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Lee Seung Gi♥Jo Jung Seok bromance + viking ride fancams

FANCAM – Seunggi and Jungseok check out filmed footage
LSG♥♥JJS!  And screaming fangirl reactions at LSG each move…  Daaaaebak!

FANCAM – Seunggi, Jungseok, guard guys wait around chatting
Awesome fangirl reactions each time LSG makes a move!  Their comments are HIL-arious!  “Please just look this way, just once!”  “He’s coming this way!”  “Ackkkk!”  Omg, I feel like I’m THERE, watching too!  LOL at white rain parka wearing Director Lee Jaekyu(?), smiling and walking toward the camera.  He looks amused…

FANCAM – Compilation [TK2H OST – K. Will’s ‘Love is Crying’]
Song is SO sad.  And set to BTS footage of LSG… don’t know why, makes me cry.

(Videos: Tryp96)

FANCAM – Seunggi, Jungseok, guard guys ride the Viking
Can’t wait to see the Viking footage aired on The King 2 Hearts!!!

Read more at: Enewsworld: Lee Seung Gi Rides an Amusement Park Ride Over 10 Times for ′The King 2Hearts′

More Lee Jaeha ♥♥ Eun Shikyung bromance photos + goodies!!!… Love them…

Fan photos (All our guys are looking super sharp and hot in their suits!)

MBC official photos (Acckkkk, they’re holding hands!!!!!)

MBC fun goodies

Post WOC training camp, palace life.  It’s Jaeha’s turf.  Shikyung has it coming, for showing up jealous Jaeha and trying to be all earnest and sweet in front of Hangah!  Omg, still can’t believe Jaeha tapped Shikyung on the back with his foot!  And then later motioned, with his leg(!), for Shikyung to turn on the tv!  

But soon, Shikyung went from umbrella butler to Jaeha’s confidant.  I died when Shikyung approached Jaeha and said he believed him to be a strong and good king.  Aw, Shikyung, I love you for trusting and being so devoted!!!  Especially, now since older brother Jaekang is no longer around.  LOL’d at Jaeha’s reaction.  As we know, Jaeha is still learning to express himself in appropriate ways.  He’s still learning how to accept people’s love for him.

Almost died when Jaeha poured the drink for Shikyung and embarrassingly said let’s be friends!  Acckkkk!!!!  How cute are our two guys???!!!!

Hope Jaeha-Shikyung can put a stop to evil villian dad, Secretary Eun!!!

Aww…  Actor Lee, we know how hard you and cast are working.  TK2H fighting!!!!

Images: As labeled, MBC, DCLSG, Twitter

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4 Responses

  1. Maybe these two can become real friends as well?
    I don’t see much friend potentials in his past male costars – Joon Sae was a bit too old, the other one (Miss Bae’s current boyfriend), well, too slick. And I never like the vet.
    But Jo JS gives off the right vibes somehow.

    Love the picture where Seung Gi sticks his tongue out. I feel you, my dear. They cannot pay me enough to get on one of those rides, kiddie or not.

  2. I keep laughing out as I remember how JaeHa moves his legs and tells Shi Kyung to change the tv channels, “Channel~ Channel~!” Haha~

  3. Yeah. That video makes one really cry. I think we all miss Lee Seung Gi himself. :(

  4. passion and hardwork that´s our SeungGi..^^ I know how it feels to have fear of heights.. Me too cant even ride the viking rides even the kiddie version.. ;D
    Fighting The King 2Hearts cast,crew and our SeungGi!! :)

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