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Lee Seung Gi – Ha Ji Won study script, later kiss [Stills + BTS]

Love these BTS photos of Seunggi studying the script, scenes, and lines!  It makes me feel like I’m not the ONLY one studying like mad right now…  kinda like Seunggi and I are studying together?!  Hehe.  Yes, I can only dream!  I envy Ha Jiwon!  Studying with Seunggi would really inspire me, um, but would probably distract me too, especially considering this BTS hot kiss from Ep 6!!!  Ackk, Seunggi~!!

Not being able to spazz regularly on LSGfan sucks!  But glad I’ve been able to keep up with the drama, repeat watching too!  I LOL even more then!  The high-quality English subbed (official MBC America) The King 2 Hearts episodes on Hulu are awesome, translating Korean expressions into native English speaker talk.  But you do have to sit through the commercials in between, but still, the English subs are perfect!

I know everyone’s been a little disheartened and stressed by the K-viewership ratings, especially considering the high quality acting, and the chemistry between Seunggi and Ha Ji  Won.  But I’ve said this before,  two popular stars headlining a drama does not guarantee high ratings.  When the acting is good and well-received, then it usually comes down to things like the script, production, and related or edgy topics involved…

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