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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 12: Marriage proposal [Stills + BTS]

Yes, this proposal was super romantic and beautiful and sincere.  But, I still can’t believe there was NO KISS in the script after Jaeha proposed!  A hug?!  WTF~~??!!!  She just saved his freaking life!  Ugh.  And the 1-SEC backyard picnic kiss in Ep 13?  And the fancam of the upcoming very BRIEF wedding kiss?  And remembering the still ANNOYING editing of their “first night scene,” I will be royally pissed off if the director continues like this!  How do you go from one of the hottest kdrama kisses (fridge kiss) in an early episode, to these recent begging-for-more scenes??!!  We only have 6 episodes left!!!  Hope all the fans will get to see more Jaeha-Hangah in LOVE~~!!!

BTS photos — Seunggi and Jiwon are too cute in between scenes.  Please, let them do an interview together after the drama wraps, like on a variety show.

I’m still sad we never got to see Seunggi and Minah do interviews or promotions together after My Girlfriend is a Gumiho wrapped because of scheduling conflicts.  At least we got the Strong Heart special and the SBS Drama Awards with them!  (Sorta miss our adorable Hoi Couple!)  Hope we get to see Seunggi-Jiwon at least duet at the MBC Drama Awards.

Aw~~~~ this is so Lee Seunggi…

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2 Responses

  1. so agree with you no kiss on the proposal . . . i was waiting after the hug’s and dah nada darn i was so disapointed but still so loving this couple. . . thanks for the up date

  2. Dear Ann,
    Did you see the BTS picture where a VERY tense and concerned Seung Gi and HA’s stunt double look over Hang Ah’s filming somewhere out of frame? Omg, the expressions on their faces are no kidding. HJW is a seriously dedicated wonder woman. And I love the affection and camaraderie among the actors and the crew.

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