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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 1: Bromance Jaeha-Jaekang-Shikyung

OMG, I so love Dramabeans’ Girlfriday’s recaps! Spazz Spazz Spazz!  I was so sad I couldn’t do Jaeha-focused recaps, like during the maniacal My Girlfriend is a Gumiho days of Daewoong-Hoi Couple, MGIAG recaps.  But didn’t realize I’d be so into The King 2Hearts and this reckless snotty jerk prince (later to become hero and king) Lee Jaeha!  Wah~!  So, I’m going to channel my addiction responsibly(!)…  fave highlight spazz recaps?  Involves less pressure and commitment!  And of course, from the viewpoint of our reckless jerk but lovable will-mature Prince-to-be-King Lee Jaeha…

The King 2Hearts, Ep 1 – Bromances! Jaeha-Jaekang and Jaeha-Shikyung

(Just a reminder – these LSGfan recaps are purposely Lee Jaeha-centric)^^

First, our glimpse of our adult Prince Lee Jaeha…  in military.  And not hacking it!

Loved this intro.  SO unlike uhmchinah, hard-working Lee Seunggi everyone knows and admires!  Jaeha was begging for a cigarette after he escaped out of that room.  Made a spectacle of himself while cussing, perfectly kicking snow on cue like a spoiled reckless prince!  Ha.  Loved this!

I really think acting characters like this is total catharsis for Seunggi!

Somehow Jaeha completes his military training and signs his official leave papers…  WITHOUT reading WHAT he was signing!

He arrives to meet his doting, loving older brother, Jaekang, the current South Korean prince in this fictional backdrop of a constitutional monarchy.  And while all the top-ranking people in the room give their best crisp salute as Prince Jaekang enters the room, little brother Jaeha give him a cute smiling salute!  And Jaekang hyung can’t help but to smile… Awwwww!!!!

Jaekang officially pins his little brother, and Jaeha throws in a sly wink, which hyung can’t help but to love and adore! Omg, I love these brothers!

And when you set all this to a gorgeous grand score that sounds like some Hans Zimmer-ish oscar film composition, I’m totally smitten!  I’ve fallen in love with these prince brothers, especially having seen them as kids too!

What is it about Seunggi and hyungs everyone loves!  Made me think of old-school 1N2D hyungs of Hodong, Kim C, Mong, Jiwon, Sugeun.  Actor Lee Sung Min is so talented.  Hope he and Seunggi got some alone time to talk acting craft.

Being 20 years older than Seunggi, I didn’t notice the big age gap until this scene in the car.  Seunggi can’t help his baby face when he smiles, and they seemed more like dad and son here.  But seeing them together in all the other scenes and their affection for each other made me just think of them as close-knit brothers.

So, Jaeha’s happy to be back home with his older brother.  And I LOL’d at him going off about how he’s been dreaming regularly about his fave type of girls~ ditzy sexy girls!  Ha, Jaekang hyung looked at him in disgust but with so much love!  I so love these brothers!  Their chemistry is so touching!

But Jaeha soon realizes he actually signed papers to train for the WOC  (World Officer Championships) with a team of North and South Koreans together.  Tricked by his hyung!  Jaeha goes to find Jaekang and throws a fit!

But Jaeha also shows his mature and reflective side (which is buried deep right now in his reckless snotty only about me self) when he tries to reason with his brother and makes some poignant comments about the state of politics…

Jaeha agrees to attend the WOC training… because if not, he’ll be kicked out of the royal palace, be penniless, forced to fend for himself!  Secretary Eun reads him his charge, and kindly adds that his son Eun Shi Kyung is also part of the training team.

And here’s the Bromance #2 I’m totally anticipating to develop later on…

Shikyung and Jaeha meet!  But unfortunately, not under good circumstances.

Jaeha’s like yeah, you’re the Secretary’s son and talks in impolite form to him (well, like he does to everyone, including his hyung!)

Straitlaced Shikyung and reckless Jaeha are such opposites!  Love them together.

Jaeha’s like help me out.  I need out of here.  He asks for a knife so he can show some blood and then be excused to leave.  No knife, so he sees Shikyung’s gun and suggests he slightly graze his finger by shooting at it!  OMG, Jaeha is cracking me up!

Jaeha changes his mind, but Shikyung keeps the gun pointed at Jaeha.  Which completely pisses Jaeha off and he’s like fine, shoot me, I dare you…

But then, the arrogant Jaeha’s like that’s not the way you hold a gun, you have to point it like this and… shoots at Shikyung! OMG.  But he misses of course (thank God!) and the bullet goes through the wall.

But now Jaeha is even more royally pissed at Shikyung!  Like, how dare he have real bullets in his gun!  And at that, pointed at the precious Jaeha!

OMG, I can’t help but to love pissed off, cussing, yelling Actor Lee Seunggi!

I’m excited about this bromance because according to the character profiles, it suggested a loveline between Shikyung and Jaeaha’s younger sister Jaeshin, and that Shikyung, though being all prim and proper, can’t help but to be drawn into the charms of the two royal siblings.  Can’t wait to see all of them interact together!

As for Jaeha now…

He’s still pissed off about the gun incident, he of course has to be petulant and childish and stick it to the always put-together Shikyung in front of everyone…

Wow, so incredibly immature and rude!  So like Lee Jaeha!  puahahahaha!

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs;  Video: Tryp96

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4 Responses

  1. In a few quick and precise brush strokes, we are shown the character of Jaeha – that of a do-er, a guy who takes command, a true leader, a king (of the Alexander type, hahaha)!

    Like when he was fuming about the WOC, his hyung instinctively shied away (love the way Jaekang scratched his head and quickly stepped away from the temper tantrum). Jaeha has that kind of force field that you either get out of his way or risk getting pulled in (and suffering whatever consequences).

    (Love the brothers’ names – kang and ha, so grand and fitting for royals.)

    Shikyung said the rumors about Jaeha did not quite fit the real person he saw. Of course! Jaeha might be goofing off, daydreaming about babes, and basically being a royal jerk, but when the crunch comes, he faces the crisis head-on with no hesitation and simply takes over the control. Shikyung was expecting a softie scared out of his wits under gunpoint. So he was totally stunned by the corky and fearless way Jaeha handled it. (I am sure he’s told to protect the prince during the training. But now the newfound ‘respect’ just makes the mission more meaningful.) Like you said, Ann, I expect great things from these two.

    Jaeha is also clear headed and smart enough to be a survivor. When he knows he can’t have his way, he bends. So he said yes to WOC and promised Hangah he would do good by her. Anyone thinks world peace is at hand, however, he is sadly mistaken!

    Thank you so so much Ann. I know you are super busy. So appreciate your effort. Also a big thank you to Girlfriday (I left comments there too).

  2. Thanks for the recap. I like yours just as much as girlfriday(dramabeans) too.. ^_^

    Will wait patiently for epi 2 recap..

  3. Thanks Ann for this fun/wonderful recap..^^ just do it ur way coz we LOVE it.. will be looking forward for the next ep recaps..^^ Im now stucked with your recap and also love how Girlfriday do it! Fighting!:)


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