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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 10: Jaeha-Bongku vs. Jaeha-Shikyung

Jaeha screencap recap – TK2H ep 10.  Secretary Eun’s lies work and bring about misunderstanding between Jaeha and Hangah.  Hangah insults Jaeha, to the core.  Jaeha tells Hanga to go back to N. Korea, and tells staff to prepare for her departure…

Hangah feels terrible about the fight she and Jaeha had.  She tells Sec. Eun that she really loves Jaeha.  Then, a little too late, Sec. Eun Sec tells Hangah he lied to her, that Jaeha was against the public hearing.  Hangah’s shocked and feels even worse.  Sec. Eun apologizes, but also knocks her confidence, asking whether she really has the willpower to be future queen.   If she does, he’ll support her and Jaeha, but does she have the confidence to go forward?  He’s a jerk.  She says she’s scared and now with Jaeha upset with her, she’s shaken even more.  Sec. Eun makes arrangements for her to return to N. Korea.

Jaeha’s in the photo gallery of Jaekang’s memorial site.  He fixates on the photo they had taken together with Hangah.

He heads back to the palace and passes a big public banner announcing his and Hangah’s engagement.  He obviously loves her, but can’t get himself to stop her from going back to N. Korea.  He asks his mom about Hangah… and Queen Mom is pissed at him. She calls him out for being immature, for sending Hangah back, just because he was called “trash,” something “all of Korea already knows.”  She says, how dare he end things after everything Hangah said during the public hearing…

But Jaeha hadn’t watched the entire hearing yet.  He starts watching, and Hangah is asked whether she identifies as North or South.  And she responds by talking about Jaeha and her.  She demonstrates her love for him by saying that even though they don’t always get along, she understands his heart.  And that he makes her heart move.  And she knows she may even like him than he does her.  So sweet.

Meanwhile, Hangah heads back to N. Korea, and is required to give up all the clothes and accessories she was provided while she was in S. Korea.  She changes back into her original hanbok outfit, the one she wore when she first came to S. Korea, and walks over to meet the N. Korean entourage which includes her dad.  So heartbreaking.  Hangah sheds a flood of tears.  Mix of extreme sadness and loss of Jaeha, as well as public humiliation for how things ended.

Jaeha’s still trying to crack the code of Jaekang’s diary files, and a determined Jaeshin comes in to scold him, just as Queen Mom did.  She calls him, says he was thrilled at playing hero by getting the top Korean government minister to release the truth about the phone evidence, that he didn’t bother to finish watching Hangah’s public hearing, and then told her to return to N. Korea because she called him “trash.”

Jaeha says he wanted so bad to stop Hangah, but couldn’t and that this is all his fault.  Jaeshin tells him to bring her back.  He says he can’t right now.  He says the king position is powerless to that of congress and that North-South relations will worsen.  The most important thing right now is to catch the culprit behind the killing of Jaekang, and he returns to trying to crack the password.  And it’s driving him nuts…

Cracking the password gets Jaeha’s full, obsessed attention.  Loved these scenes…

He gets called in for the taping of a soccer game public announcement, and isn’t thrilled to be there.  But he soon has a password epiphany, and recalls when he and his brother Jaekang watched soccer together…

Jaeha finally cracks the password – Let’s Go Korea (plus clap clap clap)!  And Jaekang appears on the screen.  His video diaries are addressed to their dad.  And many of the entries pertain to what’s going on with Jaeha… how Jaeha was acting up at WOC training, how Jaeha successfully completed the 60km trek, Jaekang’s preference of Hangah as Jaeha’s future wife.  All of this moves Jaeha and makes him smile.  Jaekang is awesome, and really really loved Jaeha.  Miss him.

But then Jaeha gets to the part about Club M and how Jaekang felt threatened by them.  Jaeha realizes Bongku and Club M are dangerous and delves into deep research about the history of all related activities and transactions…

This freaks Sec. Eun out, and he goes to find Jaeha going through files in the library.  Jaeha questions Sec. Eun about a bunch of transactions and decisions involving the royal administration and Club M, many that don’t make sense and smell of political maneuvering.

At that point, Jaeha realizes he and Bongku have indeed met as kids.  And remembers the pen incident, the “I am King” incident.  Recognizing that Bongku is a narcissist who feeds on affirmation, he tells Sec. Eun to set up a meeting.  Sec. Eun doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and Jaeha assures him not to worry, he won’t do or say anything stupid, that he just wants to meet Bongku again briefly.

Wow, more researching and studying hard, while in rolled-up sleeves and tie.  This Jaeha is a guy after my own inner nerd heart!  I love these scenes!  His determination and confidence!  So hot…!!!

Bongku arrives for his meeting with Jaeha, and he’s SO thrilled the King wants to see him.  This dude is crazy.  But Jaeha’s smart.  He understands Bongku’s psyche a bit better now.  And from the start, he plays with Bongku’s head.  He starts by saying there are rumors that Club M is connected to the Jaekang’s death.  He then makes Bongku feel little and insignificant, scoffing at him and his company.  Jaeha’s on a roll, and I love it!

Jaeha’s subtle belittling drives crazy Bongku so crazy that he finally blurts out in his creepish way, the truth of Jaekang’s death.  Jaeha’s facial expression suddenly changes to shock and anger as he listens.  But remembering his main goal in meeting with Bongku (to get in his head), Jaeha gathers himself together and starts laughing, like a crazy man himself.  He mocks Bongku’s power and ability to orchestrate such a thing…

He says he now remembers the pen incident, and even recalls Bongku writing something on the window.  Jaeha messes with Bongku’s head more, and says you wrote – I am Bongku?  He purposely doesn’t allow crazy Bongku to hear his name associated with “king,” which of course drives Bongku even more crazy!

Sec. Eun busts into the meeting to break things up, before things get worse.  Jaeha, staying in character, scoffs at Bongku and leaves the room.  But then in the next room, now knowing that Bongku was indeed behind the  murder of his brother Jaekang, a beyond angry Jaeha calls the guards to catch Bongku in the lobby and kill him.  Woah, so intense…

But Shikyung and the guards are too late and Bongku’s already on his way out.  Sec. Eun goes in to see Jaeha, basically tells him that he doesn’t have what it takes to be king.  I hate Sec. Eun.  But awesome earnest Shikyung listens in at the door.  He tells his dad, he’s spent time with Jaeha and believes in him.

Jaeha stares at his brother’s portrait, and doubts his own ability to be king.  On cue, Shikyung comes in and commits his devotion to Jaeha, says he believes and knows him to be a great strong king!  Wahhhh!  Jaeha’s so surprised by the gesture of faith, and wonders what’s gotten into Shikyung.

Jaeha invites Shikyung to have a drink together, and suggests they be friends, and work together to uncover more about Club M.  And it’s the cutest thing ever!  Finally, we get serious signs of this awesome developing bromance.  I love our two guys.  And their polar opposite personalities make their relationship all the more endearing.

Back in N. Korea, some time has passed, and Hangah’s seen with that jerk proposal childhood friend again.  Her dad wants her to date again and think about marriage, but Hangah says she’s still in love with Jaeha.  And then scenes of her taking some pills, getting sick, and being rushed to the hospital.  Woah, intense.

Hangah’s dad is told that his daughter had a miscarriage.  He’s like huh???!!!  He’s told she was one month into her pregnancy.  Omg, poor Hangah.  Back in S. Korea, Sec. Eun rushes into the room and turns on the tv to breaking news about Hangah’s miscarriage, and reports of an irresponsible King Jaeha.

EVERYONE is shocked by the news.  No one knew about the baby, not even Hangah OR Jaeha.  Such a shocker, and so sad.  But in the preview for the next episode, we see Jaeha traveling somewhere by car, and I think we all know where he’s headed!

VIDEO – Jaeha taunts crazy Bongku

VIDEO – Jaeha tells Shikyung to take  out Bongku

VIDEO – Shikyung pledges allegiance to King Jaeha

More video cuts at Tryp96 – 12.04.19 TK2H Ep 10 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Naver blog

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2 Responses

  1. TK2H live recap + screenshots!

  2. You say, “Wow, more researching and studying hard, while in rolled-up sleeves and tie. This Jaeha is a guy after my own inner nerd heart! I love these scenes! His determination and confidence! So hot…!!!”

    The intelligence! The mischief! The cunning! The brashness!
    I dig! Cool nerd + swashbuckling guts = my hero Jae Ha!

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