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Kolon Sport’s photo trekking TAKE ‘Lee Seung Gi’ backpack

This is pretty cool since I love photography.  The 21st Seoul International Photo and Imaging Industry Show took place April 26-29.  Mainly for camera brands and related accessory companies to showcase what’s new and hot.  And outdoor brand Kolon Sport was also there to promote their new collection of TAKE bags, in particular, the photo-trekking TAKE ‘Lee Seung Gi’ hybrid multi-backpack…

Um, not sure how he would feel about the official marketing photo below…

And on huge public display, at that!!!  But I’m sure most people think it’s perfect!! Ha.

Bloggers (several being male) gave the Kolon Sport booth and the ‘Seung Gi hybrid multi-backpack’ a glowing review.  The bag is pretty cool.  It’s multi-functional so it can be used for other things, and it’s designed well.  And totally nerdy, but in that sorta cool, artsy, hipster way!  Appealing to a range of guy types!  I think it’s priced around 220,000 won?  Which would make it about $220 USD.  The marketing of the bag is pretty smart too.  Kolon Sport’s creative marketing team’s been pretty awesome…

Images: Kolon Sport, Blog.Naver, Blog.me

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  3. aww..please keep updating your site hehe i love the way you write its really funny!

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