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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 4-2: Jaeha evolves thru painful 60km

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 4-2.   Jaeha (and WOC team) don’t know they are being put through a secret test, in which North-South war breaks out.  Hangah insists she’s trying to take him and his men to safety, but how can he trust that with a gun pointing in his face?  She finally gives him the gun and trust is sealed.  But they walk out to find N. Korean soldiers ready to shoot.  All Jaeha can think at that moment is – Hangah the N. Korean trained assassin is a betrayer.  He shoots Hangah (not realizing there are no bullets due to test) and then threatens to shoot himself.  Suddenly, his older brother, S. Korean King Jaekang, the one who ordered the test appears, hoping that the WOC team passed, he asks Jaeha “Did you shoot?”…

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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 4-1: Betrayed? Jaeha shoots Hangah

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 4-1.  At the end of Ep 3, Jaeha dumps snow on Hangah’s head, accuses of her trying to make him jealous by flirting with Shikyung!  Shikyung’s straitlaced ways continue to get under Jaeha’s skin.  Worse, when Jaeha dishes about N. Korea comrade Lee Kangsuk’s secret fan love for SNSD, proper Skihyung doesn’t find it funny at all, and disapproves of Jaeha’s snooping around.  Shikyung’s earnest and upright ways make Jaeha… “Ah, STRESS…!”

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