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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 2: Jaeha kisses a sleeping Hangah

The King 2Hearts Ep 2, part 3: Jaeha kisses a sleeping Hangah

Jaeha listens and comforts Hangah through her embarrassing run-in with that loser guy, and it’s bedtime and Jaeha pats Hangah to sleep.  It’s so sweet and lovely.  Hangah tries to shoo him away but he tells her she doesn’t have to be so strong sometimes, that she should just learn to receive too.  Aw. Hangah soon falls asleep. And then we get the much buzzed about kiss on the neck…

Wow, it’s only Ep 2 and we’re already getting a kiss between Jaeha and Hangah!

The dim romantic lighting of the scene is so lovely, but I couldn’t help but to think, geez, Hangah is a real heavy sleeper.  Like, how does a girl end up falling asleep so quickly in this type of scenario, and more than that, not wake up at all when Jaeha kisses her~~!!  (really loving the fan cut gifs from the drama so far!)

But the REAL reason Hangah didn’t wake up during Jaeha’s kiss…?

It was all a dream.  Darn.  After the lovely evening kiss scene, Hangah suddenly jumps up in bed and yells stop, but it’s now bright early morning.  And Jaeha walks into the room dressed in his ruffle camo tracksuit, and of course, with his fave Dunkin Donuts in hand!  (I’m going to really miss seeing him in this tracksuit later on as the drama progresses!)

Hangah’s not sure if she dreamed the kiss or not so she asks Jaeha what happened last night between the two of them.  He’s like you fell asleep, and she asks if all he did was pat her back and lull her to sleep?  That’s all?  (It’s even more cute and innocent sounding in Korean because “lull to sleep” is “jah-jahng jah-jang” which is usually used when putting a baby to sleep).

Jaeha’s like why, should I have done more?  Hangah is again embarrassed, realizing that the kiss was all a dream.  She quickly rushes out of the room, and we see that sly smile again from Jaeha.  Oh no, he’s tricked her again on something?!  Sheesh, Hangah was SO obvious.  She really needs some pointers about dealing with guys and relationships!

So we soon find out Jaeha has spread word throughout the training camp that Hangah is looking for a husband, a man of certain ideal characteristics.  The other comrades comment they’ll be on the lookout for her and try to encourage her, which is just more humiliating.  Even the food-serving ajumma knows and gives her two cents!

Hangah realizes what Jaeha’s done and storms back into the room…

Hangah demands to know what’s going on.  Jaeha says he was just trying to help her cause and that he couldn’t keep such important scoop to himself.  So not only did he allow her to trust him with her deepest concerns, he then went and told everyone about her worst insecurities!  Wow, Jaeha is just SO mean during this scene, I’m thinking the writers better make him redeemable way sooner than later!  And give his character a darn good reason or deep hidden hurt to explain his a$$hole ways!

Jaeha says he was even nice enough not to tell others about Hangah’s ultimate secret, that she’s here at the WOC training camp to find a marriage mate.  So she should be really nice to him, or else.

Hangah is in total disbelief!  Completely upset, she looks for her top-secret case of needles/poison that she’s locked up to use for keeping Jaeha in line.  But she can’t find it and Jaeha pulls the said silver case out of his pocket.  Oh no.

We then find out what really went down after Jaeha’s bedside “jah-jahng jah-jahng” and Hangah falling asleep.   He checks to make sure she’s fallen asleep and then…

The scene with Jaeha looking for the silver case from the night before is hilarious, but then we’re back to current morning and Jaeha continues to stick it to Hangah even more!  Omg, he is so mean and horrible.  I feel so bad for Hangah.  He says he noticed she was acting weird this morning and jokingly asks whether she dreamed he kissed her or something like that.  Seeing her reaction, Jaeha realizes she DID dream about him!  So, he teases her more, and asks~ Was it a deep french kiss?  Was it R-rated?  What else did we do?

Hangah can’t believe this.  She’s pissed off, but moreso, can’t believe what an a$$ Jaeha is!  But he keeps going.  He says he’s so thankful that she’s dreamed about him and is interested in him, but how can he help that she does nothing for him.  He says usually if there’s a woman in a skirt, he’s easily aroused but even holding her hand does nothing for him.  Omg, Jaeha is such a royal a$$hole jerk here!

And the ultimate low blow.  He hits her on her worst insecurity and concern…  Jaeha says he doesn’t see Hangah as a woman at all.

A tear rolls down Hangah’s face, and episode 2 ends.

Jaeha is so incredibly horrible at the end of this episode.  I’m thinking how will they make him redeemable?!  Because, honestly I don’t want to see a re-hashing of the Hong Sisters My Girlfriend is a Gumiho where female writers make the female lead SO innocent, sweet, and lovable, and the male lead totally a hateful jerk.  Sure, this is the usual typical K-drama storyline, but can we not go so extreme?!  (TK2H Writers and PD, I’m going to trust you…)

As much as I want to root for our Prince Lee Jaeha and his selfish-not-yet-mature-but-will-learn ways, this was such a low blow to Hangah.  As a fellow girl, I’m totally on her side.  I’m just feeling so bad for Hangah right now.  This is so NOT right!

Now I can see more and more why PD Lee said Lee Seunggi was the type of actor who could play this character without making Lee Jaeha completely hateful.

I’m sorta scared to see what Jaeha has coming to him.  Another major beat-down from Hangah, like the one from the bathroom at their first meeting?  I think Hangah will have to do something just as horrible and mean in return to him soon.  This will then put them more on equal footing and make our couple more rounded and real… Hangah as not so perfectly innocent and Jaeha as more redeemable.

Can’t wait till Eps 3 and 4 to air!  I’m so in love with Jaeha-Hangah and this drama!

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8 Responses

  1. i think in next epi. lee Jae ha going to recuse hang ah from the American(??) saw it in the preview where hang ah was told to open up her brief case and jae ha stand up and took her out of the room.

    • but Jaeha is going to be strangled by tat very muscular NK member…
      I am super worried about Jaeha… though I know he needs lessons… hai…

      Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!

      • LOL@ “I am super worried about Jaeha” comment.
        I think all SeungGi fans get used to seeing only Jaeha, not Seung Gi oppa :)

  2. Me too. i think our Prince will show his mature side when it counts. Please hurry up and come Wed 9:55pm!

    btw, Taeyon’s OST song is so beautiful and sad….

  3. Here’s the OST song – Hangah’s them song

  4. I’m officially stalking this show. HELP PLEASE!

  5. I’m so in love with seunggi all over again hahaha he looks so good in the drama. ep 3 come on!

  6. I wanted to punch him when I first watched this part. But then, as the images flipping through again and again, SG’s way of playing Jae Ha slowly softened me down. His innocent, boyish smile, ready admission to what he’s done, and gleeful anticipation in knowing what Hang Ah thought of him just make it so hard to hate him. What was he really thinking when hurting Hang Ah like that? I have to say I have no clue now. I can’t outsmart this dirty fox. Yeah, the writers had better be good, really good, to deliver a believable emotional makeup of Jae Ha, and what will make Hang Ah, a smart girl herself, fall in love with him.

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