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Lee Seung Gi – Ha Ji Won study script, later kiss [Stills + BTS]

Love these BTS photos of Seunggi studying the script, scenes, and lines!  It makes me feel like I’m not the ONLY one studying like mad right now…  kinda like Seunggi and I are studying together?!  Hehe.  Yes, I can only dream!  I envy Ha Jiwon!  Studying with Seunggi would really inspire me, um, but would probably distract me too, especially considering this BTS hot kiss from Ep 6!!!  Ackk, Seunggi~!!

Not being able to spazz regularly on LSGfan sucks!  But glad I’ve been able to keep up with the drama, repeat watching too!  I LOL even more then!  The high-quality English subbed (official MBC America) The King 2 Hearts episodes on Hulu are awesome, translating Korean expressions into native English speaker talk.  But you do have to sit through the commercials in between, but still, the English subs are perfect!

I know everyone’s been a little disheartened and stressed by the K-viewership ratings, especially considering the high quality acting, and the chemistry between Seunggi and Ha Ji  Won.  But I’ve said this before,  two popular stars headlining a drama does not guarantee high ratings.  When the acting is good and well-received, then it usually comes down to things like the script, production, and related or edgy topics involved…

There’s K-viewers’ lack of familiarity with romantic black comedy genre and related jokes.  North-South Korea reunification topic is at the core of the drama but a divisive topic across the political spectrum and among politicians.  Some say serious nature of real-life current North-South Korean relations makes it hard to relate to a black comedy drama about it.  Some indicate the Jaeha character’s insincere motive for romancing Hangah makes it harder for viewers to be invested in their love, that Hangah’s bad-ass ways have been replaced by overly clueless, nice demeanor, etc… (and continued questionable editing from the production team)…

I can now understand why some of the guys rumored to be attached to the drama may have passed on it.  It’s a risky project choice.  And Jaeha is definitely NOT the most likeable character during this early part.  On the other hand, Seunggi’s much younger than those guys.  He said it was a no-brainer for him since Ha Jiwon was involved and he had wanted to work with her.  I can’t help but to sorta admire him for that.

Unfortunately, after ratings take a hit, especially after unrealistically exorbitantly high expectations, the public narrative becomes more about “everything else but the drama.”  You know, overkill of Dunkin Donuts product placement (it was cute in the beginning), too many SNSD references, etc.  So, it’s hard to bounce back and get more viewers to watch, even if it’s a high-production drama, because of all the “other stuff” associated with the drama.

But the bottom line for actors is – ACTING.  So, if a drama or movie has high ratings or box office, that’s great!  But if it doesn’t have as highly anticipated ratings, good acting and praise from critics and the public matters most!  And in that, glad to see the leads and the awesome supporting cast getting a lot of love…

Definitely, high ratings and super high ratings will catapult you directly into one of Korea’s obsessions… CF star status, monies, and popularity.  But Seunggi and Ha Jiwon have experienced those things, so they’ll be fine.  So just don’t expect high ratings and don’t expect the ratings to go up, and you’ll be able to fully enjoy the drama!  Sure that’s easier said then done, but come on guys, there’s way bigger problems in this world then the tv ratings for a drama!

More than that, Seunggi’s always had a cool attitude about the ups and downs of life, which is why he said he never tries to take his popularity too seriously.

EVERYONE knows how friggin hard Seunggi and Jiwon work in everything they do – throwing themselves 100% plus into their projects, no matter what the situation, not backing down – so they’re going to be loved and appreciated even more for that…

I love this drama!  And almost all my Korean American and Asian American friends are watching this drama too… precisely BECAUSE of the reasons that K-viewers may not be so into it, other non-K-viewers seem to absolutely love it and find  it hilarious.  It’s definitely a change from your typical K-drama in some ways, and I totally respect the drama for going there…  Including…

the awesome realistic hot kiss at Ep 6 and the even hotter BTS of the Kiss!  Ackkk~~!!!

Seunggi is a great kisser!!  Omg, and we’re only through Ep 6!  Can’t wait for more!

OMFG~~~ their chemistry is hot hot hot!

And on the KBS Win Win episode with Jiwon, when she was asked about wanting to date and go out with guys, she said that of course she wants to and like that, but said “I don’t think about when I’m filming a drama!”  Hmmmm… The two seem to be having too much fun on set?!

Everyone FIGHTING!!!! 

The King 2 Hearts~~ Lee Seunggi and Ha Jiwon~~

Entire cast and production team~~~  the awesome TK2H fans!!

So back to the script studying BTS photos…  Notice Seunggi had his script specially spiral-bounded?!  He’s able to fold his pages over, versus Jiwon and PD Lee both have book bounded scripts.  We know how obsessive Seunggi is about his studying materials and pencils and highlighters being perfectly ready from the start!

Love it!  Love Seunggi!  And this means me, getting back to studying like Actor Lee!

Images: MBC, Naver

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31 Responses

  1. You are very observant,Ann!! (regarding their script)

    It might be difficult to ignore the rating even if we try not to think about it.. Overseas media tends to associate good rating=good acting, good script & stars power without checking out themselves.

    But like you, I admired Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won courage to take on the roles despite knowing what they are expecting.. I think Seung Gi knows the outcome & that’s why he said he is not going to be bother about the outcome as he enjoys filming this drama..

    Fighting, Airens!!
    Fighting, Hearties!!!
    Fighting, everyone in TK2H!!!

  2. Checking your page time to time, again thank you for the new article .I enjoy reading and yes your true lee sueng gi is a good kisser ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    he looks so handsome ..Im his avid fan also recently living here in korea..TK2H made my day eventhough weekends i dont want to go out instead start scanning the channels in our tv to watch the drama from day to night lol~~~~~~~repeat and repeat and repeat watching it.
    Well lee sueng gi really did a good job,..from a shy guy type to a sexy hot boy nextdoor..awww
    and Ha jiwon was so cool ,she is pretty innocent but sexy inside …i love the kitchen kissing scene and the others too..looking forward for more and good exciting scenes..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ..
    Reading articles about lee sueng gi was one of the reason why even past in the midnight im still awake ~~~omohh!ok ill stop here need to sleep now…..ill be your quiet follower ㅎㅎㅎ감사함니다.

  3. It’s been a long time for me to post comments. I like TK2H very much too and I do appreciate all the detail works in this production. I don’t care about the ratings, I care more for the actors who are really good, not just good but professional! And you have good observation about the scripts spiral or book bounded! TK2H, fighting! And you study hard!

  4. Hai… I really hope that the ratings would go up so more people will fall into JaeHa’s charms~ But oh well… I am falling deep alright~ haha~

    And is it just me or is Seung Gi oppa getting more handsome and HOTTER!!??
    After the WOC training, Jaeha’s slick outfits with his slick build is making me forgive his tricks and misdoings very easily… sorry HangAh!

    PS. I actually think that Narcissistic JaeHa + Donut Craze is cute~! :P

  5. aww Thank You Ann for this.. haha ^^ I really love how you write.. and been stalking ur site for a while now.. waiting for your new post..!!haha :D Ok gonna read it now.. em excited.. :D

    • will stop thinking about ratings now.. as I am really saddened that K-viewers are not loving it the same as we(International fans) do.. I will not care anymore.. I love SeungGi as a whole(as MC,Singer,Entertainer) but now Im really into SeungGi the actor!!yay!:D and plus points him being more manly, bolder and great kisser too!! The King2Hearts for me is one of the best drama I came to watch.
      Fighting SeungGiya, JiWonsshi, The King 2Hearts!!

      I agree with Ms.Yon.. You Ann is soo observant on the script thing..haha :D Thanks for this another wonderful post. ;)

  6. I can see the colored highlighting on his scripts. Must be using all those color pencils he has lol.

  7. I have been looking forward to see your take on the ratings and the current episodes :) You are so observant on how they study their scripts. I only saw his highlighter and immediately thought of his other colored pencils…hahaha. I guess because I do the same thing (my manuals are like coloring books after I’m done reading them).

    Yes, LSG has already been there and done that when it comes to being # 1 in everything that he does: popularity, CF, ratings and awards. So he must be cool about whatever happens (i.e. ratings). But I just can’t stop wishing that the ratings improve as I know from experience how competitive SGi is. BTW, is his acting here critically acclaimed so far in Korea? I just hope that the year-end awards will not bypass this production just because some equate ratings = deserving an award.

    Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and looking forward to your future posts.

  8. Dearest Ann, you updated! Thank you so much knowing how busy you are in the real world!
    I have been trying to get back to my 초심, like the gumiho days when I cared about nothing else but how fast viki could put out subbed version so I could watch it. Then I was not a die-hard Seung Gi fan yet, well, at least not as crazy as I am now.
    Learned a lot about expectation management in the process.
    If Seung Gi takes the long term view of his show business career, I figure I need to adjust to a long term fan’s behavior as well.
    Please take care, and do drop some words when you have the time. They are precious.

  9. Thanks. Very well said. Your analysis is so detailed and insightful. I agree with everything you said. I know you have been critical,about the editing and i feel the same way.

  10. Ann, are you Korean?I’m loving your writings here becoz I admit i’m getting all serious with this whole ratings thing.Maybe becoz people already put too much expectations with this drama while the theme is different, so it becomes too much when the ratings is dropping. They start to comment here and there. Your writings definitely makes me more relaxed. Thank you!

    • Yeah Im Korean. Don’t get too worked about the rating. (and that’s for all you guys who commented here… and me too! Check out my below comment too).

      Sure we all know tv ratings do matter, as they do in entertainment in any country. but really, stressing will make you sad, despondent, unproductive, and sorta distorted thinking-wise. and as a fan, that’s not a good thing. Good energy, positive thinking makes good things happen amidst the not so great stuffs.

      LSG’s enjoyed massive popularity and love in korea for like 4.5 years straight, a LIFETIME in k-entertainment that’s always looking for the new IT star. (and he hasn’t even gone to army yet, which usually solidifies national love for a guy celeb even more afterward!)

      It’s true what celebs say, to stay mentally strong… don’t read negative anti-like comments too much, and try to look at the positive side. (and stay away from the internet for a few hours or a day, like jogging helps! and when you come back, you’re like oh things aren’t that bad!). worse-case scenario, if the drama were to fall in 3rd place on Wed-Thurs (hopefully not), but if it were to, it’s not the end of the world! LSG can’t always be at the top #1 spot in everything; it’s okay to be just in the top.

      more than that, he seems to know who he is?… which usually stems from an awesome supportive loving family and mentors. same thing w/ me. one of the reasons I admire and like him lots… don’t like guys with lots of baggage. (in drama, kinda cool; in real life, meh…) yeah he seems super competitive to do his best in what he does, but i never got the sense he wanted to become some top global star like some other Kpop stars seem to really want… and i think that makes him totally cool!

      • Ann, you really give me a lot to think about and I’m so happy about it. Now I’ll try not to think about it anymore and just enjoy the show. But when you say “LSG’s enjoyed massive popularity and love in korea for like 4.5 years straight, a LIFETIME in k-entertainment that’s always looking for the new IT star”, I really wonder “is he really that famous in your country?” because I’m from Indonesia,so I don’t know how it’s going there with him, whether he is average famous or so famous.

        So you live in Korea right now?I’m planning to go there next year because I’m working right now so I can’t get holiday anytime that I want, but I really really want to go there. I hope I really could reach Korea next year with my best friends.

      • hi
        i am from indonesia
        i love korean drama and korean song
        i just saw the k2h lee seung gi is very natural actor,…he is adorable.
        this drama is unfogetable….

        in episode 6 i got beautiful old song in the usb sent to gim hang ah
        i really love this song…and i hope i can have it.
        do you know the title and the singer of this song?

        i hope you would reply me.

        with love

  11. I usually don’t care about rating. What is the meaning of rating when you totally enjoy the show? But toward this show, I don’t know why I am being obsessed with rating. Maybe because I am afraid that they’ll cut it to lesser episode, or the writer tries to alter the script in middle (which by experience usually failed), maybe because of those since I know rating could be everything.

    There are many reason why the rating dropped as you said, the topic, the editing..and yeah..too much SNSD and Donut. I hope the writer & PD fix these things soon, because I can’t wait to see the next episode. Too bad, this week we only can watch it in Thursday (and later days for non korean speaking like me)

    PS: I don’t notice the spiral bounded script! And considering you see it in your busy time You have a real eagle eye!

    Thanks a lot Ann!!

  12. Ann, you’re really observant ^^ That’s why I love reading your blogs. Regarding the spiral-bounded script, I always spiral-bounded my lecture notes too. And I love using colored pencils too; haha I guess Seunggi has the same habit as me.

    IMHO, if I’m Korean, I also will find it hard to watch TK2H. Especially with the upcoming elections and the NK missile launch. And I watched few NK-SK related dramas before, TK2H so far is the rare drama which put SK (Jae Ha) as the “bad” side instead of the “good” side.

    So from the beginning, I had promised myself not to care about the ratings too much. As long as the storyline is great, the acting is solid, the chemistry is sizzling; I’m in for the long run. And so far, TK2H has delivered everything that I wanted; even exceeded my expectations. Reading all the blog posts, viewers comments & opinions about TK2H made me feel proud of TK2H casts & crew, especially Seunggi as lots of viewers praised his acting!

    Regarding Donuts PPL, to be honest; I didn’t find it too much. There’re lots of other dramas which had overkill PPL too, but the viewers didn’t complain as much as they complained with TK2H. I was scared that they would complain about Zipel too. But I thought from other perspective – that the viewers couldn’t complain about the acting (which is nothing to be complained about, and the viewers mostly complain about the acting) so they complained about other
    insignificant thing.

    One thing that I wish MBC will do: to stop / reduce the number of spoiler BTS pictures / videos before the episodes are aired. It may bring excitement to the loyal viewers; but it will not attract the other viewers as they think that the episode storyline is predictable.

    Long comment from me =) Thank you so much for still posting about TK2H despite your busy schedule, Ann. ^_^

  13. Never mind the ratings, these two (2) actors are the best in their field!

  14. love them both.. i love their drama…its the best!! fighting ji won and seung gi.. “,)

  15. can’t wait for the next ep. thanks for the sub.. god bless.. ^,^

  16. Hihi,

    Thanks for all your posts on LSG, love your views on them. :)

    I’m a very new fan of LSG, I just finished watching ‘The King 2 Hearts’. Can anyone share with me the links to do live streaming for this drama? Would live streaming help in the ratings for his drama?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

    • Yay! New fans rock! (as do fans who’ve been around!)
      Tryp at tryp96.wordpress.com has a TK2H link at the top of her blog. It has streaming links, recap links, and other info. Official AGB Nielsen Korea TV ratings is solely based on viewership in Korea.

      Don’t worry about the ratings. I know it’s hard not too. I was totally stressed about it for a while, but now I’m cool. Because I know Seunggi’s cool with it… cool, meaning he’s going to continue to work his ass off, and if you do that, then you have have no regrets. more than that, because of current real serious North Korea situation and them planning to launch a test missile soon, against he wishes of the UN… well, people understand that The King 2 Hearts topic stuff is not easy to take. No one has faulted the acting, and most have talked about how LSG is playing Lee Jaeha in a way that you forget it’s Lee seunggi… so that’s all really good news!

      • Hihi again!

        Thanks for the warm welcome, I love the spontaneous interactions that you have with our fellow LSG’s fans, between a blogger and blogder, that’s just fantastic! :)

        Btw, I’m wondering if I could contribute a little as LSG’s fan, I can do translations occasionally from Chinese to English if the time permits. Do we happen to have a need for this (though I understand that there’ll be meaning lost in translations? Do you know of any platform whereby I can share the translations?

        Actually, I think the ratings aren’t too bad at all, considering that it’s still at its first few episodes. I’ve seen dramas do worse than this and it had affected the celeb’s career for quite a fair bit for a period of time. Definitely, the ratings do matter but it’s really something beyond our control, especially for fans living overseas I believe.

        Yeah I think LSG seems competitive too, I personally think (feel free to agree to disagree with me) he’s not one who will show his emotions easily, regardless whether he’s angry or sad. I could be wrong in my observations though. And I agree that one can never always stay at the top of the game but going through some setbacks would definitely mould a person’s character and mould one’s character. Nonetheless, I don’t foresee LSG’s popularity waning in the next few years at least. :)

        Hope it’s ok to write such a long piece here, lastly…LSG hwaiting! Airens hwaiting! Cheers! ^____^

      • sorry so late. Thx so much for the offer! But actually… I’m sorta not doing (or i’m not supposed to be doing!) as much translations because I’ve been super busy. So just choosing few things here and there. Plus theres quite a few Seunggi fans who can and are doing KOR->ENG and KOR->CHI->ENG translations. But there def could be more! If you haven’t already, you should def check w/ Tryp96 or Natt (leeseunggiworld) or the Soompi TK2H thread.

        Ditto your comment… “LSG hwaiting! Airens hwaiting!”

  17. I totally love The King 2 Hearts!! I love their chemistry, the script, the production and everything! And I am soooo buying the DVD when it comes out <3
    I've been a fan of LSG for about two years and a half…and OMG he is just too perfect to be true. I love his charisma and everything about him. I am Hispanic and a K-drama addict lol…how I wish there was a clone of LSG – just to marry him <3
    Anyway, King 2 Hearts HWAITING!!! <3


  18. Love reading your blog, you have done great yourself, very observant and hit the issues right tot eh ‘T’. I can’t help but laugh as I am also busy with study, work, family etc..eth, but this drama, I consider watching them as my reward after all the hard work that I done in a week. Like having a good cup of coffee, totally satisfying. I agree with you about the editing parts and some small matters in the drama. Hopefully the rating will improve soon too. Anyway LSG’s acting is totally awwwwsommeee….! By the way I am Malaysian and a non-speaking korean too, will keep on reading your comments..we Malaysian also love this guy lots……Fighting everyone.

  19. I’m an international fan.I have never enjoyed and anticipated a K-drama after Secret garden.TK2H is great drama.It’s hilariously funny,entertaining and with sizzling romance. The actors are doing a very good job.I’m not a fan of Lee seungi but now I appreciate him more.That’s why the title is The king 2 hearts -he has 2 personalities. I love Ha ji won. She’s a great and a beautiful actress.Ratings never bothered me before and for some reason it matters this time because this drama has everything.I just hope that the viewers will appreciate this drama more. TK2H fighting.Keep up the good job.

  20. I’m wareally glad n relieved to find so many like minded fans of TK2H here. I thoroughly enjoy this drama n am helplessly in love with Lee Seung Gi/ Prince Jae Ha! This is by far the most captivating drama to me…n i’d watched loads of kdrama in the past! I find myself re-watching all the earlier episodes while waiting for new ones. Well most of the time I just watch those scenes featuring Prince Jae Ha – and still tickled by his cuteness! Can’t wait for ep. 7 & 8 this week!! Fighting TK2H team, there are so many people who love your hard work and looking forward fo rmore!!!

  21. It is great watching Lee Seungi and Hajiwon Love scene, but the story line is not convincing, the North Korea-South Korean Unification at this time is more of a myth, at an era when the North has been full of threat towards the South. Secondly is all war war stuff , the kind that puts many women who watch these Dramas off, so that explains the low rating. Put in another setting, the couple would have been an instant hit. with very high rating. In addition people are bound to be comparing the love scene in Secret Garden which looks more convincing with the one in K2H. LSG was at his best, but the story line is too hard to bring out the romance that softens the drama. Guns all over the place does not thrill anyone. Then Killing of Jeha’s 2ice S’Khung which has developed a fan group of his own for the drama was a low point in the drama, though I am not surprised because Korean script writers have a way of killing their heroes or heroines. I think it is a style of writing that sometimes kills the great expectation of the viewers. The too much power given to the adversary and club M was not realistic, he walks in , challenges the king claiming to have killed the king, and nothing happens etc, that was dumb. not believable.He was arrested and then bailed , only to be re-arrested in the finale episode without any change in the events tha led to his first arrest. The writers obviously were running out ideas towards the end of the episode. The last episode you may say ended well, but the last drama of the Haggah pointing a gun at the head of Jeha was also dumb, not convincing. The last episode was overly dramatic,not a real life situation.
    All the same they tried their best, but I was not thriiled by the drama as I was in Brilliant Legacy.

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