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[BTS video], The King 2 Hearts, Ep 6: Fridge Kiss

Ack, so beautiful! The PD coaching them must’ve been SO awkward. But it turned out so beautifully, with her help! Can’t get enough of all the fridge kiss video cuts. Again, only ENG translation…(and yeah, I know, I’m totally spamming posts!)~~

[The King 2 Hearts, Ep 6 – Behind the Scenes]
#.7 Prelude to love.
TK2H filming set, March 20, 2012.

JH: One shot. Hey, where are you going?
During the peak of rehearsal.
HA: I’ll drink over here. Dae-guh! (Daebak! in N.Korean)
Cute Hangah makes rehearsal even seem like the real thing~!
HA: Bring the snacks over here.
So what’s Jaeha’s response?
JH: Go-ryeh?

Rehearsal wraps and we’re about to start filming. Jaeha can’t help but to stare at Hangah’s arms!
LSG: What’s with the arms?!
HJW: Stop it. My arms won’t bend!

So what’s the love-shot method for un-bendable arms?!
1) Raise glass with straight arms!
2) Clink glasses, make explicit sound!
3) With both arms, carefully one~ shot!!
4) Lastly, finish with a cute pose!

HA: Alcohol is really strange in S. Korea. What’s this called?
JH: Dwipoori shot (It’s a wrap shot). Hey you, where are you going?! Hey!
HA: I’ll drink here. Dae-guh! This is all alcohol?! Bring the snacks here!

Rehearsing the buzzed about Jaeha-Hangah’s kiss scene.
PD: Why don’t you remove your arm. Look into each other’s eyes and lips…
HA: My lips haven’t been touched, but you’ve kissed hundreds of times.
JH: You can’t… Then, who would marry you?
HA: It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not you…


As the colors of sand change with the drizzle of rain, a love that began unknowingly… The developing love story in which two different but similar hearts come together.

English: LSGfan, Video: Tryp96

Short BTS cut.  They are having WAY too much fun!  Omg, HJW so shy~~!!

(video: DrMariee/Sinbustory)

Broadcast version (including rude interruption!)  Not as hot as BTS version, but still gorgeously edited.  Because real-life kissing doesn’t always turn out as pretty!!!

(video: tryp96)

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Ann,

    No l ain’t pommie, l’m Aussie! Unfortunately l am unable to meet Mr. Bookworm, but l am sure his Brit fans would love him to death! l can’t seem to keep up with ya posts, super speedy! AND l haven’t watched a single episode of TK2H either. l much prefer to watch it when it all wraps up! l go bananas trying to wait for the next episode. l like to watch it all in ONE SHOT!! Otherwise my poor heart would burst with emotions waiting, waiting ……..Life is too short to wait around, so Mr LSG start dating hehe. How much l wish his love life would blossom like his career! l have been heavily immersed in his Strong Heart shows on utube, l think it’s freakin hilarious!! He is just so natural as a MC and so LeeSeunggi too. Anyway, love ya site Ann, keep up the good work! xxoo Btw l didn’t realise he sang so well too, got his latest album, LOVE it!!

  2. Thanx for the translation :) totally, totally awesome.

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