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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 6-1: Romantic piano duet and embrace

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 6-1.  Jaeha’s left stunned by Hangah’s rejection in Ep 5.  He’s humiliated and hurt.  Player Jaeha (still in denial over his deep affection for Hangah) comes up with a master wooing plan to get Hangah to fall madly for him…

Playing piano (and being overall musically talented!) is a sure way to a girl’s heart!  Jaeha has white grand piano set up outside(!) on a gorgeous breezy night near where Hangah is staying.  She’s out taking a stroll and hears music and finds handsome Jaeha all dressed up, in all-black, playing beautiful classical music.  When he sees her, he looks surprised.  Oh, come on!  She ends up by his side playing the other part of the song and it’s a beautiful duet and it’s VERY romantic!  He’s staring at her, playing piano, and it’s a gorgeous night… which can only lead to…

But just as Jaeha’s about to kiss Hangah…  oh no… he pulls back!  He’s definitely feeling some REAL feelings, but he snaps and remembers his original plan.  He is SOOO in denial!

He  says it’s getting late and leaves.  Ugh!  Mean.  But it’s worked and Hangah can’t sleep, thinking about the beautiful music they played together.

Next morning, Jaeha’s talking with Dongah and he’s thrilled his plan is going so smoothly.  He decides to lay it on thick and plans for an evening stroll right by the villa where Hangah’s staying, you know so she can see him and think about him even more!  Seriously, such a major player.

It’s a flurrying gorgeous night.  Hangah sees Jaeha from afar and rushes out to meet him.  Jaeha sees that his job is done, that Hangah’s seen him.  But he has no idea that she’s rushing out to meet him, and he starts to walk back home.  But then he sees Hangah running to him… OMG!  Wah~~~!!!

He for sure CANNOT deny his feelings any longer!  Jaeha’s expression and hug back to Hangah give it all away!  He’s starting to realize that he really loves her!  YAY~~~!!!!!

VIDEO – Romantic piano duet

VIDEO – Beautiful embrace. Yay, Jaeha can’t deny any longer!

Videos: Tryp96, Images: As labeled, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. Wow , you are really making up for loss time! ㅋㅋㅋ Glad to be able to read your jaeha-centric recap
    while waiting for the next Kingday! Please come soon KingDay!

  2. Love the embracing scene no matter how many times I’ve rewatched it~

  3. Love love love this bloggggg…..♥♥♥

  4. I just can’t get enough of the hug too!
    Ji Won and Seung Gi’s acting and chemistry…wow!
    HA runs with all her heart and conviction – it’s a force of nature to be reckoned with, no wander JH is shocked by its intensity! Has he ever been loved so deeply and without reservations by a woman?!
    May he remember this moment and the gunshot to HA’s (and his own) heart in the tumultuous days to come!!!

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