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Idol Ranking: Kiss King #2 Lee Seung Gi [ENG]

(video: beedance07 )  Yay!!!  Thanks Bee!!  You rock, as usual!!

[2012.04.20] Idol Ranking: Kiss King!  Another unscientific ranking/survey segment.  But it’s hilariously awesome!  Anything involving Seunggi’s drama kisses IS a must watch!  (btw, it’s weird whenever they include him as an “idol”~~!!  I prefer non-idol Lee Seunggi!)  Teased for his first kissing scene in Brilliant Legacy with Han Hyo Joo… he graduated to an array of sweet kisses with Shin Minah in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho…  and then recently aced his hot kiss scene with Ha Jiwon and earned mad respect for his The King 2 Hearts kiss scene!

It’s like a relationship evolution for Actor Lee with his actress partners~~!! Hyojoo is like his peer, friend? (he’s publicly expressed fondness for Moon Chae Won).  Minah seems most like his girlfriend type?  And Jiwon is his deep passionate soulmate?  Although these 4 very special girls are the ONLY female celebs with Seunggi’s phone number, his future wife will probably be some combo of all of 4 types??!!  Wah~~

And, since it is ALL about The King 2 Hearts right now… Omg, can we PLEASE have more interaction and ACTION between Jaeha and Hangah, ASAP!  They need to be together.  I can’t stand them being mad at each other and being apart much longer!!!

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9 Responses

  1. The evolution of Seunggi’s kisses hahaha. Wonder how Han Hyo Joo reacted when she saw the fridge kiss and the BTS for that scene! How shy was Seunggi three years before? Now, he’s not only tops in acting, singing, MC-ing, but he’s got a new thing that he’s really good at! Omg, another thing he will be remembered for now is the way he kisses!

  2. Even a ahjimma like me is sweep away with the fridge scene. And just love bickering in between kuss. Cant enough of the bts. :p)

  3. Hardworking and always improving Seung Gi oppa! Hahaha~! ^^

  4. his kiss with shin min ah & ha ji won was good…and for han hyo jo…just team them again in a movie…seung gi will do the best ^^

    really miss the to work together again.^^

  5. for me….seunggi kiss with han hyo joo is best kiss everrrr..feel real falling in love seunggi.

  6. thanks Bee and Ann for this.. lolling super! :D

  7. SG-HJ it’s mean starting with awkward kissing scene and ended with “Time for Love mixed Just You”. just love with both of them seems like low profile person, have a warm and sincere smile, love with kids, and what else….???

    • HHJ is more suitable with Jo In Sub their chemistry very well and good too..Ha Ji Won good pairing is Hyun Bin..Moon Chae Won looks very good and match well with Song Joong Ki..Remember in strong heart LSG said kiss scene with SMA is the best in his life time..so guess what is that meaning…

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