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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 5-2: Jaeha declares ‘I love Kim Hangah’

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 5-2.  Jaeha’s returned to palace life, luxurious bubble baths(!), even agrees to arranged marriage dates with N. Korean women chosen by his brother.  But someone’s falsely leaked news to the press that Jaeha plans to marry Hangah.  There’s a public frenzy.  Jaeha and Shikyung watch the news in the car – protests, divided opinions about the marriage.  Jaeha (looking very hot, sophisticated in his suit, playing with his Galaxy tab) is not happy, but Shikyung says Jaekang has decided to take care of the matter…

Jaekang plans to just tell the truth, that he was trying to set up an arranged marriage between his younger brother and Hangah.  Jaeha’s like you’ve lost your mind, people will be livid asking how could he have thought of adding a trained N. Korean assassin to the royal family!  Jaeha insists they just remain quiet, let the ruckus die down.  Jaekang says since this deals with N. Korea relations, it will not go away.

Jaeha implores his brother not to do anything, as this is dangerous territory, and Jaekang might even lose the throne if he makes the wrong decision.  Jaekang doesn’t back down.  A frustrated Jaeha returns to his room and asks Shikyung about when Jaekang plans to make the announcement.  He comes up with his own plan to curtail his brother’s public statement.

On the day of Jaekang’s announcement, Jaeha makes a surprise appearance during a nationally televised charity soccer game.  He’s there to wish his best for the two teams, but also makes a public statement about the marriage rumors.  He says it is true that Hangah is a top special forces officer and she even threatened him when they first met.  But he fell for her and declares, “I love Kim Hangah.”  Jaeha says HE was the one who asked King Jaekang for the marriage, and it’s his OWN fault for not thinking about how the people of S. Korea would feel.  He apologizes and bows.

But then Jaeha gets all overly dramatic (Jaeha’s great at acting!) and says the king should not be blamed for anything!  Jaeha himself should be ridiculed for his undying love for Kim Hangah.  Jaekang is watching on tv, and can’t help but to crack a smile!  How can you be mad when your younger brother is trying to protect you??!!  But Hangah’s also watching on tv.

Back at the palace, Jaeha reminds his brother this has nothing to do with Jaekang, as he didn’t make the announcement for his sake.  Aw, can’t even admit how much he would do ANYTHING for big brother!  Jaekang says now Jaeha MUST meet Hangah since he publicly announced his love for her!  Jaeha’s like no way, she’ll definitely want to marry because, “she really likes me!”  Ha, Jaeha so cocky.  But it’s true, Hangah adores him.  Jaekang can’t believe his brother’s cockiness either!

Jaeha continues… “I’m so cute, stylish, intelligent, who wouldn’t like me?!”  OMG, Jaekang is beside himself in disbelief!  He says calling yourself “cute” at your age is crazy!  But Jaeha insists “I am really cute!”  Omg, so sad, so immature, and yet so cute still!  I just love these brothers!



Hangah tells N. Korean officials she will NOT meet Jaeha.  She says she’s fallen for his lies before.  But back in S. Korea, Jaeha’s convinced Hangah adores him and so he’s shocked when his brother and the secretary tell him Hangah won’t even take his calls after his public confession of love for her.  He can’t even process her not liking him!  Jaekang is enjoying all this and says now Jaeha will become a humiliated prince.  Jaekang so cute.

Meanwhile, Hangah seems to feel mixed.  She knows Jaeha wasn’t serious, yet she still has feelings for him.  She decides she WILL meet Jaeha, so she can step all over him and be mean to him for saying such lies publicly!  Jaeha gets word Hangah has now agreed to meet him, but he’s royally pissed because he THINKS she only agreed because Shikyung contacted her!  Jaeha confesses on national tv that he loves her, wants to marry her and NO reply from Hangah, but then with Shikyung…  Jealous Jaeha is LOL.


Jaekang’s wife goes to welcome Hangah at the DMZ line, and Jaeha watches the news coverage.  He’s still upset over her not accepting his public confession of love.  He simply doesn’t like to be rejected!  Jaeha enlists Dongha to help him; his plan is to get Hangah to fall madly for him, only afterward, he will then shoo her away.  Oh no.

Jaeha awaits Hangah for their first meeting since WOC training.  He’s fidgeting with his smartphone, uploading a photo of Hangah as his screensaver (which we later find out was all part of his plan! aigoo).  But he seems to have photos of Hangah for some reason, so he obviously cares for her and doesn’t realize it.

She arrives and chastises Jaeha for lying to citizens in his public announcement.  He says he wasn’t lying.  Oh no.  He’s good.  He continues to say it’s all confusing, but he wasn’t lying.  Now Hangah’s emotionally confused, but says she doesn’t believe him.  After he leaves, Hangah finds his phone that was left behind and sees her photo as his screensaver.  Oh no.  Jaeha comes back in later to grab it, pretending as if he mistakenly left it.

Thinking he’s got Hangah totally into him now, Jaeha prepares an extravagant event to surprise her.  It’s all part of the master plan.  Unfortunately, the person who shows up is NOT Hangah!  It’s Kangsuk and he’s got a personal message from Hangah – she has NO feelings for Jaeha, and has NO interest in marrying him!  Rejection.  Jaeha really needs to learn something through all this!

VIDEO – Jaeha’s EPIC FAIL surprise event for Hangah!

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Images: As labeled, Naver

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