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Seunggi’s Style Book – Kolon Sport 2012 S/S interactive site

A very cool Kolon Sport 2012 S/S Season Collection interactive site with goodies from the recent photo shoot, downloads, BTS video, at kolonsport.com/collection/index.jsp.  Just click on the orange bar to enter the site and access multimedia features…

Some of the high quality downloads… Love these photos.

He’s going to be so much more slimmed down for his next Kolon Sport shoot!

Love all the looks Minjung’s modeling… she looks great!

Female fashion is always so much more exciting and fun.

Kolon Sport’s active, movement images of Seunggi and Minjung modeling the clothes (versus standard poses) have garnered great buzz.  Great creative marketing team.  The other outdoor brands seem to be catching on too… just saw a CF for Eider (during The King 2 Hearts re-run!), and Minho and Yoona were jumping down from a tree, suggesting the lightweight feel of their clothes.  LSG-LMJ photoshopped, in air…

I’ve been iffy on Kolon Sport’s spring/summer MALE collection stuff in the past.  And it seems sorta hit or miss this time too.  But I like the outdoor brand photoshoot spread for the Kolon Sport leaflet, included in this month’s Instyle Magazine (Korea).  HQ images, without all the wording splashed across, are up on the interactive site.

Images: Kolon Sport, blog.naver.com/kyj8332

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