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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 6: Jaeha-Hangah hot kiss mash-up!

Fanmade mash-ups = ALWAYS way better!  Fess up everyone…  How many multiple repeat times have we all watched various versions of the EPIC hot kiss between Jaeha and Hangah??!!  Maybe I’m too Westernized/Americanized, but I never fully understood the whole allure of the pretty flowerboy concept…  I’m so into manly guy Actor Lee.  And kissing like real (like movie version vs. awkward cutesy Kdrama stuff).  Samsung Zipel fridges will never be the same!  To think, we’re only through Ep 6~!!!

Ep 6 Kiss cut + BTS footage, set to Sam Brown’s hot song “Stop”
OMFG… So hot, So beautiful, So should’ve been the version aired on TV!

Ep 6 Kiss cut + BTS footage + Awesome vertical-horizontal kiss rotation?!
OMFG again…  Can TK2H fans anticipate Actor Lee’s first “bedscene”~~??!!

I can’t get enough of our Jaeha-Hangah!!!!~~~~

Jaeha-Hangah in real life as Seunggi-Jiwon are just as awesome in real life.  They’re having so much fun!  Maybe the hot kiss was good at minimizing the fridge, but this was a great example of good subtle PPL (product placement).  Hope the production team does more of this kind of stuff!

It’s bad enough to have to kiss in front of so many people for filming…

But then to have your kissing skills evaluated right afterward… Awkward!!!  But cute!

Love the awesome happy vibe on the filming set!

How could there not be a happy fun set when Seunggi is involved??!!

Videos: tryp96, dcTK2H;  Images: MBC

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8 Responses

  1. They look good together …the last pic sueng gi was behind ha jiwon they look real couple watching something that made them smile together…lol~~~~~~

  2. Admitted proudly that I downloaded the 720p HD version so I can watch it very very clearly…

    Not only love the kiss, but am crazy about the foreplay…have not seen that in any other Kdrama kiss. Writer, you are the greatest!

    And the camera just caressed those two, in, out, around, tilt, turn, up, down…At one time, I was twisting my head hoping to get a better (different!) view hahaha. They should do a 3D BTS.

    Seung Gi is so handsome. His three quarter profile in shadow…omg. I think all the female staff are in love with him.

    My only question is, please don’t hit me, how did he learn to do this?

    • I think we all know by now that Seunggi tends to be the type that learns well by watching??!! and i’m sure he’s seen his fair share of movies and um, other stuff (like most guys I know!). he’s known to be the type that learns well from past stuff and improves more over time in all things… including kissing!!! Definite improvement from MGIAG, and for sure improved since Brilliant Legacy! Ha.

      While I like LSG’s more manly look, I’m still a bit hung up over the hair… (yes some LSGfan obsessions just don’t change!) The style and look of actors/actresses in dramas and movies to best draw out their features are important, and I’d really like to see Director Lee and the writer give Jaeha some hair extensions because he’s a guy so obsessed with his style…?!! is that too far-fetched? Just once, I’d like to see Jaeha hairstyled like Lee Seunggi from his Heritory layouts.

      • I think he is inspired by the gorgeousness and sexiness of HJW to be able to pull it off so well. LOL

    • hahaha…you’re so funny…there are things that we don’t need to learn…

  3. I not only like the kiss. I sure love the way LSG’s hands move/caress HJW while they kiss. Now- if only HJW wud also put her hands on LSG.. I wud have died n gone to heaven*sigh*

  4. All I can say is OMG.

  5. Almost forget my breath … His jaw line is so manly but lip is like a little boy …

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