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BTS video [ENG] The King 2 Hearts, Ep 2: Neck Kiss NG!

The cast’s first script reading was Jan. 26.   A month later, they filmed this neck kiss scene…  this Ep 2 BTS is from Feb. 29.   This couple~~~  Ack, their CHEMISTRY is just too much, both on and off screen!  Can’t even imagine how Jaeha-Hangah will capture our hearts even more as the drama progresses!  This should satiate TK2H fans and spazzing until what seems like an eternity until next Wednesday~??!! Wah…

(video: Beedance07)  Thx as usual to the coolest Bee!

OMG, Seunggi and Jiwon are so cute together!  And so playful!  And so comfortable with each other!  The two of them playing around during rehearsal of their lines during the “bed-side” kiss!   And Jiwon’s embarrassment after Seunggi kisses her at the end… PRICELESS!  And Seunggi so cute after each cut!

Can you imagine ALL the MORE we’ll get from these two once they’re “together” in the palace starting next week?!  Spazz Spazz!

EVERYONE’s been buzzing about the Jaeha-Hangah chemistry and that of the entire cast, and the top-notch quality of TK2H, the hard-working cast and their great acting from the start.  So I’m looking forward to the production team taking these next few days to fine-tune the story and editing of the next episodes.

We’re only going on to ep 5 and the story is just beginning to really unfold!  Can’t wait!

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12 Responses

  1. You guys should see the recap for ep 3 and ep 4..its getting more and more interesting! I got the screenshot and recaps just few hours after the airing. it’s pretty quick and it’s from http://www.vingle.net/posts/3135-The-King-2-Hearts-Episode-4-Screenshots-Part-1

  2. TRUE ANN! we are still in like episode 4 and we’re getting ALLLLLLL of this butterflies in our stomachs! how much more when they will they get married and fall in love!! and once you’re married…and in love (im being cheesy) everything is acceptable and legal. ha ha ha !!!

    i cannot wait to see more more and more of Jae ha-hang ah scenes!!thanks for the sub ann!!

  3. i luv jaeha and hangah!!!!:) :) :)
    ha ji won is so shy she hide her face in her hands after seung-gi kiss her. ^_____^
    wednesday please come sooooooon!
    oooh, seung-gi drops white towel scene is co cute.

  4. hey anne this is sam im having trouble using my username.

    did you see this article? I am so effing mad!!! I gave a piece of my mind (calm and collected as you please but im raging inside) to every site that run the article. Maybe i should have just shrug it off but man, it raised my hackles early this morning.



    • yeah it’s pretty effin crazy on Lee Si Young’s part, for sure. I was pissed when I first saw a screencap of LSY’s post on dCinside. It’s one thing to be a fan of something, especially as a celeb, and even to prefer something over another thing, but it’s totally ANOTHER thing to talk about ratings and slitting your wrists in one sentence. Two things in K-entertainment that can bring out the crazies.

      Ratings is already a controversial topic, but EVERYONE knows that there’s been way too much suicide and depression in K-entertainment, so to throw those two things together like that… it was really panned by all rational people and netizens and press. Unfortunately, LOTS of netizens are not rational. As most people know K-netizens can be pretty bad, and some have run with this. Making a joke about it, laughing about it. Saying they’re totally with her. It’s really sad.

      I haven’t seen the other K-dramas so I can’t comment, but all 3 dramas are getting good reviews. Even if LSY said this about the drama I’m in love with (The King 2 Hearts), I don’t think I could accept nor show any ounce of support for her statement, whether she was joking or not. Especially in a forum like dcinside which has a bunch of antis and crazy K-netizens posting instigating stuff, in addition to the awesome posts from awesome fans. I hope Rooftop Prince, Equator Man, and just drama K-pop fans in general will do the same, and not support such things. For anyone to show support or think this type of statement is okay… I don’t know. The K-netizen and kpop fan warfare… I think we’ve all see how this ain’t no good, and to really think about if the tables were turned, how you’d feel.

      For example, Uee (in interview) and Moon Geun Young (on her cyworld), both mentioned watching The King 2 Hearts and really loving the drama and especially as females, admiring Ha Ji Won and her ass-kicking action moves and acting. They didn’t mention anything about ratings, and definitely no grotesque wrist-slitting. And the press reported their comments, especially MGY’s, as a heartwarming thing. And MGY, being the non-attention seeking girl she is, quickly took down her cy-world post after the press got a hold of it so it wouldn’t be misunderstood. (LSY did too but there were already screencaps).

      Some wonder how Lee Si Young could look the TK2H actors, actresses, staff, directors, MBC reps, entertainment and drama reps in general in the eye after such far-out comments. Also it’s sorta ironic because her last drama didn’t have very high ratings. True, K-netizens often make a big deal out of stupid stuff, but this is definitely an instance of really poor taste on LSY’s part… it fuels people to post baiting, negative, hateful comments to bring down other dramas (even among netizens who aren’t even fans of any of the 3 dramas, but just like to see cyberwarfare) for ratings purposes, and worse any connotation to wrist-slitting in K-entertainment is never well-received. I’m sure she didn’t mean ill by it, but it def did not reflect well on her part.

      • you should definitely post your comments here anne.

        In one of my comments I have to admit I succumbed to my initial anger I said something like this.

        ” You know what would really be fun? If she loses and people demands she make good on her bet- now that would be a real headliner. And I don’t think she has the right to diss anybody with that dead animal on her hair (the pic above the article was i think her permed hair in her last series which dramabeans did not even bother recapping beyond the first episode) , it looked like it’s about to sit up and beg for peanuts.”

        And “everybody has the right to express their opinion, however, it’s the way you say it that defines the line between class and crass.”

        I think all airens and HJ fans should treat this as a call to arms- not to fight or wage online war, or any kind of fight- let this be a clarion call for all to make sure to tune in and watch and let the ratings soar. Let’s make sure she loses on her bet and watch her squirm trying to get out of that one. That would be the best revenge of all.

      • Okay Sam, I’m going to have to totally DISAGREE!!! Girl, you gotta let go. Why let one person or any person(s) get so in your head? Then you just become no different than what we originally said was so distasteful and negative. Sure, what she said was in poor taste, not healthy at all, but honestly, I really didn’t want people then jumping down her throat and hating on her in return. Would love to see her clear the air on this and have her PR people say the comments were in poor judgment. But to be baited and play into an entirely mean-spirited watch of the ratings definitely is NOT the answer.

        Let’s be honest, every fan wants their star’s drama, song, or film to do well and grab #1. But to want that at the expense of bringing down others is never a good thing. Karma can be a b*tch which is why mean, miserable, Anti-like people usually never end up happy. Sam, don’t let it get to you.

        One of the reasons I’m such a huge fan of Seunggi, even though he’s not the usual type of guy I go for, is precisely because I really admire how he takes things in stride, and sees the bigger picture beyond fame and celeb life, and does everything so humbly. Let’s support everything he does, in the way he would go about things.

        Go for a run, clear your head, and please don’t read comments too much… I turned off my laptop, went for jog, met up with friends for lunch… after reading too many comments stuff here and there yesterday… and when i got back and re-watched the tk2h high quality eps on Hulu with awesome eng subs, i was so happy. it’s like watching a movie! Re-watch Tk2H eps, it’ll make you happy and smile!

  5. *faceplam* oh i know that anne, that was the one comment that was below the belt and i admit i lost my head. What can i say, i just read the article awhile ago on top of my day not going good. Still, the rest of my comments was, as i told you, calm and collected. It was a one time thing. But as you said, i am now watching the subs for episode 4 so im doing fine. Taking the higher road, like seunggi- yup I have to remember that. Still, I hope fans would really watch the drama more and let the ratings soar, it would be really nice to gloat even within the confines of LSG fansites.

    About that ratings dip. Do you think it has something to do with the recent spike in tension between North and South again because of that rocket/ satellite launching and that Summit in Seoul? I mean some viewers might be feeling a little resentful that the North soldiers are being portrayed as these noble, admirable people? The last episode especially showed that the King even bowed down in apology in behalf of his wayward brother? And that WW3 nearly happened because of SNSD?? hehe.

    This is just a thought because all of these happened recently in time with the showing of these episodes- my mind was just running overtime. I can’t help it, the drama is that good. Anyway that’s just a thought, I admit i am not that well versed with the history and I was just reading the news at face value, I may even be hazy about the dates. Sorry, i don’t mean to be offensive or I may be saying things inappropriately here, I am an ignorant viewer who loves this series so much my mind may be playing tricks on me.

    But i would love to know your thoughts on this. I just cant figure out why the ratings dip when the last two episodes were amazing and gripping, plus creepy villain was nowhere to be seen and that’s a plus!

    • Actually I was worried about ratings too but seeing Seung Gi oppa’s fantastic acting in the 4th episodes, the issue is totally forgotten!

      It was sooo great and it made me rewatch the episodes again and I found that every time I repeat, I learn to appreciate and understand the deep meanings behind the scenes!

      “The King 2Hearts” is truly a great drama with great storyline and plots and great casts!

  6. Anyone like kimchi?? I wonder why it looks soo delicious if he’s on the ads..(even though i’m not a kimchi fan…)

  7. Ann, check you mail, I sent you BTS 3~

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