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Farewell to our forever Strong Heart, MC Lee Seung Gi [ENG]

MC Lee Seunggi~~Thanks for all the laughs and tears! (Thx Hodong too!)

(video: beedance07 )

Right before MC Lee’s last recording…

(video: kangsimzang)

Strong Heart Photodiary production team’s goodbye to Seunggi…

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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 6: Jaeha-Hangah hot kiss mash-up!

Fanmade mash-ups = ALWAYS way better!  Fess up everyone…  How many multiple repeat times have we all watched various versions of the EPIC hot kiss between Jaeha and Hangah??!!  Maybe I’m too Westernized/Americanized, but I never fully understood the whole allure of the pretty flowerboy concept…  I’m so into manly guy Actor Lee.  And kissing like real (like movie version vs. awkward cutesy Kdrama stuff).  Samsung Zipel fridges will never be the same!  To think, we’re only through Ep 6~!!!

Ep 6 Kiss cut + BTS footage, set to Sam Brown’s hot song “Stop”
OMFG… So hot, So beautiful, So should’ve been the version aired on TV!

Ep 6 Kiss cut + BTS footage + Awesome vertical-horizontal kiss rotation?!
OMFG again…  Can TK2H fans anticipate Actor Lee’s first “bedscene”~~??!!

I can’t get enough of our Jaeha-Hangah!!!!~~~~

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