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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 4-1: Betrayed? Jaeha shoots Hangah

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 4-1.  At the end of Ep 3, Jaeha dumps snow on Hangah’s head, accuses of her trying to make him jealous by flirting with Shikyung!  Shikyung’s straitlaced ways continue to get under Jaeha’s skin.  Worse, when Jaeha dishes about N. Korea comrade Lee Kangsuk’s secret fan love for SNSD, proper Skihyung doesn’t find it funny at all, and disapproves of Jaeha’s snooping around.  Shikyung’s earnest and upright ways make Jaeha… “Ah, STRESS…!”

Jaeha is REALLY bothered by Shikyung’s honest-to-goodness demeanor and lays on his bed throws a little cute tantrum.  Is he really bothered by Shikyung being too earnest, OR that Hangah was flirting with him?!  Perturbed Jaeha on his bed is too cute…

To get back at Shikyung, and also tease Lee Kangsuk about his SNSD fanboyism, Jaeha devises a plan to get even.  It’s Kangsuk’s birthday and he opens his presents, one being a pretty new pink laptop.  Cool.  But he logs on and a SNSD video plays, followed by a typed note from Shikyung (aka Jaeha posing as him).  Kangsuk IS pissed since his SNSD obsession is top-secret!

Jaeha makes things worse by approaching Kangsuk, and divulging (lying) that he heard about the SNSD fanaticism thing from Shikyung.  Kangsuk is looking very pissed off.  He says only two people know about this, Jaeha and Hangah, and so it can’t have been Shikyung.  Uh-oh.

Kangsuk grabs Jaeha by the collar, pushes him up against the wall, and looks like he’s about to choke him to death!  Hangah and the other top officers walk in to try to stop Kangsuk.  Guns are drawn one by one, North members pointing at the South officers and vice versa.  But Kangsuk’s not budging, and still got Jaeha by the neck.  Yes, Jaeha was a total jerk… AGAIN!  But, I’m feeling nervous for Jaeha.

But guns pointing, near choking, and North-South division, and SNSD fanboyism pride matter is solved in hilarious black comedy fashion… phone call to Jaeha which sets off a SNSD ringtone, and his quick-thinking on how to best solve this problem, the Lee Jaeha way!  He pulls Hangah into the mix, she catches on to what he’s doing and plays along.  And it works and thankfully our Jaeha survives.

Later on, Hangah finds out Jaeha was the one behind the whole Shikyung-Kangsuk SNSD laptop set-up matter.  She ain’t happy.  She goes to the swimming pool where Jaeha’s doing laps.  While the rest of the WOC team was doing weight-training, Jaeha’s swimming!  His rationale – swimming is way better for a slim-line body line physique than developing a bulky body!

She chides him for his actions from earlier on.  He said he already apologized and as he gets out of the water, Hangah gives him a little kick back into the pool!  Hehe.  She’s got the key and locks in him the pool house as punishment!  He bangs on the door to be let out, but at that moment, an alarm goes off.  Officers barge into the pool house.  Jaeha jumps back in water to hide, but guns are pointed at him.

Jaeha and his team are taken into a room, and see N. Korean news broadcasting that war has broke out between North and South.  Hangah and her team walk in and say they’re there to get Jaeha and his men safely out of N. Korea.  Jaeha (and even his 2 guys) aren’t really buying it.  All of a sudden, the happy camaraderie and trust are completely questioned.

Hangah and her guys draws their guns to hurry up and get Jaeha and his guys to move, but this makes trust more of an issue.  We find out this is a test ordered by King Jaekang, to test their trust since the UN reps were wanting to remove the North-South team from the WOC competition after the bomb scare.  But NONE of the WOC members know this is a test.  Hangah was given orders to help Jaeha and the guys to safe place, but they don’t believe her.

Believing North-South war has broken out, Jaeha can’t trust Hangah and her men.  But completely cool, calm, and collected, Jaeha feigns having a stomach ache due to what they ate earlier and insists he has to go to the bathroom.  Shikyung follows.  Once inside, they lock the door, and Jaeha is trembling like mad, scared that he and his guys will die in N. Korea.  Jaeha-Shikyung create a ruckus to get Hangah and Kangsuk inside and then try to take away their guns.

But Jaeha falls down and gets his leg caught on a sharp hinge, and Hangah’s pointing a gun at him.  She’s like hurry up, we don’t have time, we have to get you to safety.   And Jaeha’s not buying it.  Neither is Shikyung.  And I totally see why they feel that way.  Jaeha tells Hangah he’s not leaving, so she can do whatever she wants.  He will not go down without a fight and be taken away by the Commies to have his body then be used for ransom.  He will not embarrass his country, nor his people, nor his brother with such cowardice.

Hangah gives him her gun, and says will this allow him to trust her.  If I was Jaeha and they kept on pointing guns at me, telling me it was for my own good, that they were taking me to a safe place, um, I would not fully trust them either!  But she gives him the gun, and this creates trust.  They head out to meet the prepared escape car and Jaeha-Hangah are back to cute arguing ways about what just went down.  Hangah jokes she was going to use his body for ransom but it’s so out of shape it would be useless!  He insists she needs to see what’s underneath his clothes!

But then Jaeha opens the door to go outside of the building and is met by an army of N. Korean soldiers with guns and headlights pointed at them.  All the WOC team members are stunned by this.  Jaeha is royally out of his mind and crazy at this point since it comes off like a complete set-up and betrayal by Hangah and the N. Koreans.  He turns to shoot his betrayer, Hangah.

Then he points the gun at his own head to kill himself, rather than be taken in by the N. Koreans.  Per his earlier statement, he’d rather die then be used as ransom and embarrass or put his country, brother, or citizens at risk.  The N. Korean officers draw their guns, which leads Shikyung to run in front of Jaeha to safeguard the prince.

At that moment, announcement is made for the N. Korean army to put down their guns, and S. Korean king, Jaekang appears.  All the WOC members are in shock; none of them knew this was a test.  King Jaekang asks if anyone fired their guns…

More to come about Episode 4 and Jaeha…


VIDEO – Amazingly intense, but momentarily out-of-his-mind Jaeha shoots gun
Wow, really loved Seunggi during this scene and the scenes leading up to it!

See more awesome Lee Jaeha cuts at:   Tryp96 – TK2H Ep 4 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

Images: As labeled, Naver

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3 Responses

  1. Jae Ha is total action hero cool (in terms of his forms and performance, not his head!) in that scene. OMG, I want a poster of him pointing the gun to his head. One blogger was really mad at the king for thinking up such a ‘test.’ I can understand the theory behind the test, but, in reality, especially when Jae Ha had that very ambiguous but undeniable feeling toward one of the N.K. soldiers, all theories and calculations just went out the window. He was acting on his animal instinct, as love & betrayal are such primal emotions.

  2. I can understand Jae Ha reaction. I’m sure anyone who is in his position would do the same as him.

    We also see a different Jae Ha in this scene.

    • I hope in the later episodes (9-10) Jae Ha will reminiscence this shoot scene. I am saying that he should open his heart (as his Hyung told him in his last call) and use his mind clearly, on top of his very high IQ, before he judges Hang ah once again for a stunt she doesn’t do it (assassination conspiracy). Arghh stresss……waiting for Wednesday and Thursday

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