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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 5-1: Jaeha’s palace, luxe baths, dates!

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 5-1.  At the end of Ep 4, Jaeha completes the 60km trek and the North-South WOC team successfully completes training.  There’s a party to commemorate the training phase but Jaeha’s already left to return back to S. Korea, to his high-life of driving around in his super nice Mercedes Benz in Seoul…

I don’t remember the last time I loved all the other characters in a drama.  Love this WOC team!  Hangah looks for Jaeha because, well she can’t help but to heart him!  Shikyung says Jaeha already left.  She’s majorly disappointed but pretends not to be.  Shikyung gives her a present from Jaeha.  Lotion.  She’s so touched!  But soon finds that it’s empty!  Upset, she curses out Jaeha aloud.  Aigoo, Jaeha, that’s uncool.

But, Hangah’s smitten with him and she can’t help it.  She returns to “their” room for final pack up and remembers Jaeha moments, him sitting at his desk with his legs propped up.  She goes to sit there and reminisces fondly about those times.

Jaeha’s back at the palace and enjoying the comforts of his real life.  This is the first time we see him and mom, the Queen, together.  She obviously adores him.  They look like a real family and I just love them all even more.  Jaeha asks Jaekang for a small favor, you know, since he came through and finished the 60km trek.  He asks that Shikyung be posted in the palace as the family’s personal guard.

Shikyung reports for duty, and sorta looks happy to see the prince.  As much as he can’t stand Jaeha’s immature ways, he’s developed affection for the prince?  Jaeha’s still jealousy of what he thinks is Shikyung’s liking for Hangah.  Shikyung’s clueless and Jaeha mentions how the two were all giggly together.  Annoyed, Jaeha says he wants Shikyung to be by his side, and then rudely motions with his leg for the tv to be turned on!

Omg, why does Jaeha have to be written as a complete jerk?!  Especially to earnest, honest and sweet Shikyung?!  Really hoping a special bromance develops between Jaeha-Shikyung.  Really like them together!

Jaekang is still pursuing an arranged marriage to a N. Korean woman for Jaeha.  He’s super committed to the idea of North-South peace and reconciliation (note: a very touchy and sorta divisive topic in real life politics).  He and wife conclude Hangah can’t be an option, considering she was originally trained as an assassin.

He convinces Jaeha to meet sophisticated N. Korean wife potentials.  Jaeha’s like no way, I don’t want Hangah.  But his brother tells him  she’s been taken off the list, and Jaeha’s obviously VERY disappointed.  Oh man, he’s so into her!!!  But he pretends, brushes it off, says that’s too bad for her.  But Jaekang’s already picked up on it.

And true, this whole conversation takes place while Jaeha’s taking a luxurious bubble bath.  He looks hot!!!!  But the scene also has a sweet moving vibe since brothers Jaekang and Jaeha together are always awesome!  But woah, loving these Jaeha (Seunggi!) screencaps…!!!  Fangirls, control yourselves!

Jaeha travels to China for his dates.  He looks incredibly hot, chic and svelte in a tailor-fit suit and tie!  Love it!  This girl’s a bag designer and fluent in french.  Jaeha happens to speak french too!  (To an untrained ear, he sounds perfect and hot.  Unfortunately, to fluent french speakers, we’re like what kind of accent is that?!  LOL.  But nevertheless, the way Seunggi speaks in his “french” sounds hot either way!!!!)

As we all know by now, Jaeha is into Hangah, whether he wants to admit it or not.  The girl’s talking about her bag designs, and Jaeha can’t help but to harp about a girl he knows (Hangah) and her awful taste in bags.  Without realizing it, he keeps talking and complaining about Hangah, until he finally catches himself.





But then a shocking breaking news segment airs on the tv screen.  It’s about Jaeha!  He check his Samsung Galaxy tab (good subtle PPL), and the reporter states – S. Korean Prince Lee Jaeha is planning to marry N. Korean soldier Kim Hangah.  Jaeah’s like WTF, marriage??!!

The marriage news creates waves in S. Korea.  Including a lot of negative reaction, considering she’s N. Korean, a soldier, and word that she trained assassins to kill high-ranking public figures.  Hangah finds out about this news while watching tv from N. Korea, where she’s been assigned to tv program monitoring duties.  Her dad tells her not to worry, this has nothing to do with her (since he was earlier informed that she would not be considered as one of the arranged marriage potentials).

Jaekang and his people are in a frenzy since Jaeha’s potential arranged marriage to a N. Korean woman was top-secret info.  Not knowing who leaked this to the press, there’s a sense it might be Club M president Bongku since he sent over a huge diamond ring to Jaekang to offer his congrats.

Jaeha is pissed since he did not see this coming.  He goes for a run to let off steam.  He asks Shikyung whether his brother Jaekang is behind this and knew all along, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Jaeha’s approached by a Wall Street reporter asking whether the news is true and Jaeha pissily replies, “Do I know you?!”  Our prince huffs off, actually carrying his own umbrella!

More to come about Episode 5 and Lee Jaeha…

VIDEO – Jaeha speaking french on a blind date, but thinking ONLY Hangah!

VIDEO – Jaeha takes luxurious bubble bath, talks blind dates with Jaekang!

See more awesome Lee Jaeha cuts at:   Tryp96 – TK2H Ep 5 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

Images: As labeled, Naver

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2 Responses

  1. wow wow wow wow.
    i am speechless!!!!

  2. It’s a little late, but as a person who’s fluent in French I can tell you his French is better than many Korean’s English xD. I understood what he said without subtitles, and it was a super duper hot accent!!
    I would love hearing him saying je t’aime <3 I'll definetly faint :P

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