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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 9: Bomb inquiry tests Jaeha-Hangah

Jaeha-Hangah screencap recap – TK2H ep 9.  Previously, heartbroken and grieving over the death of Jaekang, Hangah is there for Jaeha throughout, and he’s able to break a smile, only when she’s around.  And they have their first night together!  Yay!  But boo, for not showing us any of it!!!!   Next morning, Jaeha meets crazy man Bonku (John Meyer).  It drives Bongku nuts that Jaeha doesn’t remember him…

Jaeha says the clam soup is a family fave recipe and proudly states it was prepared by the future queen (Hangah).  Bongku informally refers to Hangah as Jaeha’s “fiance” and “that North Korean woman” and pisses off Jaeha.  He warns Bongku not to refer to Hangah so loosely, that she is “our country’s future queen.”  Love you Jaeha!!  You’re so hot when you’re defending your woman!

Jaeha cuts the lunch meeting short.  He obviously doesn’t like Bongku.  Crazy dude presents Jaeha with the pen he stuck him with, when they were kids.  Jaeha tosses it back to Bongku and says he doesn’t remember such an event, has no use for the pen,  walks out slamming the door on him!

Whenever Jaeha is pissed off, he’s so hot!  Love it!

Jaeha tells Secretary Eun that Bongku seems like a crazy dude.  Sec Eun says Bongku is super wealthy, has lots of connections, contributed a lot in the past, and plans to donate money to cover all the costs for building the memorial dedicated to Jaekang.  Jaeha thinks Bongku is a weirdo, but says if he’s willing to pay, then great.  Sec Eun, knows the truth about Bongku, but still chooses to put Jaeha in danger! Ugh.

Loved this part with Jaeha putting on his vest and jacket!  Love the suits!

Jaeha finds out Shikyung went to see Hangah.  Still jealous (unnecessarily!),  Jaeha says to go to the palace instead.  He walks in on Hangah and Shikyung.  Hangah quickly gets, hides the box (evidence found at the site where Jaekang was killed, which Shikyung brought to her, demanding an explanation).

Shikyung leaves and when Jaeha asks what she’s hiding, Hangah reveals the evidence box.  Jaeha notices the North Korean phone, Hangah just looks at him.  Wanting to believe she had nothing to do with it, he’s at a loss for words.  He tells Hangah the matter will have to be investigated per standard protocol.  He heads out, but then returns to take the box with him (doubting her?)  So sad.

Someone’s leaked the news about the evidence found at the site of the killing.  Jaeha tells Sec. Eun to find out the truth.  Facts only.  S. Korean political party (conservative and liberal) leads meet to discuss the matter.  Sec. Eun watches as the politicians fight over politics.  The politicians decide to bring Hangah in for questioning.

Sec. Eun says Hangah’s been summoned to court.  Jaeha’s pissed, and declares the politicians are trying to blame everything on the royal family.  He wants to know who leaked the news.  But Sec Eun says it didn’t make sense to bring a top forces North Korean instructor into the royal family in the first place.   (he does make sense, but he’s still mean).  He says they have no choice, congress has already made their decision.  Jaeha declares they may not be married yet, but he and Hangah are indeed engaged and “she will become my future wife!”  Oooohhhhh.  Hot hot hot!

Jaeha visits Hangah in her room, and smiles when he sees her.  They have a drink together, and happily reminisce about the last time they drank together, and were caught making out!  Hehe.  So cute.  Jaeha says he thought he was going to get beat up by Hangah’s dad.  This scene is so sweet, and so romantic…

Jaeha tells Hanga that he trusts her.  But he does show a little doubt when he asks why she tried to hide the box from him.  She says she didn’t know what else to do at that moment.  He again states his trust in her, and she address him as Lee Jaeha comrade, and says he will have no reason to doubt anything.  Aw…

Hangah goes to court.  She’s nervous but she does a great job.  She charms the politicians in the room with her honest and smart answers.  It’s a closed door session, and Jaeha tries not to be affected as he’s at his laptop, keeping one eye on the news coverage of her walking into court.

Hangah’s dad calls Jaeha, and is mad to see his daughter going through all this.  He reveals info about Club M, Bongku’s organization, and says they were the ones who planted the treadmill bomb.  He reveals that Jaekang was always worried about Club M, and suggests Jaeha try to search through Jaekang’s daily video diaries.  Jaeha tries to access the file, but all his password attempts are unsuccessful…

Another great suit scene.  Slim suit, skinny black tie, on posh white couch!

The political party leaders meet again, and are visited by a top-ranking N. Korean representative who reveals that N. Korea has not developed the phone technology yet, even though they said they had.  Thus, the North was not behind the killing of the S. Korean king, Jaekang.  They don’t want the truth about the technology not being developed yet to be revealed.  The politicians fight over what to do, and also worry about North retaliation and war if news about the truth gets out.

Sec. Eun lies and tells Jaeha there were no new developments.  But Shikyung’s there and he can’t believe his dad is lying.  He blurts out the truth.  Jaeha is thrilled and happy, as this will exonerate Hangah.

But he also notices some tension and asks why Sec Eun didn’t tell the truth.  Sec. Eun says they are forbidden to release the truth about the non-development of N. Korea’s technology, since this could precipitate potential war.  He says Hangah needs to be prosecuted again, this time publicly.  Says she did a good job the first time and was convincing; and this will save everyone involved, the royal family, the politicians, the country.  Jaeha is livid.  He’s like no way, not a second time.  He says he was about to go crazy when Hangah had to endure the first closed hearing.  He says he will not put her through that again!

Lying Sec. Eun visits Hangah, asks that she testify publicly.  She’s scared.  When she asks how Jaeha feels, Sec. Eun lies (again!), says Jaeha did not block the decision, adding that Jaeha wants to see her prove her loyalty and truth.  What a lying jerk.  Hangah is scared to death to face the public, but Sec. Eun says she can do a good job.  (I hate him).  I feel SO bad for Hangah, seeing her so scared, alone, and crying.  She can’t believe Jaeha agreed to this, but says she will prove everyone wrong.

Sec. Eun calls Jaeha and lies (again!) and says Hangah agreed to attend the public hearing on her own volition (lies!).  Jaeha tells Sec. Eun to take top-notch care of Hangah every bit of the way.

Jaeha is not happy to watch the public hearing, but Hangah is charming and starts out doing a great job, and he can’t help but to smile…

But then the arrogant politicians start asking her unnecessary questions, and Jaeha gets completely pissed off at the way they’re treating her.  He calls the top level government minister, goes there directly himself to meet him, and chews him out.

Jaeha demands the truth be released, that it wasn’t N. Korea, that they lied about the phone technology being developed.

While it’s awesome that Jaeha’s focused on bringing the truth to light, proving that Hangah was not involved, but he IS still the king of S. Korea.  So to put your country at risk, possibly fanning war retaliation from N. Korea for calling their bluff… for the woman you love… seems irresponsible for a king?  Yet, also somewhat noble for a man who fights for the woman he loves?

Jaeha tries to visit Hangah that night, but he’s stopped by Sec. Eun, who says it’s not a good idea since she’s really tired.  All this lying on Sec Eun’s part is not good.  But Jaeha’s in a great mood since the decision to reveal the truth has been made, which would exonerate Hangah’s involvement.

That night, Hangah has an awful, terrible dream.  She’s reliving her and Jaeha’s sweet wine-drinking night, but as they head out the door, he turns on her… and shoots her.  Omg, this is a horrible nightmare to have.  Poor Hangah.  She wakes up in a cold sweat.  She’s obviously hurt that Jaeha didn’t even come to see her after he public hearing.  I hate Sec. Eun for keeping them apart!

Next morning, Jaeha brings breakfast to Hangah’s room.  He’s sweetly calling out “Hangah” and I’m hoping we’ll get another sweet Jaeha-Hanga scene, but Hangah is sitting at her desk, resolute and pissed off.

She asks why he didn’t come and see her.  He smiles and says it’s a secret, says he’ll tell her about it later.  He reaches sweetly for her hand and she slaps it away.  Oh snap!  If I was her, I’d be totally pissed off too!  She just went through the ringer for him, publicly defended her love for Jaeha, and he didn’t even bother to check up on her that night.  (I hate lying Sec. Eun).

Hangah is super mad, and she starts digging in on Jaeha.  Asks if he was out drinking and partying with girls.  Sarcastically tears him down further, and then finally class him “trash.”  Woah.  She is so mean here.  Just like how Jaeha talked to her in the past.  But hearing such stuff from sweet Hangah is hard to take…

Jaeha is shell-shocked.  Did not see this coming.  If he didn’t have so much pride, he would’ve just told her he was working on releasing the truth to the public and that she will now be exonerated.  But he’s stupid and proud and instead can’t believe Hangah used, what he so personally revealed to her about “feeling like trash,” and turned around to hurt and break him down.  He sarcastically tells her she was “easy” and says he can’t believe she’s using what he shared so intimately with her, to hurt him.

He angrily tells her to just return back to North Korea, and storms out of the room.  Hangah is left shocked.  And both Jaeha-Hangah are left angry, hurt, and sad…

VIDEO – Jaeha-Hangah trust each other no matter what

VIDEO – Jaeha brings Hangah breakfast… but things end sadly. huhuhu.

More video cuts at Tryp96 – 12.04.18 TK2H Ep 9 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Naver blog

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