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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 3: Treadmill bomb + hot cussing Jaeha

I’m SO addicted to this drama, re-watching eps everyday!  Shouldn’t be using my spare time that way, but can’t help it!  So, back to the Jaeha (also Jaeha-Hangah) focused recaps.  Watching earlier eps again made me realize why I can’t help but to love this couple and why I’m even more vested in their future love and happiness…

The King 2Hearts Ep 3: They survive treadmill bomb, Jaeha cusses out UN reps!

At the end of Ep 2, Jaeha’s a complete jerk for telling everyone at the WOC training grounds that Hangah’s looking for a guy.  Worse, he’s a an insensitive jerk for being mean to Hangah, telling her there’s nothing “womanly” about her and makes her cry!  But seeing her shed tears, he actually starts to feel kinda bad.  Duh!  And offers her bag of facial product goodies and sets up a humidifier(?) in the room.  Ha. But Hangah isn’t budging.  She’s still mad at him (rightfully so!)…

At the next WOC strategy meeting, Jahea pouts and looks annoyingly across the table at Hangah, who has refused his kind gestures (um, after he acted like a complete ass).  Hangah reveals she’ll leave the WOC team since she’s there for ulterior motives (after Jaeha was a jerk and told everyone about her wanting to get married!).

The other members convince her to stay.  Jaeha pouts. I loved this scene – the juxtaposition of the serious strategy meeting with Jaeha-Hangah eying each other across the table!  Agh, love them so much!

Later they get all chummy again talking about what guys like, and per guy expert Jahae, it’s very simple.  Guys everywhere, North Korea, South Korea, they’re all the same.  They like pretty, ditzy, angel in the daytime – fox in the evening type girls!  OMG.  Hehe.  (sadly, it’s kinda the truth.  guys are simple creatures!)

Annoyed, Hangah insults Jaeha, says the main thing he has going for him is his prince title.  And then continues to dig deeper, insulting him further.  She says super mean things, but he deserves at this point!  Pride wounded, totally pissed off, Jaeha challenges Hangah to a treadmill endurance run.  First person to quit leaves the WOC team.  And Jaeha is pissed!  He wants her out!

Well, they find out bombs have been implanted in the treadmills so they can’t stop running until the bombs are dismantled.  The near-death, exhausting run brings Jaeha-Hangah closer together, and they root for each other while running.

Jaeha-Hangah survive the bomb scare, but later UN reps from China and the USA barge into the WOC grounds and search through all the rooms and belongings, suspecting that perhaps the North Korean members had something to do with it.  They find Hangah’s locked case and demand she open it, unbeknownst to them it’s only her undies.

Jaeha, knowing how chaste she is and to keep her from being humiliated, grabs the case AND Hangah’s hand, marches out of the room leaving the UN reps calling after him.  He turns around, gives them a lecture on not abusing their powers as UN reps and then cusses them out!  Very very hot Jaeha scene!  Hangah looks to him, melts.  And so do I.  I love you Jaeha, prickly aspects and all, because guys who show up when it REALLY matters are simply hot…  makes me a total sucker for them!

Later, the WOC team is taking part in a battle simulation.  Jaeha’s bragging about how he was so cool when he told those UN guys off, as it had impressed everyone.  While he’s busy checking with all the guys, confirming his own awesome coolness, he finds out Hangah was impressed too.  He’s so happy. OMG, babyfaced Seunggi in military fatigues  looked so cute and hot in this scene!

But while he’s busy talking, she targets him during the simulation.  He’s out and the loser has to be put in the bodybag!  OMG, I loved the scene of Hangah zipping up an adorably protesting Jaeha.  And her sweet words to him afterward, while he thought she was cussing him out!  Love love love this scene too!

Later, Jaeha and Hangah are individually asked about what they think about the other person, like in terms of marriage.  Jaeha thinks his brother Jaekang is crazy and hangs up on him.  Hangah tells her side’s director that’s crazy.  Later, WOC members are having fun in the snow.  Of course, Jaeha is just too cool to participate.  But he sees Shikyung and Hangah having a good time, perhaps flirting?!

Jealousy and Jaeha = always volatile mix!  He’s convinced she’s trying to make him jealous after what each of them were told about potential marriage.  So jealous Jaeha does the immature thing he only knows and dumps a barrel of snow on her head…!

Jaeha accuses Hangah of trying to make him jealous.  She’s like huh?   And notes he seems to be the one that’s jealous!  Ooooh, he so got caught!

VIDEO – Hot Jaeha saves Hangah’s undie case and cusses out the UN reps!

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Images: As labeled, Naver

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2 Responses

  1. I have been waiting for your Jaeha- centric posts!! Loving them to bits!! Most of us are rewatching and rewatching the episodes while waiting for the next Kingdays! By the end of drama, we would have at least watched the 1st ep for more than 20xs!!! 😁

    • lols!! AGREEE with you Eevies!:D
      Dear Ann, Im reading quite all the recaps from other sites but your JaeHa-HangAh centric post are my favorites! :D and YES I think we’re all totally sucker of this drama now.. repeating it everyday while waiting for the new ep’s every week. and Im counting the days, sooner later the drama will end.. I dont know how will I recover after 3months of being hooked to this drama.. sorry Im a little crazy.. :D
      Keep it up!! Im loving all your writings!^^

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