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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 2: Jaeha listens and comforts Hangah

The King 2Hearts Ep 2, part 2: Jaeha listens and comforts Hangah

So after attention needy Jaeha and Hangah get to know each other more, Hangah later leaves to meet her childhood friend (anticipating it’s more of a date) and Jaeha is left to workout on his own.  Which means settling into the gym and starting with energy food like a big jelly-filled Dunkin Donut!  (omg, Seunggi needs to just go ahead and sign the a CF contract with them!)

He’s about to take a bite and in walks Hangah, already changed into her tracksuit, and back much earlier than expected.  He’s completely startled, like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar (in this case, a donut!)  Hangah ignores him and gets on the treadmill, and Jaeha takes a bite anyway and then gets on his treadmill too.

He says he was just about to start working out.  Hangah could care less and Jaeha notices something’s not right with her.  The thing about Jaeha is he’s not clueless about women.  He knows them well.  And he cares immensely for the people he loves.  It’s just that the overly large self-absorbed side of his brain tends to kick in, and gets him thinking about how to use a situation for his own benefit.

Jaeha asks what happened, but Hangah ignores him.  She then trips and falls off the treadmill and to the ground.  Um, and Jaeha… well, he’s like did you get hurt a lot?

He doesn’t freak out and rush over to her, but soon walks over and settles himself down next to her and calmly takes control of the situation.  He examines her ankle and foot.  (this is sorta way more caring and charismatic then just rushing to her side and gushing over her?!)

He asks if it hurts, says it’s going to be fine.  Omg, Jaeha is just too cool and manly.  He stretches her ankle and foot and tells her not to worry, and all of a sudden Hangah unleashes a flood of tears…

She gets up to leave, but Jaeha does that Hwan arm-grab thing and is like what’s going on.  He asks if she teased for being poor.  Oh dear, our Prince Jaeha is so clueless in other ways sometimes!

She’s like what are you talking about and tries to get up again.  Jaeha sits her back down and demands to know who’s made “our leader” cry like this.  Aw, Jaeha oppa!  (this makes me so curious as to what his relationship with his younger sister Jaeshin is like.  He’s like a little kid around his older brother Jaekang, but perhaps more oppa-like to Jaeshin?!)

Hangah is taken aback by his concern.  Jaeha and Hangah start chatting, all chummy and cute, like long lost best friends and Hangah dishes on what happened when she went to meet her friend.

We find out that this loser childhood friend of hers and his equally stupid friends practiced his proposal event on Hangah when she walked in to the party, you know to see if he would get a good reaction from the “real girl” he was going to propose to.  I say this guy is a way bigger jerk than Lee Jaeha!

Jaeha’s a great listener and sides with Hangah.  He’s like that guy is stupid.  I think Jaeha is pretty sincere here, that is, he’s not having any self-serving thoughts…

He’s such a great listener and takes-your-side guy, that Hangah starts to spill her guts.  She starts talking about what she likes in guys, what her ideal type is, how he should be at least taller than her, etc…

Hangah’s still going on and on, but now they’re now in their lodging room… uh-oh.  Hangah’s just showered and is in the bathroom still all chatty about her ideal type of guy and his characteristics.  Jaeha responds like he’s listening, but he’s like whatever, flipping through his magazine of sexy model babes!

Hangah, fresh from a shower, enters the room with her hair wet and in sweats, still talking away.  And Jaeha seems like he has absolutely no interest in her, like he’s not even phased or turned on by her at all.  I guess she’s definitely NOT his type.

He asks her why she joined the WOC training team.  And she starts to reveal that she was promised something in return.  Oh no, and this is where Jaeha’s mind starts to wander.  As we know, give him just a little bit of space to think about how he can better his own situation, and his mind goes into full gear.  He slyly moves over to the bed across from her and asks her what she means…

Hangah reveals that she is going to be matched with someone for marriage, but doesn’t believe it’s really going to happen.  Jaeha is SO fascinated!  Hangah starts spilling more about how people don’t seem to see her feminine ways even though she’s a woman too.  She rhetorically asks, “What’s wrong with me?”

On cue, Jaeha moves over to her side, sits on the floor.  OMG. He’s so serious, yet has that total player demeanor going on!  He looks up at her and asks, “Are you curious?”  Hangah nods and Jaeha taps for her to sit down next to him.   OMG, how can a scene be so exciting yet so hilarious?!  I’m LOLing at his gestures!

And with all seriousness Jaeha tells her, that in his eyes, Hangah is a woman, that she’s charming, lovable…

Jaeha reaches for Hangah’s hand and makes his move…  Ack!!!

PD Lee and the scriptwriter are amazing.  They definitely seem to know that the slight gestured not-in-your-face skinship/touch is way more effective than outright going at it!  Woah, didn’t know hand grazing and holding could be so hot!  (gif overload).

But this is way too hot for the sweet and inexperienced Hangah, and she nervously pulls back and says:  “Thanks to you I feel more courageous.  You should wash up so we can sleep togeth…”  Oops.

OMG!  Jaeha smiles and chuckles.  His reaction says it all, like yeah, I know you’re going to dream about me tonight!  Hehe.  He says, “Okay, I’ll hurry up and shower and come out.”  Hehehehe.  And Hangah so embarrassed.

And if it weren’t for that unnecessarily long 10-minute Bong-ku magic show, we should’ve been going straight into this next scene!  (K-fans even re-cut the ep without the magic show in between these 2 scenes and it was SO much better!  Ugh).

Anyway, Hangah can’t help but to peer over at the frosted shower window and glimpse the shadow of Jaeha showering.  She’s restless, as he’s gotten in her head now!  He comes out and she quickly hides under her cover, but peeks out to see this…

Hangah freaks out and jumps out from under the cover and demands what the heck does he think he’s doing… only to discover Jaeha’s fully clothed under the towel, pants rolled up.  Jaeha, so cool, says he’s just wiping his feet.  OMG, he’s way to good at this.  I think he knew exactly what he was doing!

Jaeha keeps going at it.  He sits by Hangah’s bedside and is so amused by her jumpiness.  She tells him to go away and he says he’s not going to do anything to her since he’s scared what the Top Forces instructor would do in return, and tells her to sleep soundly and starts patting her on her back to lull her to sleep.  Wah~~!!

But Hangah is like Forget it!  But Jaeha grabs her wrist, then her hand, and tells her the reason she doesn’t have a boyfriend is because she’s too strong, that she needs to learn to receive too.  (omg, I’m melting!).

Hangah eases up (who wouldn’t!).  And Jaeha pats her back and lulls her to sleep.

I think he’s actually trying to help her, like he feels bad (or sorry for her) that she’s so clueless about guys.  Maybe I’m being way too sympathetic toward Lee Jaeha, giving him way too much credit than he deserves right now…

More to come about Episode 2…

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5 Responses

  1. I think JaeHa is not bad person. He will be good soon. :)
    I love SeungGi in this drama! Wednesday tomorrow! Yipee.

  2. Thank you for this, just another 24 hours to go!! This will help us go through the days !!

  3. Thank you Ann for this!!^^ Im loling and gigling at the same time. haha :D tomorrow will be another Jaeha Hangah filled day! ^^

  4. That’s why Jae Ha is so fascinating as a person. I think he’s being sincere when offering that assessment of Hang Ah. He is smart, not afraid to speak his mind, and seems to be able to turn on and off his charm like a water faucet. When he talks to you, you feel like you were the only person in the world who interests him (that’s a trait of many great womanizers!). I just cannot wait to see how he is going to fall in love with Hang Ah.
    In the Section TV interview, SG said Jae Ha is not into smart women. JW’s reaction to that was hilarious. She was like a little taken aback and even offended, even though SG was totally in character (of Jae Ha) with that answer. So JW was in character too and despite all good reasons Hang Ah has fallen helplessly for our prince already! And who can blame her?

  5. Ok…anybody here did some squeal at that scene? Because I am! I need someone to accompany me…

    And Yes Ann..I’m melting..for each time I watch that scene, I need to pause it, because I need to manage my heartbeat (like I can manage it consciously ha!).

    You’re right, I think Jaeha is sincere when he comforted Hang Ah earlier. But do you notice that he was taken aback when Hang Ah begin to tell him his ideal type? I wonder….

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