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Ha Ji Won talks being deeply in love with Lee Seung Gi and most memorable fridge kiss [Happy Together]

April 19, 2012.  Right before this video cut, one of the panelists said there were many celebrities during his military duty time such as Lee Wan and Lee Dong Gun. And they’d say Ha Jiwon was the actress most actors wanted to work with.  Jiwon asks~ Why?  And he says because she’s known to be an actress who shines the light most for actors.  The MCs tease her, saying she already knows she’s good at that, and she laughs.  They ask what her secret is.

Jiwon responds, “I don’t do anything in particular. They already shine in their own right. But I really love my acting partner during the filming period of the project. So if he does a cute expression, then I’ll look at him as even more cute. Or if he’s hurting, then I’ll look at him sympathetically.”  MCs mention how Jiwon’s worked with many actors in the past like Hyunbin, Jo Insung, So Jisup, Kwon Sangwoo, so they ask…

Video cut: Ha Jiwon on most memorable fridge kiss [Happy Together]

MC: Who were you most deeply in love with WHILE ACTING? Honestly. You can’t say everyone. Choose one person. (Jiwon thinks).  Also, including more recently, Lee Seunggi too. (Jiwon giggles).
HJW: Since I’m currently doing a melo drama with Lee Seunggi, he’s the one I’m most…
MC: And with a younger guy?
HJW: Yes.

Another MC asks about her most “soft kiss” and that cracks everyone up. LOL. They tease him for referring to it that way.  They rephrase the question and about her most memorable kiss.

HJW: Well, the most recent kiss…
MCs: With Lee Seunggi?
HJW: Yes, the fridge kiss.

MC refers to it as naeng-ki (short for fridge kiss = naengjanggoh kiss)  LOL.

English: LSGfan, Video: Tryp96

Whoa, KBS actually showed a long version of the kiss clip?!  I think KBS really misses showing Seunggi-related cuts on their many entertainment news shows.

Shin Minah chooses bead kiss as most memorable kiss scene in her post-interview after My Girlfriend is a Gumiho wraps, and now Ha Jiwon’s chosen the fridge kiss from The King 2 Hearts!  Seunggi is THE man!!!

Sure, some of this is how you’re feeling at the moment and pulling for your drama.  But actors would be lying if they say they don’t feel anything for the other person while doing a melo-romantic drama, especially if there’s great chemistry off set too!

Ha Jiwon definitely seems the type to fall in love with her “actor partner character” during a drama.  Seunggi is the same way?  Hodong used to tease him about it on Strong Heart.   Plus, when asked recently to choose his ideal type among his acting partners, Han Hyojoo, Shin Mina, Ha Jiwon, Seunggi chose Jiwon.  When they pressed him if it was because he was currently doing a drama with her, he admitted there’s probably some of that, but that he really likes Ha Jiwon type.

The TK2H ep 6 fridge kiss was indeed epic.  Even if people didn’t tune in to watch the episode on tv that day, they definitely watched the kiss cut online later on!

After Jiwon mentioned the fridge kiss, the MCs asked about the foam kiss. They show the clip and Jiwon says the feel is different.  Koreans are so obsessed with naming drama kisses and then thinking it’s like the coolest thing ever. Like the whole Iris candy kiss, High Kick scarf kiss.  Although I loved the MGIAG bead kiss and sweet first kiss, I would take a passionate fridge kiss OVER any of those cutesy kisses!

Images: Naver, LSGfan

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10 Responses

  1. Thank you for the translation. Hope you don’t mind, I posted a link in Soompi to this post. Since I saw earlier people asking about this. Of course aside from the link I placed the credits to you. :)

  2. Jiwonie is not only beautiful, her kisses are full of passions, all her kisses are memorable

  3. Hi Ann, Do you know what was the date they record Happy together? Was it before or after Seunggi recorded the interview that he chose Jiwon over Hyojoo & Minah as his ideal type? Just curious. Thanks in advance ^^

    • I’m pretty sure HT doesn’t record that far in advance so maybe a week or so before the April 19 air date? Seunggi’s section TV interview aired on April 15 and I think it filmed just a few days in advance. but I dont think it really matters…

      HJW knows Seunggi wanted to act with her when he mentioned it at the 2010 SBS drama awards red carpet. Jiwon’s an A-list actress and 9 years older, so for her to talk so highly of Seunggi says A LOT about HIM and definitely raises his GUY FACTOR! Same thing when Shin Minah was so surprisingly open and frank about her thoughts on him. Seunggi’s the REAL DEAL, people! What girls like in guys in REAL LIFE!

  4. What do you think guys do they like each other?lol
    do they have this special feeling foreach other?~~~~~

    well i think our lee sueng gi is happy right now to know about hajiwon sshi impression to him.^^~~

    • I think they definitely are ENJOYING filming the drama together! Hehe. But all actors and actresses supposedly crush a little bit on each other while filming, especially if there’s a strong loveline? Plus, HJW mentioned on Win Win episode that she doesn’t miss the idea of dating or guys AT ALL when she’s filming a drama! keke.

      I’m really happy for LSG that he can experience relationships thru his dramas! It’s spring and love is in the air and if I can date and be happy, he should be able too! since he probably won’t get to date until he marries??!! probably why he was sad about not doing a drama last year! :)

  5. Pretty Hang Ah …stop crying, ok? Look for another guy better than Jae Ha, he’s bad!!!!!!!!!!! Remember he’s a trash!!!

  6. hello…do you know how i can get happy together this episode?with eng sub..thank you.. ^^

  7. ha ji won is fantastic with her performance in The King’s Two Hearts

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