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Lee Seung Gi picks Ha Ji Won as ideal type among co-stars, talks drama kiss, pizza CF [Section TV recap, 2012.04.15]

(video: leeseunggiworld)

[April 15, 2012.  Section TV. LSG cut]  On the set of new Pizza Hut CF filming.  Yay, new version CF soon!  But WHY the roomier-than-necessary cardigan??!!  Calling TK2H tailor to outfit Seunggi in real life!  But I like the CF concept.  After knowing only Lee Jaeha the past month, it’s a relief to see the REAL warmhearted Lee Seunggi…

Bad guy Lee Seunggi, in the role of Lee Jaeha in the The King 2 Hearts, has returned as warm-hearted guy Lee Seunggi. Our date with lovely smile guy Lee Seunggi starts now…

We’re at the studio, on the set of a CF filming.  Seunggi seems fully concentrated on his spaghetti.  But all of a sudden, a pretty girl appears, seducing him.  Soon after, he’s completely smitten!

PD: Seems like the girl was seducing you too strongly?
LSG: It feels great to be seduced. (LOL).  Since I haven’t been seduced before, it’s nice to get that here.

Omg, Seunggi needs to go clubbing or something like that.  If he was into those things, he’d definitely get seduced in a heartbeat!  (but it’s okay, I like Seunggi BECAUSE he’s not your typical clubbing type of guy!)

Tk2H scenes are shown, and the MCs say the love story between Jaeha and Hangah is really developing.  Seunggi is asked what the reaction has been to his Lee Jaeha character.  He laughed and said his character still needs to grow and learn to express himself better.  And they ask about the buzzed about fridge kiss

MC: Last week’s kiss scene was all the buzz.
LSG: The response was pretty explosive.  Many said it was way more sexy than they had imagined. I think it gave a lot of nervous excitement for viewers.  I heard that I really seemed like a player. (LOL)

Omg, the female reporter MC shows up to the set to interview Seunggi and she’s dressed in Kim Hangah military comrade gear from head-to-toe.  Seunggi’s trying to keep a straight face.  She asks him what he does to make eating look particularly more tasty.  And not surprisingly, he had a very technical answer…!

LSG: When you eat, you usually bite down with your teeth.  But if you do that then the cheese gets cut off.  So you have to slightly purse your lips like this, so the cheese gets stretched. 

Clips of Seunggi in a wetsuit and in the tub(!) from the The King 2 Hearts are shown.  He’s asked about his manly body.  Seunggi jokes and says with a wetsuit, as long as you’re in decent shape, it doesn’t reveal the details inside the suit!  LOL.  So, as long as your overall physique is okay, then you’re fine.

The reporter teases Seunggi for bragging about his nice form and physique?!?  He jokes and says he can at least say he’s got good overall form, if nothing else.

Talk moves on to the neck kiss and NG that garnered a lot of attention.  They show the now, infamous footage of Seunggi misreading the “sit next to lying down Hangah” script as “lie down next to Hangah.”

LSG: PD Lee is well-known as a very sincere director, one of the nicest I’ve met. But that sincere director, surprised, grabbed me by the backside and dragged me away!

MC: Why did you do that?
LSG: Once I read and saw the script that way, I kept seeing it that way. So because of that, I had already imagined how I would act after I lay down.
MC: What did you imagine?
LSG: Just lying there and then kissing her would be strange, so I thought maybe I should hug her from behind? I imagined something like that…

Puahahahaha.  LOL.  I think Seunggi really meant the whole hugging part in a serious way!  Omg, he has a way of talking so sincerely and sorta purely and technically about things, but it comes off very… um, different when we hear it!  Omg, if PD Lee didn’t drag him away, he was going to back-hug Jiwon!  It’s just TOO hilarious and cute at the same time!

Talk moves to everyone’s fave topic and question… his ideal type!

MC:  Is there one female actress you’ve worked with whom you feel is closest to your ideal type?
LSG: Through this drama filming, I’d say Hi Jiwon.
MC: There’s Han Hyojoo, Shin Minah too, and you choose Ha Jiwon.
LSG: Aigoo, said like that, it could make things uncomfortable with others.

MC:  Ha Jiwon has all of Seunggi’s love in the drama.  It’s not because you’re currently filming with her right now, is it?  She really is your ideal type?
LSG: Theat could be a factor but, not only as an actress, but as a woman, just as one person, I think she’s very charming.

Another fave topic… Seunggi’s idea of spring time with a girlfriend.

MC: Do you enjoy the spring time mood?
LSG: When the sun is shining, I often think how it would be great, just for one day, to have a picnic, go on a bike ride, or take a drive somewhere together. 

MC: Don’t you think about seeing the flowers bloom with your girlfriend?
LSG: OF course, I’ve thought that for a LONG time! Spring flowers probably bloomed 4-5 times in the meantime.
MC: Why don’t you send a message to your girlfriend…

Seunggi says he can really do all things for her and be good to her.  But then quickly stops himself and jokes that this may make him seem NOT very charming.  So he laughs and says, I’ll just be good to her a little bit.  Hehehe.

LSG: Section TV viewers, thank you for supporting The King 2 Hearts, and please root for us until the end.
MC: That was our time with lovely guy Lee Seunggi.

Why do I have a feeling that this is not the last we’ll hear Seunggi get asked about the kiss scenes, ideal types, future girlfriends… again and again!  hehe.  Woah, and we still have 10 more episodes left of The King 2 Hearts and Jaeha-Hangah’s love deepening even more…  Can’t wait~~!!!

English: LSGfan,  Images:  As labeled, Naver, LSGfan

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for the english translations!!

  2. what does Seduced means?

  3. thanks for the translation Ann. This make ny day :D

  4. Hey Ann! I wanted to say I really enjoy all your posts. Thank you for all your hard work. I was wondering if you knew where I can find Eng sub for the Section TV interview Seung Gi did in the beginning of 2011 when he went to Namsan? I really want to know what he is saying. He seem so witty in that interview.Thanks again for everything.

    • Here is the link to that interview :

      Thanks again!!!

      • Sorry, don’t know of any. Maybe on some chinese fansite, you can find? beedance and i were really busy with holiday stuff then. and we’re subbing less stuff now too bc we’re both super busy.

        Hopefully some of the other Chinese-Korean-English-speaking fans will sub videos too. Haven’t watched the interview for a long time, but I remember it was pretty fun. but seems SOOOO long ago. Jan 2011. Things are so different with LSG now in some ways…

        TK2H’s Eun Shikyung (Jo Jung Seok) just filmed this same Rising Star corner last week, so it should air soon. Maybe he’ll talk about Seunggi…

      • Thanks Ann for looking. I understand you are a very busy lady so know that I appreciate all that you do for us fans of LSG.

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