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Kolon Sport’s photo trekking TAKE ‘Lee Seung Gi’ backpack

This is pretty cool since I love photography.  The 21st Seoul International Photo and Imaging Industry Show took place April 26-29.  Mainly for camera brands and related accessory companies to showcase what’s new and hot.  And outdoor brand Kolon Sport was also there to promote their new collection of TAKE bags, in particular, the photo-trekking TAKE ‘Lee Seung Gi’ hybrid multi-backpack…

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[BTS video] The King 2 Hearts, Ep 8: Seunggi helps Ha Jiwon to Bo Peep dance even better!

OMG, I’m not sure if I can take anymore BTS photos, videos of how amazing Seunggi and Jiwon are together, in between and while filming!  Their awesome chemistry on-screen was a given!!  I love Jaeha-Hangah, but all this footage of their amazing chemistry off-screen (which we knew) is starting to sorta affect me…  Wahhhh.  Ep 8 of drinking, BoBeeping, crying, heir first night! was one of my faves.  So much emotion packed in 1 hour!  Tragedy, laughter, and love.  But seriously, this BTS video IS exactly WHY everyone can’t help but to love the mature, considerate, natural leader, and just freaking awesome boyfriend/husband material(!) Lee Seung Gi when they meet and work with him!  I’m officially admitting jealousy of HJW now!  English translation…

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[BTS video], The King 2 Hearts, Ep 6: Fridge Kiss

Ack, so beautiful! The PD coaching them must’ve been SO awkward. But it turned out so beautifully, with her help! Can’t get enough of all the fridge kiss video cuts. Again, only ENG translation…(and yeah, I know, I’m totally spamming posts!)~~

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BTS video, The King 2 Hearts, Ep 5: Stadium confession

Only ENG translation this time. Beedance was going to sub these earlier BTS videos, but spring semester ended up being a killer, which kinda sucks, since we all love Bee’s videos! But she’s watching and loving King Lee Jaeha, like the rest of us addicts, who should be doing other things instead of obsessing over TK2H~~!!!

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