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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann & bee for the translation. It shows how much PD Park likes Seung Gi.. he can’t control his tears and prefer to walk away. This thank you video from Strong Heart/PD Park shows how much they appreciated Seung Gi for being with them for 2years and 6months. They want him to be the MC for as long as possible, but they know they can’t retain Seung Gi for long. Seung Gi has also helped them out in return by hosting the show alone last year.

    Seung Gi has a long road ahead and he needs to try other things out. Even if we are sad that he has to leave this program, we know that he needs to move on..

    I will miss Seung Gi the MC, and i hope he would not make us wait too long for his next variety/talkshow…

  2. Thank you sooooooooo much Beedance!!!! Love your videos so much!

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