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Seunggi gets seduced by girl in Pizza Hut CF [April 2012]

Pizza Hut “Smart All-Day” CF – LSG is enjoying his pasta at Pizza Hut. Girl at nearby table has ordered pizza. She tries to get LSG’s attention and approaches him, catching him off-guard…

GIRL: Would you like to have pizza together?
(She gives him a “come on” nod… LOL, this is way too easy!)
LSG: Should we? (Omg, his smile right afterward is hilarious and cute!)

Salad kitchen bar loudly rolls in out of nowhere(!), interrupting the seduction of LSG.  It surprises and scares them… making LSG jump out of his seat and cling to the girl (because… he wanted to protect her OR because he’s pulling a player-like Lee Jaeha move??!!  puahahaha)

LSG: If you have pizza and pasta together, then the salad kitchen is 0 Won!

They enjoy pizza and pasta together. (Woah, carb overload!) LSG remains for seconds at the salad bar and the girl gets ready to leave…
LSG: Come again tomorrow!
GIRL: Okay~~!!!

English: LSGfan,  Video:  Tryp96

Love this CF concept!  Hope there’s a longer version, and full BTS video too!  And it’s so much better than the most recent Pizza Hut CF.  (Wow, can’t believe he’s already in his third year CF renewal contract with Pizza Hut!)  But why is the BTS footage always WAY better than the final CFs??!!  The Section TV BTS taping/interview was so much more fun!  And love what Seunggi said about getting seduced for the CF…

PD: Seems like the girl was seducing you too strongly?
LSG: It feels great to be seduced. (LOL).  Since I haven’t been seduced before, it’s nice to get that here.

Images: As labeled, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. this makes me laugh. Thanks Ann.. !! :D

  2. Aigoo~ his smile, to the gal…aiyookk~

  3. I would eat alot of pizza hut carbs everyday if together with SeungGi!!!

  4. Who is that girl? Seems familliar, seo hyeo rim? Anyway, nice cf, n 3rd year renewal? How many years did rain did his before?

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