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  1. Me too i watched today’s episode and it likes i will sleep with a smile tonight..lol
    wooaahhh our Lee Sueng gi….faint~~~~
    he gave more reasons why many of his fans adore him that much…..awwww im happy!^*^
    cant wait the reply on the weekend……thank you for the updates i always visit your page to read some blog….have a good night!

  2. YOU dont want to miss LSG topless!!! just got the screenshots for episode 5!!! you guys need to see lee seung gi and his muscles!!! oohhhhh i cant believe such as a cute face has his manly side uh humm! i got the screenshots from http://www.vingle.net/posts/4152-The-King-2-Hearts-Episode-5-Screenshots-Part-1-Topless-Seung-Gi

  3. Hi Ann..^^ You soo bussy?! ^^ been checking ur blog from time to time.. because I super love how you recap the precious moments of JaeHa and HangAh.. :) dont missed the Ep5!!! thats the main reason Airens are all in smile,grinning and swooning till they sleep.. ^^

  4. i just need to share this..for the fans who are curious about what will happen in tonight’s episode..check TK2H preview :)

  5. just want to give you update for ep 6 :) there are a lot of hugs and kisses here..while waiting for the subs.. you can check the screenshots and recaps http://www.vingle.net/posts/4380-The-King-2-Hearts-Episode-6-Screenshots-Part-2-A-tight-hug
    enjoy :)

  6. Missed your posting..Been checking your blog daily.. Pls post soon when you are free. Airens needs your cheering up..

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