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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 2: Jaeha plays for Hangah’s attention

OMG, I’m SO addicted to this drama, LOLing like crazy even more when re-watching the eps!  No doubt, our Prince Jaeha is a royal jerk.  And our poor Hangah… Hope player Jaeha will come to his senses soon.  Until then, looks like Hangah is in for a major emotional roller coaster, which includes our Prince vying for her attention, even if he’d rather be smothered by a bunch of ditzy glamorous sexy women instead!

The King 2Hearts Ep 2, part 1:  Jaeha plays for Hangah’s attention

(Just a reminder – these LSGfan recaps are purposely Lee Jaeha-centric)^^

Wow, Jaeha and Hangah already rooming together at the start of Ep 2!  Me so happy!  This scenario is completely unrealistic, but even more unrealistic is the backdrop of this black comedy romantic genre story where North and Korean forces are training together.  (one of the reasons I’m surprised the ratings came out good, since this type of offbeat genre and storyline are not the usual, more conservative K-viewers’ cup of tea; this kind of genre/topic stuffs tends to be more K-film fare).

So Jaeha just can’t help but to tease Hangah.  I think it’s because she’s so gullible.  I don’t think he likes her at all yet.  He’s just self-absorbed, so even if he’s not into her, he wants her attention!  Hangah oohs and aahs over Jaeha’s array of facial products and wants to try some.  (another My Girlfriend is a Gumiho throwback?)

She’s earnest and he’s like fine, but then quickly gets that sly smile on his face and decides he’ll give her an extra special type of lotion to try…  (shaving cream!)  You know, it’s like he’s a nice guy at heart but, when given a tiny bit of space, he can’t control his royal jerk-ish ways!

Later, the WOC members gather to discuss strategy and training.  Poised, earnest Shikyung and ace Hangah touch on the history of the WOC.  And well, our Prince Jaeha is just not interested at all in being at this meeting!  Ha, his perfectly perturbed expressions of annoyance toward Hangah crack me up!  It’s like she can feel his glare on the back of her head and keeps glancing over at him.  I love it!

But all of a sudden, some enemy dude crashes through the window and they’re under attack.  Arrogant annoyed Jaeha quickly becomes the biggest scaredy cat in the room.  But they later realize this was all a simulation.  The leader trainer guy, who was comatose on the floor after getting shot (with blood spurting out everywhere!) gets up all of a sudden, which totally freaks out Jaeha.

The lead trainer guy then quizzes the members on the sequence of events during the attack.  And ace Hangah schools the guys of course, but Jaeha takes on a serious tone and tells them they’re missing the main point.  And goes on to draw some kindergarten level logic illustration on the whiteboard, and an equally ridiculous plan of action.  Omg, the mix of seriousness and ridiculousness is hilarious!  The other members have no words but a WTF exasperated expression!  Jaeha walks out of the room since he says he doesn’t need to be involved with this.  Oh my goodness.

The WOC training members then head over to North Korea (again, another reminder that the context of this drama is completely fictional, which reminds us that anything can happen in this drama. It’s not like you just easily cross from South to North).  Jaeha enters his room (which he’ll be sharing with Hangah!) and notes the terrible unfashionable decor and settles down to watch tv, but then notices the rest of the members having a good old camp fire fun party… without him there!

Hangah is singing and all the guys are loving it.  Worse, Shikyung starts playing guitar and singing and he sounds amazing!  And everyone’s so impressed, especially Hangah.  This is all way too much for Prince Jaeha to bear, so…

So he spoils the lovely heartwarming campfire party, and Shikyung’s awesome guitar playing and singing by interrupting and phone-calling him!  OMG, the expressions on all the members when the phone ring breaks the mood was HILARIOUS!  And his reason… the Prince wants to be fed!

Shikyung suggests Jaeha come out and eat with them and join the fun.  Jaeha’s like no way, just tell me where the donuts are!  (omg, i’m craving dunkin donuts again!)

Jaeha ruins the mood for everyone, and they’re all annoyed.  But Shikyung takes it more personally since he feels responsible for not being able to bridle the Prince.

But then Hangah comes up with a plan in her mind to teach Jaeha a lesson, and whip him into shape so he doesn’t screw things up for the team…  Jaeha walks out of his room and notices photos of ditzy sexy women in lingerie on the hall floor.  Dude, he is so excited to see his fave type of girls!  puahaha.  (I can’t help but to love LSG in these scenes!)  And the trail of photos lead him right to the door of the room where Hangah and her comrades are awaiting him on the other side of the door.

This scene cracked me up!  Omg, the three of them were so funny!  And Jaeha’s genuinely scared for his life expressions were too precious!

After her comrades say they’re going to take out Jaeha while he’s sleeping, Hangah walks out and she says those guys were just kidding.   And that she’ll make sure to keep them in check, but pulls out her secret case of needles and taunts Jaeha.  Aw, Jaeha is really scared.  Hangah is so funny.

Hilarious video cut of how this all went down.  Omg, Jaeha is just too easy~~!!

Jaeha agrees to train properly, and finds Shikyung to let him know that he’ll work hard and gives him a break.  Says he’ll train with Hangah (you know, since he doesn’t want to be killed during the middle of the night!)

He tries to clue Shikyung in on the scary needle case thing Hangah’s got hanging over him, and silently mouths to him about it, but Hangah of course is already on top of this!  Shikyung is just so happy to see this change in Jaeha, he’s completely clueless.  All this classic black comedy fare is hilarious!

Next morning, they’re all working out at the gym, and Prince Lee Jaeha complains about his aching body, tells Hangah to come over and stick the heat pad on his neck.  Omg, our Jaeha really is female attention-needy!  There were a bunch of guys around him and he calls Hangah over.  And of course she does so, reluctantly.  I don’t think she’s into him at this point, that’s just who she is, she’s a nice girl!

But things get interrupted by a phone call from Hangah’s childhood friend, and she leaves Jaeha to have to stick his own pad!  She goes all aegyo on the phone, which totally annoys Jaeha.  Because, um, how dare she be all aegyo to some other guy instead of giving him all her attention by sticking the heatpad on his neck!  Ha.  Can’t help it, I’m THAT Kdrama sucker that loves the jealous signs of the jerk to be hero!

Later that evening, Hangah happily gets ready to meet her guy friend, and Jaeha is completely annoyed and perturbed.  Love how he’s hitting/massaging his neck with the remote control, carrying over from the heatpad thing from earlier on!

Hangah tells him he still has to work out even though she won’t be here.  And he’s like why should I?!  How can I?!  Omg, a totally annoyed Prince Jaeha + the perfectly appropriate camo ruffle Jeremy Scott Addidas tracksuit… just can’t help but to be loved.  I feel sorta all guilty for liking this jerk!  But dear Hangah, he’ll come to his senses soon, and he’ll only want you forever, so hang in there~~!!

More to come about Episode 2…

Images: As labeled/Naver blogs, Video: Tryp96

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4 Responses

  1. i died laughing when he was surreptitiously cluing Shikyung on the needles, hahahaha! the capital letters were a brilliant touch!! and he said take care while collaring shikyung, hilarious!!! I am doomed till Wednesday!!!

  2. ahahaha lols!:D I Love it Ann!! Thanks for the recap.. I’ve watched it multiple times but still lolling in your recap.haha :D and the same here Im loving this royal jerk Lee JaeHa! please do continue recapping..^^ will definitely look forward for it. ;p

  3. love your recaps…im soo into this drama..OMG..im going crazzyyyy :P

  4. Love your Lee Jaeha-centric recap.. This will
    Help most of us goes through the week, why why only 2 episode a week!! Back to reading the recapa again.. Sigh..

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