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Leave comments for The King 2 Hearts actors!! 2hearts.co.cc

*** UPDATE:  Looks like the site is not longer taking new messages ***


Hope everyone leaves messages EVERYDAY for our awesome and lovely TK2H actors and production team!!  Just left my first comment to “It is my Destiny” Actor Lee Seunggi!  (Jaeha’s Ep 11 line was SO cheesy, but I loved every bit of it!  puahaha!)  I’m aiming for 2 messages a day, one in the morning, one in the evening.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if EVERY SINGLE FAN left at least 1 message everyday??!!  You KNOW the actors are definitely checking the site regularly!!!  So, remember to leave leave your encouraging messages and/or love letters!!!  So easy and quick~~ Show your love!

9 Responses

  1. Thank you now i know how to send the message^^

  2. sam here

    thanks for this anne! I’ll try this! The Its my destiny line was actually the cheese icing on top of a mountain of cheese I thik my face went a shade of green when I heard him say that. But oh my, swoon swoon swoon!! I know he deserves to suffer but I hope Hangah forgives my puppy soon!!! him and those big round eyes, ah, my heart!!!

  3. thanks anne for sharing, now im about to spam the site..kekeke

  4. Hi
    Not sure who runs this site, but you are doing a bloody great job! At least your English is comprehensible. Thank-you so much. The best site l have searched about LSG, besides his official page which is all greek to me. How much l wish l could understand Korean.

    l want to leave a message on the K2heart site as you advised but l couldn’t. There seems to be some error. But l am happy to see that fans are so supportive of LSG. He deserves everything and more. He is just so natural and genuine.

    Keep me posted and once again a beautiful site, well done!!

  5. Yoohooo~~~~~ Has everyone left your message for Lee Jaeha today??!! so easy guys… make sure to show your love and support for Seunggi and The King 2 Hearts!

    I just left my evening message for “It is my Destiny!” Lee Jaeha~~!!! Going to leave a message for the other cast members now too…

    Aw, hotushiri~~ hope you can try again and leave a message… Lee Jaeha would love to hear from international fans, for sure!

    • So u must be ann from lsg fan right? l saw your comment on K2heart. l left a message to lsg, l think l did it correctly. Nevertheless, regardless whether he understands English or not, we all adore him and will continue to show our support. Thanks Ann! Are you part of his official fan club? l want to join but do not understand Korean. l really wish he could start dating in the real world, coz he deserves all the love in this world and more!

      • I agreee with you that he deserves the best that life can offer him, he is an awesome person, and I adore him too he is my Korian Prince, but Love will come sooner or latter for the time been he needs to concentrate in his projects wich are keeping him very busy,
        What he need right now is to take care of himself I notice that (on K2hart) his eyes look tired, he needs to give himself some time off and give his body and mind plenty of rested.

        With Love from Wichita, KS. USA

  6. Yes u are right Klelia! l watched his MIC interview and he does have very tired eyes. l don’t think they get much rest – if any! Without the make-up, celebrities are walking zombies and LSG would be too. He did mention that he can not take a break, he has still a long way to go and learn. He should continue to ride his success and achieve greater things, but he does need to have adequate rest. Love will come, one day, maybe sooner than he anticipates haha.

  7. Has everyone left their message to Lee Jaeha for today at the TK2H fansite??!! I mean, come on, he just got married (BTS filming)… and I’m so happy for Jaeha… i’m way too sad thinking about real LSG getting married. Left him a note about that right now!! hehehehe.

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