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The King 2 Hearts’ Yoon Jae Moon: ‘I’m a fan of Lee Seung Gi’

Crazy villain Bongku is SO freakishly creepy on TK2H, I forget that ACTOR Yoon Jae Moon (42) is doing a helluva job making me hate him!  Chosun Woman’s Magazine recently did a write-up, praising the hard-working virtues of king-like Lee Seung Gi.  You know, all the good stuff we’ve gotten used to reading about him.  At the end, there were quotes (which we’ve already seen in the press) complimenting him from…

Ha Ji Won (LSG being very mature despite his age, and how he took the lead in their kiss scene despite having less experience doing such scenes), PD Lee Myung Han (LSG’s smooth and romantic appealing voice, and his commitment to doing the narration for ‘The Romantic’ despite his busy schedule in Korea, and in Japan at the time), and Lee Su Geun (LSG taking good care of him when he was struggling during the early days of 1N2D, and calling to wish him well on the first filming day for season 2). But it’s the first time I heard Yoon Jae Moon mention Seunggi…

“[Upon hearing that Lee Seung Gi felt honored to be doing a project with Yoon Jae Moon, and that he was on his way to the filming set to see Yoon Jae Moon act]…  It’s not like I’m so great at acting, yet he gives me high praise.  I’m not greedy for villainous roles, and it’s not like there are so many projects coming my way. And, actually, [hesitating] I am a fan of Lee Seung Gi.

(Actor Yoon Jae Moon)

Aw, Mr. Yoon Jae Moon~~~  you’re so cute!  We all know crazy Bongku loves Lee Jaeha and that all he wants is for Jaeha to love him back!!!  But I LOVE that you, despite being a lot older, actually said you were a fan!

I hope there will be some BTS interview clips with Seunggi, Yoon Jae Moon, and Lee Soon Jae (Secretary Eun)!  And Yoon Yeo Jung (Queen Mom).  I always love when veteran entertainers show love for our Seunggi!  They just can’t help it!

Photos of Seunggi from the article… from the drama press conference…

English: LSGfan, Images: As labeled
Chosun Woman’s Magazine article posted at blog.naver.com/wkdrnsl08

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6 Responses

  1. lol were ha ji won’s hand touching seung gi’s at the last pic?
    If so, awesome :p

    Oh that crazy villain makes me laugh. He’s such a ridiculous villain.

    • yes..he is such a crazy and funny villain…u know what, my sister prefer his character than Kim Hang Ah hehehe *such a strange sister* ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Awww~ totally love the fanboy of seunggi! (Moreover a veteran he is)

  3. Thank you so much Ann! I hope you won’t feel what I am going to say about Yoon Jae Moon’s acting ability has anything to do with his being so sweet to our Seung Gi (okay, maybe just a little bit). But I really enjoy his acting, especially those amazing quiet moments.

    Like his duel with Jae Ha in ep. 10 and his trying to figure out the password in ep. 12. The moment when he thought of the answer and then thinking that couldn’t be it could it…Delicious. He is a great actor.

  4. Hi Ann,
    Thanks a bunch for the site. l have watched a few of his video clips and Lee Seung gi is so cute. He is so respectable and does not show the slightest touch of cockiness, hence will inevitably be loved by both young n old, regardless age, gender or race for a very very long time. l love his MIC interview coz l piss myself laughing when he said he does go to clubs; bookclub hahaha!! Sending you (ANN) love n kisses to commend you on ya success with this beautifully crafted LSG site. Please continue to update us all yr round!! l hear this a lot in the Korean drama, “comma o” l think it means – THANK-YOU. “Comma o Ann”. Cheers.

  5. @AnnMichelle~ I admit, I look at Bongku differently now… I still think he’s crazy scary and freakish, but me too, recent eps of jaeha messing with his head and their back and forth have been awesome.

    I have more sympathy for Yoon Jaemoon the actor too. it’s not easy to play a villain, especially one out to ruin our beloved Jaeha-Hangah couple! Plus, truthfully, this is the power of people saying nice things about Seunggi! They get bonus points in my book automatically~~~!!!

    @hotushiri~~ I’m guessing you’re a brit? based on your word usage in your comments… if so, and you’re living in the UK, you know LSG is going to be a runner for Samsung for the London Olympics?!

    And yea, I LOVE that MIC interview… one of my faves because he talks about everything. My inner nerd loves the corny joke about “bookclubs” but my social partying girl side would love to hit the club with him! Ha, actually… not. He would be awkward and lame. Which would be adorkable, but not cool. Hitting the library or the bookstore with him would prob be way more fun… and romantic!!!

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