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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 11: ‘It’s my destiny’ King Lee Jaeha

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 11.  Jaeha finds out Bongku killed his brother, and even worse, he finds out that Hangah was pregnant, and had a miscarriage…

Secretary Eun says Hangah admitted that she was the one who asked Jaeha to stay with her that night, but Jaeha says that’s not true.  Jaeha says it was his idea, but Sec. Eun says a public release will go out that it was Hangah’s initiative, and this is the only way the royal family can survive.   He says this will make Jaeha stronger.

Jaeha repeatedly says “I slept with her” and says that he’s dying inside.  Shedding tears, Jaeha demands to know how he can throw away the woman he loves.  He says he’ll take all the blame and face being ousted from the royal family.  But Sec. Eun wants to hear none of it and walks out, leaving Jaeha miserable.

Jaeha calls loyal Shikyung and reveals his big plan and asks for help.  I love the way Jaeha looks at Shikyung, like he’s so happy to have him as a loyal guard and friend!

Hangah attempts to lead some semblance of a normal life back in N. Korea, and the army guards find her and try to get her to record a public message saying bad things about King Jaeha and S. Korea.  But instead, she starts talking warmly to the S. Koreans which pisses off the guards.  She and Jaeha are in love, it can’t be helped.

Back in S. Korea, Jaeha is carefully proceeding with his big plan.  And practicing his chemistry along the way.  Omg, the total nerd in me starts to completely swoon when Jaeha does nerdy, sweet, cool stuff like this (like when he was researching about Bongku)!  He’s making facial products for Hangah!  OMG!  So cute.

He tells Sec. Eun not to worry, but later on after Sec. Eun is out of sight, Jaeha tells the crew to get ready and he sits at his desk to record a video message.  Jaeha then asks his mom to help him with his plan.  She refuses as she can’t bear the thought of losing another son.  But she’s heartbroken over Hangah too, whom she’s grown to love.  Jaeha pleads with his mom, that he can’t let Hangah live like this, that he has to go get her.  Jaeha and his mom cry together.  One of my fave scenes in this ep…

Jaeha gets ready to leave the next morning, to proceed with his big plan.  He calls up some girl who works in the news division to play his video recorded message.  (Um, that girl sounded really happy to hear the majesty’s voice!  Especially with his friendly greeting! This was all pre-Hangah!)  As he and Shikyung and loyal group of guards drive out, Queen Mom (who’s decided to help with the plan) keeps Sec. Eun busy, and King Jaeha’s video message starts playing on tv…

The video message is awesome.  Jaeha reveals the truth that Hangah did have a miscarriage and that he is the father of the baby.  He adds that HE was the one that sent her back to N. Korea and that due to the stress of that, she lost the baby.  He basically takes the heat and responsibility for the matter.  He says that he is going there to meet her, and the most awesome part… He is not going to N. Korea as a politician, but as a man who loves the woman that lost their baby.

Jaeha and his crew try to pass through but are stopped by United Nations reps who say that it’s too dangerous.  But Jaeha responds with the now infamous cheesy, but awesome line~ “I know, but it’s my destiny.”  Love it!  He and his men keep walking, and head toward the DMZ line.

Loved these images of the guys walking through the forest to get to the DMZ line, with his video message playing in the background and Jaeha reflecting and talking to his guys.  The cinematography had a fantasy-like feel, like some utopian fairy tale…

But once they get to the DMZ line, the S. Korean soldiers tell him that the N. Koreans may try to shoot.  But Jaeha says he’s not afraid and even warns his guards not to get any ideas of heroism, and don’t they dare try to save him while losing their own life, especially Shikyung which makes both guys smile.  Aw.  And they cross the line, with powerful music score playing in background.  Gave me chills.

The guys make it past the line and meet Hangah’s dad who’s not that thrilled to see Jaeha.  He takes him to his home to meet Hangah.

Hangah is resolute, and is ice cold when Jaeha enters.  She says she only has 30 minutes since she has plans to meet a friend, so for him to say what he’s prepared.

Jaeha shows her the facial care products he brought for her as a present.  (Hilarious and sweet that the metal suitcase Shikyung was carrying like it was top-secret stuff was the present for Hangah!) Jaeha has so much to say, but is at a loss for words.  He says if she comes back, there will be more of these products for her.  Aigoo.

But Hangah’s mean.  Just when Jaeha’s about to pull out the special gift underneath that he spent all day preparing for her, she remarks how it’s all about money and expensive things to him.  Serves him right for losing his temper all those other times.  He says she probably hates him, but she says no, she hates herself for loving and trusting him.  Woah, that’s even more mean.  She admits to waiting for him to call her after news of her miscarriage came out, but he didn’t.

Hangah starts crying and says she killed the baby.   Omg, so heartbreaking when she says that she learned that at one month, the baby has a beating heart.  Jaeha starts tearing up too and reaches out for Hangah’s hand but she pushes him away.  She says her feelings won’t change and that he should just leave.  Sooooo sad.  Poor Hangah and Jaeha.  First time, he didn’t react with anger.

Later Jaeha feels hopeful that he still has a chance.  He won’t leave until Hangah returns with him.  Sec Eun calls to tell Jaeha to return back, but he asks to be trusted just this one time, to have faith in him just once.

He later meets with a N. Korean rep who suggests Jaeha should just head back to S. Korea soon.  But Jaeha, cool, calm, and collected, says he has no interest in North Korea, that he’s only there to get Hangah back.

Jaeha and his men stop to eat a restaurant and a group of N. Koreans are celebrating because one of the men’s daughters got into a good college.  Jaeha remarks how college competition in N. Korea must be similar to that of S. Korea.  He decides to buy drinks for everyone and this gets both North and South Koreans cheering.

VIDEO – ‘It’s my destiny’ Jaeha

VIDEO – Crossing over the DMZ line

More video cuts at Tryp96 – 12.04.25 TK2H Ep 11 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Naver

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