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Lee Seung Gi in Kolon Sport for The King 2 Hearts

TK2H running scene was too short!  Especially since Seunggi’s an avid runner!  Already posted before, but squealing fancams never get old!  The Shanghai shoot…

More BTS photos of Actor Lee in Kolon Sport on the way too cold(!) set of TK2H…

I love seeing the KOLON SPORT sponsorship image and two of Seunggi’s other endorsements (SAMSUNG ZIPEL and HERITORY) as the credits roll at the end of each The King 2 Hearts episode!  Makes me happy.  And it shows up on all the non-Korean streaming sites too!  Yay!

I would so love to see Jaeha and Hangah go camping in a later episode, put together their own tent (1N2D style!) and sleep in sleeping bags.  But with all the bad PPL early on from Dunkin Donuts, highly doubt this will happen.  But, I think it would be so cute.

Video: Tryp96; Images: MBC, Kolon Sport, Previously posted/credited

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