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BTS video [ENG] The King 2 Hearts interview: Lee Seung Gi talks Ha Ji Won, ditzy hot girl types, Lee Jaeha, 2012.04.11

(video: beedance07)

Like everyone else, NOT being stressed about the slip in TK2H tv ratings is honestly impossible!  Especially with the drama quality being pretty AWESOME!  Yes, ratings are NOT always about quality, but they do matter in the larger public arena.  So I can’t help but to get momentarily down when real-time and official ratings are released…  Ah~ STRESS~!  But THANKFULLY, those feelings are brief…

Because of the amazing chemistry between Seunggi-Jiwon and the rest of the cast, PLUS the praise all the actors have received for their strong acting!  If not for that, I’d seriously be in therapy!  It’s typically hard for a drama to make a ratings comeback after a decline.  So thanks Seunggi, for your improved acting, with still more room to grow, of course.  Can’t wait to see more from Actor Lee in the future.

It’s pretty obvious by now, based on all of his interviews… a key factor got him signed up for the drama… Ha Ji Won.  He hasn’t talked about the script much, like he did with past dramas.  My parents always said relationships and experiences developed with good, talented people are what challenge and make us even better in all we do…!!

See BTS photos of Actor Lee laughing it up with veteran cast on set…

Images: MBC, As labeled

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9 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann & Bee once again!
    Even though i told myself not to be bothered by rating, but one just can’t help when you see the numbers…haha..
    I’m happy that all the veteran actors are having fun filming this drama with him and praising Seung Gi.. i think that is what matter most and to Seung Gi, getting the recognition for his acting is far far better than the rating.

    I hope ‘Rating’ will remember to go home after this week, because ‘Home is where the HEARTS belong!!!!’

  2. thank you! I come here to satiate my LSG palate everyday~

    I am also like almost everyone who is not bothered by the ratings, but still is bothered by it (if that even makes sense). But, we are talking plus minus 2% in here, so it is not even a big difference to be worried about. I agree that sometimes, if not most of the time, ratings is a criteria for a bigger public distinction (If LSG do not go up the Daesang nominee for the end of the year MBC Awards, I’d go ballistic. Feel my wrath, MBC!)

    I totally enjoy how much LSG obviously adores his Ji Won Noona. He talks more about her than his role! Omo, our baby! :)

    • hmmmm, about daesang, will MBC give daesang for actor/actreess this year? because, if i’m not wrong, last year Daesang just for Drama, right…
      but I really hope Seunggi will win something this year from this drama…his acting so awesome

      • I think They prob going to give the award to the highest rating drama of the year. I am not saying lsg does not deserve the award, it just that during award session it’s always the rating that wins.

      • hmmmm now I remembered~ They changed their Daesang to a drama right? OH WELL. If based on ratings, I can already see a drama right there. :(

        We can still hope for Best Actor! But…but…but…arghhh, we can still hope!

  3. I love all cast member on this drama, they are so amazing. Really enjoy looking all of them very comfort each other. Especially Seung gi with senior actors/actress. He always makne on the filming drama or variety show.

  4. the king 2 hearts fighting!
    Waiting for thursday epi 10 to start!

  5. such a sad and intense episode!! TK2H Ep 10 screenshots + recap is here!!!

  6. Seung Gi dear ep 10 is not translated can you help somehow?

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