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Lee Seung Gi picks Ha Ji Won as ideal type among co-stars, talks drama kiss, pizza CF [Section TV recap, 2012.04.15]

(video: leeseunggiworld)

[April 15, 2012.  Section TV. LSG cut]  On the set of new Pizza Hut CF filming.  Yay, new version CF soon!  But WHY the roomier-than-necessary cardigan??!!  Calling TK2H tailor to outfit Seunggi in real life!  But I like the CF concept.  After knowing only Lee Jaeha the past month, it’s a relief to see the REAL warmhearted Lee Seunggi…

Bad guy Lee Seunggi, in the role of Lee Jaeha in the The King 2 Hearts, has returned as warm-hearted guy Lee Seunggi. Our date with lovely smile guy Lee Seunggi starts now…

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Lee Seung Gi styled as sophisticated modern-day King [Stills]

SO ecstatic about the haute suits Seunggi’s been wearing for TK2H!  Showcasing his tall stature, and true-to-life clean cut, uhm-chin-ah rep.  It’s a dream come true for fashion girl me, after longstanding torment from LSG’s crazy cody, who’s obsessed with ill-fitted, over-sized, ajusshi suits!  Now, if only Jaeha had hot messy hair…?!?!  Also love the collection of watches he’s rocked.  Very hot timepiece accessorizing!  Photospam of our sophisticated chic, modern-day royal, King Lee Jaeha…

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Ha Ji Won talks kiss NG and attentive Lee Seung Gi [Win Win]

*** UPDATED with full episode video ***

Prior to Jiwon’s recent Happy Together appearance, she guested on KBS Win Win, which aired on April 3.  In addition to The King 2 Hearts, she’s been promoting her film “Korea.”  Win Win’s Seunggi obsession is nothing new, but I was surprised some of the LSG-related talk made the cut since KBS and MBC were both airing new dramas.  So what funny Seunggi questions did Sugeun ask?  What Jiwon said…

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