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H2O+ beauty event: The King 2 Hearts 3-step skincare line

April 27.  H2O+ Beauty Class event, Seoul.  I didn’t know Jaeha’s sweet self-made The King 2 Hearts Ep 12 gift to Hangah was based on brand sponsor, H2O+.  Too bad,  ‘Sorry. Thank You. I love You.’ packaging isn’t being sold (Lots of guys would buy this apology gift!)  Explains why Secretary Eun mentioned ‘Chicago’ (where H2O+ is based) when Jaeha was making the skincare stuff.  H2O+ PPLs in TK2H have been subtle and good.  As a skincare/makeup junkie, events like this are always cool…

If you’re into skincare stuff, more event photos at: Blog1Blog2Blog3.

Again, good PPL throughout the drama so far.  TK2H Ep 5 luxe bathtub PPL scenes being the best!  Cute how several K-bloggers posted H2O+ PPL screenshots of Jaeha in the tub!  But again, my inner nerd loved related PPL of Jaeha showcasing his science chemistry skills just as much…

The perfect apology gift… All guys should have this on hand for their girlfriends!

Jaeha’s 3-step skincare line~~ Sorry. Thank You. I Love You.

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs

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