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International The King 2 Hearts ‘Hearties’ video message

(video: TK2Hinternational)

Watching this AGAIN made me all teary-eyed… seeing all the sincere fan messages set to the OST songs.  Kudos to fans Yon and Wanne for compiling this beautiful video, and to all the  amazing “Hearties” all over the internet and especially at TK2H Soompi with their ongoing awesome fangirl spazzing and deep discussion points!

We know The King 2 Hearts has such special meaning to Actor Lee, which means it’s super special to all Airens too… and this video captures that feeling beautifully~~!!!  Korean TK2H fans were so moved when the video was posted on K-sites, I can only imagine how touched Seunggi was~~!!! TK2H Fighting all the way, through the end!

4 Responses

  1. It’s a fantastic video, kudos to Yon and wanne again for their hard work :)

  2. Thanks Ann & Revolu..

    It’s nothing great, I’m using the very basic function of the software to compile everyone’s messages.

    But it wasn’t that rosy in the beginning because some fans are unhappy about the intention of this project(hint:rating). We just want to show the cast & crew that overseas fans love this drama and we hope we can cheer them on despite the rating. However some fans feel that that is not the right way(intention). That’s why we did ask some fans to amend their messages.

    It’s heartwarming to read the Korean fans replies to the video in their forums, makes me feel that the time & effort spent for this project is worth it ^_^

  3. Love it much!!
    Don’t know what words to sayy….

  4. Wow, such great efforts to show support for the show and the crews, despite the lower than expected ratings. A little pity that I only watch this show recently and did not get to particiate in this. However, I really have to say this is the best K-drama that I have watch thus far with many mix elements. The chemistry btw LSG and HJW was so good despite that they have limited romance time (compared to other drama) that I cant bring myself to watch Gu Family Book. It would have been excellent if they can extent the episodes and give the couple more emotional developments or have the TK2H2, like what LSG mentioned in an interview.

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