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Ha Ji Won talks kiss NG and attentive Lee Seung Gi [Win Win]

*** UPDATED with full episode video ***

Prior to Jiwon’s recent Happy Together appearance, she guested on KBS Win Win, which aired on April 3.  In addition to The King 2 Hearts, she’s been promoting her film “Korea.”  Win Win’s Seunggi obsession is nothing new, but I was surprised some of the LSG-related talk made the cut since KBS and MBC were both airing new dramas.  So what funny Seunggi questions did Sugeun ask?  What Jiwon said…

During the intro, we find out Jiwon and MC Kim Seungwoo did a movie together long time ago.  She addresses him as “oppa,” so they’re pretty close.  (not mentioned, but Jiwon and Seungwoo belong to the same management company).  Not wanting to be left out, Sugeun says he’s close with Jiwon too… that is, EUN Jiwon!  LOL.

MC Seungwoo says Sugeun bragged about talking with Jiwon by phone, prior to the broadcast.  Jiwon says it is true, and the MCs and audience ooh and ahh; they’re impressed.  Sugeun, feeling like THE man, starts talking like Jiwon’s his BFF, but quickly says he’s referring to EUN Jiwon.  LOL.  Aw, I miss old-school 1N2D.

So what’s the story behind Jiwon and Sugeun’s phone call?~~~

HJW:  The other day, I was filming a drama with Lee Seunggi in Jejudo.  I told Seunggi I was going to be a guest on Win Win, and I was a worried.  He immediately said, ‘Noona, don’t worry.  I’ll call Sugeun hyung and ask him to take good care of you.’  (MCs and audience oooh and ahhh, impressed by Seunggi’s initiative. Hehe)  And so he put me on the phone with him.

MC Tak Jaehoon follows up, asking Jiwon if Seunggi asked her to guest on Strong Heart.  She says both Strong Heart and Win Win type of settings make her nervous, but she thought maybe Win Win would cover her up a bit more warmly.

Win Win’s become a pretty good variety talk show after veteran MCs came on, but it still struggles ratings-wise.  The Win Win one-guest format was definitely better to promote Jiwon’s movie than Strong Heart’s 10+ guest set-up.  BUT, if The King 2 Hearts was airing on SBS, Jiwon and MC Seunggi would’ve probably done a Strong Heart special?!?!  Wah, reminds me of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho days when Hodong was still around, making us laugh.

Later, MC Seungwoo asks Jiwon about Seunggi…

KSW: You’re doing a drama with Lee Seunggi this time. What’s the age difference with Lee Seunggi?
HJW: 9 years.
MCs: Wow.
HJW: For example, when we eat together, he’s very attentive and takes care of me. He’ll ask me to try this and that.

They ask about the popular foam kiss from Secret Garden, and Sugeun counters by asking Jiwon to name her “most difficult” kiss!  puahaha.  She chooses the kiss scene with Jo Insung from What happened in Bali since it was supposed to be a forced kiss she was trying to avoid; that is, versus a consensual more smooth, sweet kiss.  She said her teeth almost broke because of that kiss!

So of course Sugeun hyung HAS to ask about her kiss scene with Seunggi…

SUG: How did Seunggi end up kissing you on the neck?  Didn’t it tickle?  (LOL)  How was Seunggi?  You know, since he’s younger, a dongseng and all.  Was he good?  (LOL)
HJW: Yes…  He was very bold.
TJH: In what way, how was he bold?

HJW: He misread the script. It was supposed to be~ Sit down next to the lying down Hangah and kiss her on the neck. But all of a sudden, he lay down behind me…! (MCs dying of laughter, and clapping.  Probably thinking, Seunggi’s SO smooth!)

MCs: So what happened next?
HJW: The director grabbed Seunggi and dragged him away. The director was thinking, wow, he’s this aggressive?!

Win Win [full episode 108], Part 1

Win Win [full episode 108], Part 2

Videos: jiwonderland

MC Seungwoo is always SO fascinated asking about Seunggi.  Hope he can now see Seunggi as a acting hoobae, rather than a variety MC rival.  He and actress wife, Kim Namjoo, seem like great parents; they’d probably love Seunggi.  Hope he guests on Win Win someday.  I miss seeing Seunggi with hyungs like Sugeun.

I think viewers miss the roaring voice and laughter of a Hodong-type personality on variety shows, making us LOL like crazy, even if it was too over-the-top sometimes.  Hope Hodong returns to tv soon.  He’s been doing a lot, charity and donation wise, to make up for the initial public outcry which led to his leaving K-entertainment.  I miss seeing the best MC combo ever of Hodong-Seunggi together…

English: LSGfan,  Images: Naver, LSGfan

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4 Responses

  1. I realy miss 2days1night S1 esply LEE SEUNG GI and JIWON

  2. where can i get this video with subbed?i saw the cut of the video with subbed in this article…so might be this video already been subbed..

  3. thank you so much Ann, me too I miss HOdong & Seunggi they’ll always remain my best combo MC. Miss Hodong so much his roaring evil laugh..kekeke

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