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Lee Seunggi goes sophisticated-casual for 2012 S/S Heritory

I’m hoping there’s a hairstyle mandate/law within the fictional constitutional monarchy and that Lee Jaeha will be required to wear hair extensions when he becomes King!  As mentioned in the Seunggi- Jung Yoomi Heritory post, I sorta miss Seunggi’s hot messy hair. It’s the hairstyle that fits his features the best.  But like I said, Lee Jaeha definitely looks very manly and mature with the short hair!  Can’t complain, especially when Jaeha’s being all tough guy, confused, trying not to show his feelings with Hangah!  However, I really LOVE these Heritory 2012 S/S Collection photos…

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Lee Seunggi – Jung Yoomi cozy up for 2012 S/S Heritory

Yay, so happy to see these high quality version of the previously fan-scanned images!  Seunggi and Jung Yoomi look so great together!  But really, is there there any girl that Seunggi can’t pull off great chemistry with?!  Both on set or in real life?!  And that’s including the little girls all the way through the grandmas!  I’m sorta missing hot messy hair Seunggi, but thankfully manly, mature (and um, good kisser!) Prince to be King Lee Jaeha makes up for that!

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Strong Heart: TV Ratings, 2010.03.02 ~ 2012.04.03

MCs Hodong-Seunggi highlights! (video: rapport2010; Strong Heart Forum)

Now that MC Seunggi is officially released from Strong Heart MC duties, goodbye to this weekly Strong Heart TV Ratings tab page!  Similar to the 1N2D TV Ratings tab-to-post, this too becomes stored away as a regular Strong Heart post entry…

The ratings indicate Strong Heart was already showing signs of wear, even when Hodong was still with the show.  But MC Seunggi was a total pro and kept the show afloat until production team could find new hosts, even though the show was NOT set up to be hosted by a single MC, let alone some 24-year old dude!  Plus, Seunggi also remained even though he was planning to leave the show way before Hodong’s sudden departure.   That’s the MAJOR difference between being a happy “member” versus a true “MC” of a variety show!!!!

So hope the K-press and Strong Heart affiliated handlers, who will probably make a PR comparative case for the newly revamped show’s buzz, ratings, and new MCs veteran Shin Dong Yup (41) and Lee Dong Wook (30)…  hope, there’s no short-term memory and they remember all what Seunggi (24 at the time) did and went through.  Best wishes to the new MCs and Strong Heart!

Farewell Strong Heart MC Seunggi video [ENG] coming soon…

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