalty and love of the people around him.

I really hope we get to see Lee Jaeha become a truly great king, overcoming the big burden of taking on the big void left by his noble, idealistic brother king.  Motivated by his devotion to uphold his loving brother’s legacy and his deep love and commitment to Hangah.  And that Hangah plays a pivotal and powerful role in all of this.

VIDEO – Jaha’s message to Bongku

VIDEO – The most awesome Proposal

VIDEO – Seduction of Bongku’s girlfriend, Tara

More video cuts at Tryp96 – 12.04.26 TK2H Ep 12 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Naver

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8 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann. Can’t say enough how I love this episode too.

    Regarding Jae Ha just standing during the rescue scene, I feel it’s in character for him to step aside and let his Hang Ah finish off the bad guys for him. Jae Ha is a scheming mastermind, a handy lab tech, and even an electronics whizkid (as we will see soon), but he’s not that good at hand-to-hand combat. With the real expert on board, he’s more than happy to be in the “protect me, but do it without me” mode. Besides, he has the front row seat to watch his love wreaking havoc with baddies and taking revenge for him. Must be very satisfying.

    The proposal scene would be more perfect if there’s a kiss. But, seeing those two so hot for each other, I think every stare is like a virtual kiss. Just let your imagination run wild.

  2. Scientist Chemist King Lee Jae Ha!!!! ^___^ I wish he gave me the lotion present.

  3. Thank you Ann.
    Same sentiment here. Every time I see this couple being sweet together, deep inside my heart I really want to see them sharing a kiss. LOL

  4. hihi, i thought i’m the only one who wonders who on earth a simple ‘me too’ van be soo freaking hot. *melted*

  5. ahahah! i was squeezing myself in that “me too” line, too. agggghhhh!

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