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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 6-2: Surprise marriage announcement

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 6-2.  Jaeha successfully wooed Hangah at the piano but he did not expect the hug from her later on, and for sure did not expect to feel anything in return!  He’s not sure how he ended up embracing her back during the hug and now he’s super confused about things.  His original plan was to woo her and then shoo her away.  And the first part’s worked out perfectly, even better than planned!  But now he’s feeling bad and he’s not sure how to break the news to her.  You know, that this was all made-up, all lies.  Well, except, Jaeha’s feelings for Hangah are definitely no longer lies!  He even thinks maybe he can just keep Hangah as a secret mistress!  Jaeha’s master plan is all messed up, and he’s actually grown a conscience…!

But Jaeha realizes even if he likes her, marriage is a totally different matter.  He gathers himself and decides he has no choice but to tell Hangah the truth.  But he’s grown a conscience now!  And he’s also now admitted to himself that he kinda likes her!  So, he decides to break the news gently.   But Hangah tells him she loves him, they love each other, love will conquer all things!  Even North-Korea differences!  Jaeha’s trying his best to be nice to her, he even call her Hangah-shi for like the first time ever!  But Hangah’s relentless in her expression of love for him.

Since Hangah’s not getting the message, Jaeha resorts back to the way of communication he knows best… he’s mean and blunt.  He says he tried to say things nicely but she’s so naive she doesn’t get it.  He says why the heck would he marry her, think about it.  Oh no.  Hangah’s super upset.  And Jaeha’s upset too.  He didn’t expect to fall for her, and he didn’t want to be this mean, but he’s still Lee Jaeha, not a fully evolved guy yet!  He yells at Hangah and storms out of the room.  Feeling terrible, he goes back, but doesn’t have the guts to open her door.

Hangah’s 3 night 4 day trip to S. Korea is winding to an end, and Jaeha-Hangah fly to the official press conference event to announce their marriage.  Except there’s going to be no marriage.  Jaeha’s still feeling torn, but has way too much pride and fear to be honest about his feelings.  Hangah chooses not to sit next to him in first-class on the plane and sits in the back all by herself.  Jaeha glances back to see how she’s doing but can’t get himself to approach her.

Jaeha and Hangah are all dolled up and look gorgeous as a royal couple.  But it’s really sad because both of them look incredibly hurt and not well.  They are about to enter the room, and Jaeha tells Hangah she doesn’t need to say anything.  He says he’ll make a statement that the marriage is off and it’ll all be over quickly.

But just as Jaeha’s about to speak, Hangah speaks up first.  She says she will indeed accept Jaeha’s proposal for marriage!  Jaeha’s completely stunned.  Revenge on Hangah’s part?!  But Jaeha remains calm and controlled and responds.  Not with a public statement… but a beautiful spring poem??!!!  Hangah’s like WTF, and the two stare (more like glare and sneer!) at each other, like they can read each other’s minds.  So the marriage is back on?!  So cute.  Love Jaeha and Hangah so much!

VIDEO – Jaeha and Hangah royal marriage is on??!!  Yay!

(video: Tryp96)

Images: As labeled, Naver

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3 Responses

  1. While the wooing was nicely done, especially the passionate running hug and the hug back, this press conference was totally unexpected and just brilliant.
    When Jae Ha started to recite that poem, he’d still not recovered from the shock and panic. But as he continued, he sort of felt more and more pleased (!) – oh, I don’t know – by his own wit?! He looked at Hang Ah and the code was, how about that, huh?
    At first, I thought when Hang Ah said she loved JH and wanted to go through with the engagement, she was in fact declaring wars. But on closer look, her direct and steady gaze seemed to be declaring her love, and defying JH to deny it, exactly as her words! (The warring part came later, as the two “glare and sneer”!)
    This lovely couple just fed off each other and played this scene out like it’s on fire!

  2. love the poem part very much…Jae Ha is so smart :D

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