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Lee Seunggi – Jung Yoomi cozy up for 2012 S/S Heritory

Yay, so happy to see these high quality version of the previously fan-scanned images!  Seunggi and Jung Yoomi look so great together!  But really, is there there any girl that Seunggi can’t pull off great chemistry with?!  Both on set or in real life?!  And that’s including the little girls all the way through the grandmas!  I’m sorta missing hot messy hair Seunggi, but thankfully manly, mature (and um, good kisser!) Prince to be King Lee Jaeha makes up for that!

I’m sorta curious to know what Jung Yoomi is like.  I know nothing about her, except that she’s an actress, currently in Rooftop Prince, and a few years older than Seunggi.  But I like her vibe…

Had to crop out this two-shot of them.  This deserves separate image!  Aw, love it!

Images: leeseunggiworld

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