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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 7: Jaeha faces tragic loss of beloved

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 7.  Jaeha-Hangha were sharing their first epic fridge kiss when they get caught by Jaeha’s brother and Hangah’s dad…

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Lee Seung Gi’s The King 2 Hearts military fashion [Stills]

Hard to believe our Lee Jaeha (immature prince at the time!), was sporting this over-the-top, but super stylish and cute Adidas ruffle tracksuit in the earlier eps of TK2H!  Such a sharp contrast from the mature, preppy outfits and chic suits worn by Lee Jaeha as king now.  Sorta miss these earlier days when things were less complicated and less stressful for him.  Military fatigues and formal wear, tracksuits and wetsuit…  BTS photos of fashionable Seunggi during WOC training camp…

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Ha Ji Won talks being deeply in love with Lee Seung Gi and most memorable fridge kiss [Happy Together]

April 19, 2012.  Right before this video cut, one of the panelists said there were many celebrities during his military duty time such as Lee Wan and Lee Dong Gun. And they’d say Ha Jiwon was the actress most actors wanted to work with.  Jiwon asks~ Why?  And he says because she’s known to be an actress who shines the light most for actors.  The MCs tease her, saying she already knows she’s good at that, and she laughs.  They ask what her secret is.

Jiwon responds, “I don’t do anything in particular. They already shine in their own right. But I really love my acting partner during the filming period of the project. So if he does a cute expression, then I’ll look at him as even more cute. Or if he’s hurting, then I’ll look at him sympathetically.”  MCs mention how Jiwon’s worked with many actors in the past like Hyunbin, Jo Insung, So Jisup, Kwon Sangwoo, so they ask…

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