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Invitation to The King 2 Hearts special event [Zipel CF + BTS]

Zipel CF – TK2H special event version

R: It’s time for Zipel’s man to go back to being JaeHa?
LSG: Yes.
R: Have you measured Hangah’s arm length too?
LSG: Not yet. But guess, and I’ll invite you to a special Jaeha-Hangah event.
R: What kind of event?
LSG: It’s a secret.

Guess the arm length of ‘The King 2Hearts’ female lead Hangah.
We’ll invite 50 people to a special Jaeha and Hangah event.
Entry time period: March 22 – April 5, 2012Search online for Zipel!

English: LSGfan, Video: DrMariee

This is the TK2H version of Seunggi’s “measuring obsession” Zipel CF.  Not sure if the event for 50 invitees is still on. Especially with the PPL criticism stemming from the production team’s excessive showing of Dunkin Donuts.  (Public relations and media experts would say that those poor PPL decisions played a significant role in the public narrative about the drama ratings).  Thank God the Zipel PPL during the “fridge kiss” was well-done!  It will definitely be one of the most memorable kisses!  (Hope it’s still on).  Sooo focused, measuring all sorts of stuff(!) in the BTS video…

BTS Zipel CF [LSG cut @2:40 – 3:40]

Seunggi-sshi? (LSG: Yes?)
What’s the first think you look for in a woman? (LSG: Hm… size?)
What?! Lee Seunggi is obsessed with size?

2012.02.13, Paju Art Museum. Samsung Zipel Gradestyle 8600, CF filming.

Zipel and size? Perfect for a woman’s use, according to her preferences. This is what we’re talking about. A woman’s arm length, size, important in fridge use. Tall sauce bottles, pizza boxes. Big sized containers are not a problem. Spacious and roomy. At a height easy for kids to open. The 2012 Samsung Zipel Gradestyle 8600 is size-considered, so the entire family can easily and comfortably use.

LSG: You’ll understand later on… Samsung Zipel Grandestyle 8600.

English: LSGfan, Video: SamsungTomorrow)

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  1. Well, if it’s an easy scapegoat PR pundits like to point finger to, they’ve found one. But I am not buying it. What is really interesting is the ratings system itself. Whether its current construct is a true reflection of how well received a show is, in this age of internet downloads and live streaming. That will be a very worthy thesis topic for students of media and broadcasting.

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