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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 3: Treadmill bomb + hot cussing Jaeha

I’m SO addicted to this drama, re-watching eps everyday!  Shouldn’t be using my spare time that way, but can’t help it!  So, back to the Jaeha (also Jaeha-Hangah) focused recaps.  Watching earlier eps again made me realize why I can’t help but to love this couple and why I’m even more vested in their future love and happiness…

The King 2Hearts Ep 3: They survive treadmill bomb, Jaeha cusses out UN reps!

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Entertainment’s elder statesman Lee Soon Jae’s take on idol actors, smart sensible young actors, and Lee Seung Gi

Entertainment’s elder statesman and veteran beloved actor Lee Soon Jae (77) is well-known for taking the acting profession and craft VERY seriously.  Known to be a supportive colleague and sunbae, he’s also notorious for telling it like it is about younger actors!  (You can do that when you’ve lived that long, are respected, and have a string of movies, dramas, plays to your name!)  He created a lot of buzz last year when he called out Jang Geun Suk’s handlers for not doing a good job of scheduling, preparing, and being on time for filming.  It wasn’t a diss to Geunsuk or his acting, but tied to an overall sentiment that young people these days should take things more seriously.  In a recent interview, he talked about “unprepared” idol-turned-actors, but also expressed affection for younger actors, and mentioned our Actor Lee Seunggi…

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