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The King 2Hearts’ Lee Jaeha makes me crave Dunkin Donuts!

Wow, the power of effective product placement!  The DunkinDonuts.co.kr strategy is totally working on me!  Whenever I see Jaeha bite into a sweet jelly-filled powdered donut, I completely crave a donut too!  I even stopped in a Dunkin Donuts twice this week, even though I don’t do my coffee and pastries there!  Seunggi’s foodgasmic ways always make me crave whatever he’s eating!

OMG, this reckless, snotty, jerk prince-to-be-king Lee Jaeha is totally in my head!  Even after his MEAN humiliation of Hangah, I can’t help but to love him!  I know, I’m terrible!  Deeply buried in his all-about-me self, I believe there really is a feeling heart!  And he will soon enough fall madly for our Hangah.  I am so addicted to The King 2Hearts, and we’re only through 2 episodes!  Which I’ve already re-watched a few times!  Will need to hit the gym for extra super long workouts during the drama run!!!

Images: Seunggirin, 매력, DCLSG

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5 Responses

  1. It’s really make me hungry now..yum..yum
    *oh no!*peek at scale

  2. OMG, I need help!!!! I’m watching TK2H ep2 (honestly, only Jaeha-Hangah and team parts, minus the villian parts) yet again, for like the 4th time! That was the first thing I wanted to do when I got home tonight! Someone cure me!

    I was addicted to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, totally felt like a movie, high quality, and amazing Hoi Couple chemistry. Like probably the cutest couple in a long time. I loved them so much!

    But Jaeha-Hangah are perfect mix of cute-hot chemistry! OMG, Ha Jiwon-Seunggi are awesome! Can’t imagine any of those older guys (Won Bin, Jo In Sung, etc… all guys I love) playing this role like Seunggi does! This DEF feels like a movie! (um, can we get ready to see Seunggi on the big screen sooner or later?) Seunggi did the cute, adorable drama in MGIG and family drama with BL, so I’m SO happy to see him in mature fare like TK2H!!!!

    K-viewers are pretty conservative, so I’m surprised that the ratings have been good considering the genre and subject material. Hope the production team continues to be daring with the drama and the K-viewers keep an open mind!!!

    Ugh… Wed seems SOOOOO far away!

  3. I know what you mean about Seung Gi. He’s in my head! I totally would have reacted like Hang ah. I’ve loved him before (Brilliant Legacy, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho), but I ever thought of him as sexy…Dang Seung Gi!!!!

  4. Hopelessly devoted to The King 2Hearts too!
    Have two windows open, ep 1 and ep 2, all day. And whenever the fancy strikes, I just review some part and get amazed by it anew.

    I mean how can someone play a major jerk and manage to look, no, be, adorable at the same time? I don’t get it. I just can’t put my finger to it. Even as I feel so so bad for Hang Ah, I don’t dislike Jae Ha. In fact I dig him more than ever! He has made a pervert out of me. And you know what? I think when the time comes, Hang Ah will not have the heart to ‘punish’ him in any way. He’s had her already. Just like he’s had me totally.

  5. I nearly booked a ticket to fly to Korea for the donuts, hahaha.. The craving is so great that i’m finding excuses to fly there..haha.. We have Dunkin Donuts here too but it will never be the same as the one in Korea.. Hehe..

    I have watched twice for the 2episodes, going to watch again tonight till Wednesday comes..

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