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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 4-2: Jaeha evolves thru painful 60km

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 4-2.   Jaeha (and WOC team) don’t know they are being put through a secret test, in which North-South war breaks out.  Hangah insists she’s trying to take him and his men to safety, but how can he trust that with a gun pointing in his face?  She finally gives him the gun and trust is sealed.  But they walk out to find N. Korean soldiers ready to shoot.  All Jaeha can think at that moment is – Hangah the N. Korean trained assassin is a betrayer.  He shoots Hangah (not realizing there are no bullets due to test) and then threatens to shoot himself.  Suddenly, his older brother, S. Korean King Jaekang, the one who ordered the test appears, hoping that the WOC team passed, he asks Jaeha “Did you shoot?”…

Jaekang addresses the soldiers and officers, and reveals he ordered this final test in hopes to show the collaborative North-South spirit of this WOC effort.  Heartbreaking.  He says it’s his own fault for putting his younger brother Jaeha on the team.

I love Jaekang, but really, under such real circumstances, I can understand what Jaeha was thinking!  But yes, it revealed Jaeha is still very much unbridled and undisciplined, and has a lot to learn.  Jaekang then does a very un-kingly thing… apologizes, says this is all his own fault, and bows to them!  Woah.  The trainees and officers are stunned by his act of humiliation, and immediately bow in return and out of respect.  But Jaeha, humiliated both for himself and his brother, remains at full stance, the only one not bowing.

Jaekang and Jaeha are both pissed and not happy.  Jaekang’s disappointed in his younger brother and Jaeha’s humiliated that his older brother took the blame.  Jaeha tries to reason his actions, that they all believed it was a war situation.  Cold and not budging, Jaekang mocks Jaeha’s courage in choosing to shoot.   Jaeha says how could he not have gone crazy in such a situation!  Jaekang counters by saying yeah, you did momentarily lose it, like that of an animal.  Woah, the truthful words hurt!  Jaekang calls off the North-South WOC collaboration effort.

Jaekgang gets up to leave and Jaeha yells at him, saying how his older brother was the one, when growing up, always told him the N. Koreans were the enemy and not to be trusted!  But Jaekang yells back that even still, Jaeha should’ve known and shown better… since he is a royal and should be a model to the other countrymen.

Jaeha says they were pointing a gun at me, what did his brother expect!  Jaekang’s like is that why you then pointed the gun to your own head?  And how Jaeha should’ve just pulled the trigger then.  But Jaekang’s voice is cracking now and it’s obvious he’s disappointed in Jaeha, but also was worried about him.  I love these brothers!

Jaeha is humiliated, wounded and hurt by his brother.  His pride and that of his brother’s on the line, he says fine, he’ll show himself to be a royal, a role model.  He says he’ll do the original final test that was supposed to happen, the 60km, 8 hour run, so Jaekang should inform the others that the WOC effort has NOT been cancelled.  Jaeha storms out of the room and Jaekang can’t believe his brother’s going to do this.

This is a black comedy, so we’re back in humor mode after the intense sequence.  Jaekang starts his 8-hour run with 3 soldiers following behind.  He’s muttering how leader Hangah doesn’t even care to be involved in this.  On cue, Hangah shows up and Jaeha is happy to see her, but quickly covers up his smile and tells her to get out of the way.  Since Hangah knows these N. Korean parts well, she points out all the areas where he’ll probably encounter people who’ll want to kill him.  Jaeha quickly changes his tune and tells her to come along for the run.

During the run, Jaeha’s leg wound from earlier on starts to pang him.  Hangah pulls out her top secret case of needles and Jaeha freaks out.  But Hangah pulls him to the ground, rips open the part covering his wound and sticks the needles in as Jaeha screams out in pain!

Immediately, Jaeha’s pain subsides and he looks to Hangah in wonderment?!  Their eyes meet and when she asks what he sees her as, he responds honestly and affectionately – “as a commie.”  She smiles, he smiles, they share a moment (Aw!) and they proceed TOGETHER in the cold but beautiful evening snow.  But he’s limping and struggling and the truck of guys behind them honk to get him to stop, but he shouts back to get lost.  Jaekang and Hangah’s words flash in his mind and he’s determined to keep going…

It’s daylight now and Jaeha’s super struggling. Hangah offers to piggy back him; he refuses.  While Hangah goes to fetch water, Jaeha stumbles down the hill of rocks.  Completely frustrated, Jaeha cries aloud rhetorically, asking why he had to be prince, why he has to carry the burden of all the blame.

They finally stop to rest and when Jaeha asks what time it is, he realizes he won’t make it to the final destination in the 8-hour time frame.  He gets introspective and says Hangah must’ve been shocked by the earlier gun shot situation, and that he too felt heavy about it.  Sensing that this long trek has made Jaeha a more evolved guy, Hangah smiles and lays back and tells him to lay back, relax, and soak in the nice weather.  They steal sweet glances and fall asleep.

Jaeha wakes up and they continue the trek.  They approach the final destination point and Jaeha’s leg gives out.  He’s frustrated he wasn’t able to successfully complete the mission, but the guys tell him that there’s still time.  Hangah reveals to Jaeha she told him the incorrect time so he would rest and not be stressed out.  Aw.  Surprised, Jaeha again addresses Hangah affectionately and annoyingly as a commie.  She smiles in return and reaches out her hand to help him up.

They approach the final destination point to the claps of the other North-South Korean soldiers and officers, and Jaeha affectionately and like that of a true fellow comrade, puts his arm around Hangah.

VIDEO – Jaeha’s evolution through pain, suffering, and Jaekang and Hangah

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Images: As labeled, Naver

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  1. Thanks so much Ann. Like you, I just cannot get TK2H out of my mind. And I’ve been fangirling Seung Gi for quite some time now. The intensity just took me totally by surprise. It’s also very touching to read all those newly minted fangirls singing praises of Seung Gi and being tortured by him! Gosh, I completely relate! People wrote that they knew him from previous dramas/shows and liked him well enough, but he did not leave an indelible mark until TK2H. Or TK2H changed their views of Seung Gi totally. A successful transition? A LSG renaissance? I am hoping for more converts. TK2H, fighting!

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